If I Were a Bird Essay in English

If I Were a Bird Essay in English Have you ever thought if you were a bird? It is an imaginary thing that can give you happiness and excitement for some time. Of course, it will let you away from the worries, stress, and tension that this world has. The world of realities is boring and dull. It gets on our nerves. But there is one thing we can do to get rid of it is to imagine. Through the world of imagination, we can make our life easy and simple.

At the same time, we can also feel comfortable and happy. It is our imagination, which can make our life tolerable.

if i were a bird essay in english
if i were a bird essay in english

If I Were a Bird Essay in English

Essay on If I Were a Bird

When we enter the world of imagination, it lets us visit the world of beauty and romance. Of course, there are many things that we cannot do in our daily lives. But there is no limitation on imagining things. What we can’t get or become in the real life we can get it with the help of imagination. Like, sometimes, I want to become a bird. What if I were a bird?

Birds are beautiful creatures on the earth planet. When we see birds chirping around us, we have a sense of peace and happiness. They make our minds and hearts calm and pure. Most people like to have birds as pets in their homes. There is a huge variety of birds that people can consider in the form of pets. Like, parrots are on the top of the list.

So, coming to the imagination part, if I were a bird, then what would I do?

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If I were a bird, I would like to live among green trees. As birds can reside anywhere, they can prepare their nests anywhere like on trees. I would not need to face any problem related to housing. I would prepare my nest on any tree as per my preferences and likings.

At the same time, the cost of living would not bother me at all. The best part is that I would not need to earn to gather my food from any place. I would not be subject to any rules and regulations or laws related to humans and government.

If I were a bird, then I could do a lot of things. I would not need to study. I would not need to live with the fear of examinations and scoring better in the class, it would not scare me at any cost. I would not need to get up early in the morning. I would not need to visit a school or college and study for my future and career. Money-related matters do not bother me at any cost.

At the same time, I would not experience any kind of question in my mind. Like, I would need to earn money, get some good employment options, spend money wisely, and save money for my future.

Such questions would not arise in my mind and I would not need to get their answers. I would be excited and happy to live in the lap of nature. As I am a nature-lover, I would like to live in the world of nature. So, this will be my favorite thing to do.

I want an ideal and tension-free world, where I can live happily. And this thing I cannot achieve in the world of reality. Only imagination can make it happen to me. If I were a bird, then I would love to live in a perfect and stress-free world.

My world would be free from all issues and evils of human society. There will be no world of dishonesty and corruption around me if I were a bird. All such bad things would be out of place.

If I were a bird, then I would not need to suffer from any pollution-related problem. I would be breathing fresh air and singing glories of God. I would be feeling high in the sky. I would be seeing how clouds burst and develop rain.

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When I will be flying in the sky, I would love to look downward. At the same time, I will be enjoying the sights of green forests, tall mountains, and deep seas.

Flying in the sky would be an advantage for me. It will give me a number of things to enjoy. The most important thing I would be love to have is to visit any place with my own will and interest. There will be no restriction on me.

It would also give me the advantage of not breaking any traffic rules and regulations. No one would punish me for wrong parking or over-speeding. I would go anywhere without any restrictions.

If I were a bird, then I would not need to buy fruits and vegetables. Being a bird and can fly in the sky, I would go to the open field and orchards. Then, I would love to pick up the fruits and vegetables as I like.

I would be having constant exposure to greenery, which would do well for my eyes. This way, my eyes would no longer feel tired.

One of the special things I would love to do by fly in the sky by experiencing bathing in the warm springs and drying myself under the sun. I would love to play occasionally and hunt with other birds. Throughout every season of the year, I would love to experience all weather and migrate to different places.

Final verdict

In the end, it can be said that the life of a bird of any type and species is amazing. It is too thrilling to watch them and learn new things from them. This is why I am a huge fan of birds and I am in love with them and their adventurous life.

They are one of the wonderful creatures on the earth planet. So, if I get a chance to be a bird, then I would love to have and experience great things daily. Our earth must also be clean and pure like the sky so that it looks when seen from the sky.

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