Helen Keller Essay in English

Helen Keller Essay In English, There were many personalities who were popular in previous times. One of the most common personalities is Helen Keller. The story of Helen Keller reveals the story of a normal child, who was suddenly shut off from the entire world. She was at the age of 18 months, who were against overpowering odds. After a successful battle, she could have reentered the same world.

After some time, the child grew into a sensitive and highly intelligent woman who spoke, wrote, and tortured incessantly for the enhancement of others. In this post, we are going to know more about Helen Keller. So, start reading:

helen keller essay in english
helen keller essay in english

Helen Keller Essay in English

Essay on Helen Keller

When she was 12 months old, Helen Keller was distressed with a strange disorder. For some time, it seemed that she might be going to die, but she got actually recovered. It was discovered that she was deaf and blind. Of course, this was an awful double affliction. It is very sad to know that she had lost both of her senses, nothing was worse than this.

Her mother became sad after knowing this. Like other mothers, her mother cannot believe it and it was not easy for her mother to get out of this truth. But they have to believe this reality. The world of little Helen turned out to be black and quiet.

As time passed on, she could not talk, which made her family broken deeply. Maybe she did not know what happen to her and became lost. She would hang on to the skirt of her mother to get around.

Paragraph on Helen Keller

Helen Keller was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama on June 27, 1880. In March of 1887, her real-life started one day, when she was almost 7 years old. The day came when Annie Sullivan, became her teacher. Annie was a 20-year old graduate of the Perkins School for the blind. They were close until the death of Annie in 1936.

Even she was a little girl, Helen Keller expressed her desire to go to college. Helen Keller entered Radcliffe College in 1900 and graduated from there. At that time, she was the first person to become the first deaf-blind individual to graduate from college. During these years, Annie laboriously spelled lectures and books into the hand of her pupil.

The young Helen Keller was willing in the finger play with Annie, who came to her house. At that time, she started to imitate Miss Sullivan. Within just a few days, Helen Keller learned to spell the name of things such as hat, cup, pen, and many other verbs such as sang, sat, and walk.

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This was the time that made her get a great discovery. She discovered that everything in this world has given some name. And that discovery was linked to the word and water. Annie poured some water over the hand of Helen Keller and spelled it into the other water.

Unexpectedly, the little girl understood that the water, it is meant by the cool liquid that was flowing over her hand. She entered the world of sounds and speech started. This is how she came to know how to speak words that she had never listened to.

After that, she learned to realize what other people were revealing by touching their lips with the tips of her fingers lightly. She started to lead an outdoor life and came to know how to swim and ride a horse. With time, she got success in overcoming each obstacle.

She started to understand that with time, life is full of excitement and happiness and she could live an interesting and motivating life like other fortunate people. Sooner, Helen Keller started to study different types of foreign languages and got mastery in two languages such as German and French.

Write a Short Note on Helen Keller

The life of Helen Keller was not free from financial burdens. She started a 4-year stretch appearing with Annie in vaudeville shows in 1919. Helen Keller went on lecture tours so that she could promote interest in the handicapped.

She worked on many books and appeared on the Orpheum Circuit for 2 years to support herself. After World War II, Helen Keller went to the veteran hospitals in America and many trips to different countries like Asia, Europe, and Africa.

When she was at Radcliffe, she started a writing career that was being continued for 50 years. She wrote ‘The Story of My Life.’ along with this book, Helen Keller wrote 11 other books. At the same time, she also wrote a lot of articles on many interesting topics such as social issues, deafness, blindness, and rights of the women. In spite of the broader range of her interests, she never forgot the needs of other people who were in need because of their deafness and blindness,

Dr. Peter J. Salmon was a personal friend of Helen Keller, who was an executive director of the Industrial Home for the blind. The name of this industrial home for the blind was Helen Keller Services for the Blind. Dr.

Peter gave her support to the development and establishment of what has become, which was known as the Helen Keller National Center for the Deaf-Blind Youths and Adults. Her personality was too interesting and inspiring. Helen Keller was a visitor to many facilities and programs run by IHB.

In 1936, she moved to West Port, Connecticut. In this place, she lived until her death. She died on June 1, 1968, at the age of 87 years. When her funeral took place, Senator Lister Hill told her that she will live on as she is one of the immortal names and not born to die. The spirit of Helen Keller will endure as long as man can read.

The stories of Helen Keller can be memorable as her story was inspiring. She told the world that there are no boundaries that anyone can reach. If a person has courage and faith, then he or she can win the world with motivation. Her name will be remained in the entire world for many years to come.

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