Happy New Year Essay in English

Happy New Year Essay In English, New Year is celebrated all over the world with great enthusiasm and happiness. When the day of New Year comes, people feel joyful and make many resolutions for the next year. According to the Gregorian calendar, it marks the beginning of a new year. A year has 12 months and on 1 January, the day of New Year comes. The first day of January month is the first day of a year.

Before this day, people start making new resolutions and plans for a New Year in advance. It is like any other festival, which brings happiness and excitement to the life of people.

In every part of the world, the eve of New Year is hugely celebrated, irrespective of caste and culture. People visit their friends and spend quality time with their loved ones. They also make plans for trips to their favorite destinations.

happy new year essay in english
new year essay in english

Happy New Year Essay in English

Essay on Happy New Year in English

This day of New Year is celebrated and explored by people of all backgrounds and ages. Almost all educational institutions and schools announce a winter break from Christmas Eve to January 1, which is the day of a New Year. The reason is that the day of the New Year denotes the year’s first day, it tends to give happiness into the lives of people. This day represents a new beginning while leaving the former year behind.

Undoubtedly, the New Year is like an event or festival. It is a time for people to put all of their bad experiences and memories behind them and take a positive step towards their future. Everyone prays for the own happiness, health, and prosperity of their loved ones in the coming year.

If we talk about the kids, the day of a New Year is incomplete without three things, such as a New Year’s party with their favorite dishes and new dresses, a Christmas tree, and the compulsory essay on New Year as a part of their winter vacation homework, in which they explain how did they celebrate their New Year and with whom.

How do people celebrate the eve of the New Year around the world?

Essay on New Year Celebration

There is a unique custom that has been followed by people in different parts of the world. A New Year tree is a unique custom, which has been seen in every household these days. To define this, it is nothing else than the Christmas tree, which is decorated by people during the festive season and the end of the year.

All the family members participate in decorating this New Year tree or Christmas tree with different kinds of bells, toys, candies, mistletoe, stars, and colorful fairy lights.

Every family follows its own customs and traditions to celebrate the day of the New Year. They follow a variety of customs and traditions in their household all over the world. Each culture performs the celebration part of this day in its way.

Some people begin planning for a small trip to any of their favorite places all over the world beforehand. On the other hand, some people love to spend quality time with their special ones. They start their preparations to celebrate New Year by buying gifts, new clothes, and decorating homes.

Every day comes with new hopes and dreams. But if we talk about the New Year, it is a different day for everyone because we know this day is the first day and appears to be the beginning of the year.

This day of the New Year comes with lots of positivity and excitement in the life of human beings. People celebrate this day of New Year very happily. Most people, who love to spend money, go to clubs and hotels and do parties with their family and friends.

In public places, we see many functions and events being organized. There are music programs, songs, and other things in public places which let people enjoy very much. Special programs are being broadcast on television and radio.

People give gifts and flowers to dear ones. Greeting cards and cakes are given to loved ones, including friends, relatives, etc. the streets in different parts of the country are full of New Year Shayari. People like to fill roads with colors, this is why they do many interesting things to make the surroundings interesting.

The best part is that on the day of the New Year, some people like to visit their holy places like temples, mosques, Gurudwaras, and many others to get the blessings of God for their future. Apart from that, tourist places are full of crowds because many people visit these places with their special ones to have some special time.

Ways to celebrate Happy New Year

There are many ways by which we can celebrate New Year and say Happy New Year to our loved ones. The best way is to send digital greeting cards to our friends and family from our smartphones. Today, there are lots of online messaging apps, where we can send direct messages and images showing Happy New Year to our contact lists on our phones.

The best way to get New Year pictures or images is to go online and search there and you will be surprised with an amazing collection of such images revealing New Year wishes.

Aside from that, we can plan some exciting trips and picnics with our loved ones. The first and foremost thing we should do in the morning of the 1st of January is to visit a temple or any other holy place. We must make some resolutions for New Year, which need to be followed for the entire year.

We should spend time with our loved ones. Saying Happy New Year to our loved ones is an interesting thing we can do to celebrate this eve.  The day of the New Year has new hopes to offer. We should always be happy in every situation, either good or bad. Taking a resolution or oath is an important thing, we must not miss it at any cost. Celebrating Happy New Year brings happiness to our lives.

This is the happy new year essay in english, from this entire article, we cover information short essay on new year. If found anything missing let us know by commenting below. For more info kindly visit us at wikiliv.com

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