Guy Yovan Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Family, Wife

Guy Yovan Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Family, Wife, Guy Yovan is a very popular face and you might have seen him on TV. He is a well-known American TV host who works for the well-known channel HSN. Guy Yovan is loved by his fans. The entire family loves to watch his TV shows with different participants. Guy Yovan loves to work which can be seen in his profession.  He is always working and shares very little about himself.

Guy Yovan is having fans who wish to know more and more about him but it seems Guy Yovan always disappoint them.  Fans wish to know about him off the air. They wish to know about his education, family, salary, etc.  Here we share with you all the information we know from legal sources.

Guy Yovan is definitely a secretive guy and it is hard to find out enough about him. Guy Yovan though is a popular face but sadly we know very little about Guy. Guy Yovan is a popular host on TV and he is very fun to watch interviewing his participants. Guy Yovan is a very charming and dedicated person. Guy Yovan is the best and the highest-paid member of his team.

guy yovan biography
guy yovan biography

Guy Yovan Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Family, Wife

NameGuy Yovan
Birth DateDecember 1961
Birth PlaceNot Known
NationalityNot Known
Home TownNot Known
Sun SignNot Known
HeightNot Known
WeightNot Known
Marital StatusMarried
Boy Friend/ Girl FriendNone
Guy Yovan FamilyFather:- NA Mother:- NA
Guy Yovan WifeNot Known
Children Boy :- Danny
Net Worth $500 million
Social Media ProfilesFacebook, Twitter, Guy Yovan Instagram: @guyyovanhsn

Guy Yovan Wikipedia

Guy Yovan was born in the year 1960 on what date it is hidden. Maybe his real fans know and wish him on his birthday. Where Guy Yovan was born is also a question.  He certainly not hides his age and he is a handsome man.  There is not much known about who his parents were, their names, and their profession. 

There is not much information about his childhood, parents, and siblings.  Guy Yovan loves his mother and on his social media account, we can see his dedicated post to his mother. There are also pictures of Guy Yovan’s youth and childhood pictures. They are fun to watch. Guy Yovan seems to be very close to his mother. 

Guy Yovan went to university to complete his education. He used to love sports and also indulged in some of them in his youth years. When he was young he also seems to be fond of the gym.  From his pictures, we can see Guy Yovan was quite active and athletic. He had an amazing sportsperson personality.  He still seems to be a very strong man.

Guy Yovan’s wife and kids

Guy Yovan is a married man and is also having a son. His son is young and his name is Danny.  The wife of Guy Yovan is unknown. It seems he does not like talking about his wife or they may be separated. Guy Yovan usually posts pictures with his son but not his wife.  We are not certain about his current marital status.

Guy Yovan loves his son and we can see his pictures on social media enjoying himself with his son. Guy Yovan still has his looks and can hook up with anyone he wishes to. Guy Yovan currently wishes to enjoy his life. He regularly updates on social media.

Guy Yovan Career

Guy Yovan is a host on HSN for many years now. His viewers have a habit of watching him on HSN. It will be a surprise to see him on any channel he has been working with HSN for so long.  He first appeared on the channel in the year 2009. He was featured as a host on many TV shows.

Some of them were very popular and he enjoyed huge success while hosting some successful TV shows on HSN.  Guy Yovan is versatile and he is having leadership qualities. He can participate in any project and make it a hit.  Guy Yovan hosted different shows like sports event reviews, evening shows, and outdoor trips with a film crew.

He also enjoyed many adventurous trips with his team to shoot TV shows. Guy Yovan is active on social media. He is having a Facebook account where he regularly posts. He also shares news on Twitter. Guy Yovan loves his son and wishes to enjoy life with him. It is clearly seen that Guy Yovan is a very dedicated T personality and a great father.

Guy Yovan Net Worth

Guy Yovan comes in the list of best presenters. He is the highest-paid member of his team.  Guy Yovan’s net worth is $300-$400K and his annual salary is almost $100K. He enjoys a lavish lifestyle and owns a great fortune. He is still active and earning.

Where was Guy Yovan Born?


How Old is Guy Yovan?

60 years old as of 2022.

Is Guy Yovan Married?


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