George Lucas Biography, Age, Wife, Net Worth

George Lucas Biography, Age, Wife, Net Worth, George Lucas is a well-known name in Hollywood. The real name of George Lucas is George Walton Lucas Jr.  He was born on 14th May in California United States. George Lucas is a well-known American motion picture producer, director, and even screenwriter. George Lucas has given us many amazing movies.  George Lucas used to live with his family in California. 

The family used to live in a small town where his father was a stationer. His mother was sick and most of the time she was in the hospital for her treatment.  From an early age, George Lucas has a huge interest in reading books. He used to love reading adventure stories.

While growing up heard about Treasure land, Robinson Crusoe, and many others.  He was a history student and when he was a teenager he used to love car racing. He met a fatal car accident after which he dropped the idea of car racing.

george lucas biography
george lucas biography

George Lucas Biography, Age, Wife, Net Worth

NameGeorge Lucas
Birth Date14th May 1944
Birth PlaceCalifornia, United States
Home TownModesto, California, United States
Sun SignTaurus
Height1.68 m
WeightNot Known
EducationGraduate from Film Department
QualificationBachelor’s degree  from the film department
Marital StatusMarried
Boy Friend/ Girl FriendNone
FamilyWife And Children
George Lucas WifeMarcia LOU Griffin
ChildrenAmanda Lucas, Katie Lucas, and son Jett Lucas
ProfessionAmerican Filmmaker
Net Worth$540 Million
Social Media ProfilesNot Known

George Lucas Wikipedia

George Lucas developed his moviemaking interest through by cinematography Haskell Wexler.  In the year 1966, He obtained his degree from the film department of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. John Milius who was the future director and also a classmate of Lucas introduced him to George Lucas.

George Lucas student films and also won first prize for the movie called Electronic Labyrinth THX 1138 4 EB in the National Student Film Festival in the year 1965.  In the year 1967, he completed his six-month internship at Warner Brothers and assisted Francis Coppola on the movie called Finian’s Rainbow in the year 1968.

This was the time when he never looked back and started his graceful movie-making career. George Lucas gave us many popular movies.

George Lucas Movies Star Wars

At the time American Graffiti became a huge success and Lucas got his chance to finance a film project very close to his heart.  At that time Science, fiction was not doing that good and was a poor box office performer. But there were some exceptions as well like the 1968 planet of the Apes, the 1977 Star Wars which was the idea borrowed from Joseph Campbell, and the story inspired by 1958 The Hidden Fortress.

Star wars gained huge popularity instantly. It was the best movie of its time and it was making huge success at the box office as well. Star wars were the first movie by George Lucas which was made on a generous budget at that time. He also had to the extent of the shooting.

Lucas film Ltd

When star wars were doing good in the theatres George Lucas announced that he is going to retire from directing pictures. Now others got a chance to direct films under his guidance. He said he might come back to directing moves after twenty years from now. 

There were other two episodes The Empire strikes back 1980 and return of the Jedi 1983 in which George Lucas was executive producer. George Lucas is also the inventor of one of the most popular characters called Indiana Jones in the movie. George Lucas has worked on many popular projects as an executive producer.

George Lucas’s Personal Life

George Lucas married Marcia Lou Griffin who was an editor and also won an Academy Award for her original star wars movie editing. The couple adopted a daughter in 1981 and named her Amanda Lucas. The couple got divorced in 1983. George Lucas as a single parent adopted two more children one daughter and one son.

He named his daughter Katie Lucas who was born in 1988 and his son named Jett Lucas who was born in 1993. All of his three children also appeared in Star Wars prequels.  The best part was George Lucas also appeared in it. George Lucas went into another single relationship. Her name is Linda Ronstadt in 1980. Lucas also married Hobson in the year 2013.  They also have one daughter.

George Lucas awards and honors

In year 1977, George Lucas got Inkpot Award and he also got Life Achievement Award on 9th June 2005. His name was also nominated for four Academy Awards. George Lucas has received many more awards and honors by his name. He also got the Best Director Award and also wished to get an Oscar one day.

George Lucas Net Worth

George Lucas has a net worth of around $540 Million.

How Old is George Lucas?

George Lucas 78 age of old (2022).

When was George Lucas Born?

He was Born on 4th May 1944.

Where was George Lucas Born?

He was born on 14th May in the California United States.

How much is George Lucas worth?

George Lucas has a net worth of around $540 Million.

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