Flower Essay in English

Flower Essay in English, No matter how advanced we humans get we can never match the beauty of nature. Nature is amazing and mesmerizing and it also has many perks for humans. God has given us so many things that we appreciate and also help grow. One beautiful gift from nature and god is a flower. There are so many beautiful types of flowers.  Flowers grow in wild, we grow them in our house, nurseries, and the entire place we wish to make beautiful.

Just one flower can bring a smile to anyone’s place, but the benefit of a flower does not end here. A flower gives beauty and colors to earth. Flowers have beauty and fragrance that can instantly take our minds on the journey of peace and relaxation.

Just by touching a flower, we can feel its beauty and nature’s energy. Flowers bring joy to our lives and I don’t think so there is any human on this earth who doesn’t like flowers. We all have our favorites and the most common favorite is a ROSE.

flower essay in english
flower essay in english

Flower Essay in English

Essay on Flowers

A flower must look simple but it plays a very important role in our existence. We love flowers and even our god loves flowers and this is why we present flowers to our deities when we worship or make a prayer. Devotees have one special thing in their offerings and that is flowers. No puja is complete without flowers. On every special occasion, we have flowers around.

There are flowers festivals, flower markets, gardens, and cities that are dedicated to this nature’s gift. No matter which small or big occasion we are celebrating it is incomplete if there are no floral decorations. At weddings bride and groom wear flower garlands. They also exchange varmala which is made of flowers. 

If you will see the decorations include beautiful and fresh flowers. On this special day, some brides have special demands when it comes to flowers. They need floral decorations like rose, mogra, and tulips like flowers to make their venue look heavenly. There is no other decoration item that can match the freshness calming effect and beauty of flowers and this is why we need to have them.

Many people are passionate about flowers for which they plant flowers in their gardens or backyards.  It is a very common sight in India to see flower pots hanging around the houses, there are flowers in commercial places and the majority have them in their garden. They love to plant them and take care of them until they are fully bloomed.

Once the buds changes to flowers the gardener feels intense happiness. Flowers are like children to them and they take care of them fully. We know flowers have very short lives but it is worth taking care of.  Every little flower has its beauty and charm.

Even animals love flowers and love to be around them. It is a nature’s relaxation pill.  It has something so special in it that it can make any sad person go into high spirit once it is presented to them.

Love for flowers is not limited to India but the entire world around it is integral. Flowers look so beautiful and smell so sweet that we wish to be around them. Flowers are not just to enhance the beauty of the surroundings, but also hold medicinal importance. There are so many species of flowers that are used in making medicines that can treat different types of ailments and diseases.

Flowers fragrance is so amazing that we have flower essence in our perfumes, does, making in dhoop and agarbati.  There are flower flavors as well such as vanilla, rose, and many others. Flowers are used in making ornamental and other decorative items.

Bees, butterflies, and birds won’t exist if flowers vanish from the planet earth. They suck out the nectar that flowers make which is food to them. Bees gather nectar from flowers and make honey. There is no need to mention the importance of honey and bees. Honey would be impossible to make if there were no flowers. Flowers have lots to offer humanity and we are taking full advantage of this beautiful gift.

Essay on Rose Flower in English

Flowers like rose are the symbol of love. We present a red rose to the person we love. We present flowers to our loved ones to connect the message of love and passion.  Flowers are not just sheer beauties of nature but have a symbolic sense.  On different occasions like birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries we present bouquets to our loved ones. 

No one ever hates getting flowers as gifts from their beloved individuals. Flowers are the symbol of worship, love, and unity. We send flowers to our loved ones who are far from us. We also present flowers to those who are not among us. Flowers are important and we must appreciate this beautiful gift of nature.  There are many uses for flowers and we can see their uses in many different areas.

My favorite flower is a rose because it’s beautiful. I also have rose bushes in my garden. My mother takes care of these flowers and I love to help her. Every day I get up and walk in my garden and stare at these beautiful flowers. Roses are available in different colors like white, black, pink, red, orange, and many others.

As technology is advancing scientists are also making hybrids of flowers among which some are extremely beautiful like a miracle. Roses have thorns in them and this is the specialty of roses.  It indicates both the good and bad sides of any situation. 

We can learn so many things from flowers. Flowers spread love and can lift the mood of any event or person. Flowers are an integral part of our lives and our life is going to be very dull without them. How would we speak the language of love if there are no flowers around us?  We must plant more and more flowers in our surroundings and we all know why.

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