Fit India Movement Essay in English

Fit India Movement Essay in English, If we are sick even the most wonderful and beloved thing to us can’t give us peace and relaxation in the world. Health is Wealth is not a myth but a fact and everyone knows this. An unhealthy person is useless to their family and society. His life is full of frustration, disease, and hopelessness.  With a healthy body and mind, we can achieve any goal and any happiness in the world.

On August 29, 2019, one of the most important initiatives was taken by our great leader Shri. Narendra Modi on national sports day which was called “Fit India Movement” at Indira Gandhi stadium. The motive behind this movement was simple to aware and encourages the people of India towards great health.

fit india movement essay in english
fit india movement essay in english

Fit India Movement Essay in English

Essay on Fit India Movement

There are many things that he mentioned on this special day. He urged Indians to make fitness a routine in their lives. People are being made aware of health and sports so that India stays strong and healthy. We all will be able to build a strong nation if we have healthy and motivated people in our nation.

There are many initiatives taken by our prime minister regarding health and fitness among which the fit India movement is the most popular. There is a committee that has officials of the Indian government, private bodies, national sports federations, the Indian Olympics, and many other fitness promoters who are present to advise on the Fit India movement.

This committee consists of twenty-eight members and Kiren Rijiju is the chairman of this committee who is there to advise things that will promote fit India movement objectives to Indians.

The objective behind this movement is to make people aware of health and fitness.  It aims to bring about behavioral change and also to introduce basic practices in the life of the people, especially in the life of people who are lacking access to the fitness or sports infrastructure in the neighborhoods. 

This initiative also had some significant focus in rural India, where even the basic amenities that can help Indians improve their health are lacking. This initiative also focuses on creating more and more awareness.

There are many fitness-oriented things which are planned under the fit India movement like sports activities, awareness programs, and many other events are also being planned. There are two cities which are tier 1 and tier 2 in which celebrities will participate and make people aware of their fitness needs. It is also planned to promote yoga on a very big level.

The focus of the campaign is totally on making people aware of fitness through various planned things. This ambitious campaign is conducted by our government through which Indians will be made aware of the benefits of fitness.

Fit India Essay in English

The government desires to make the fit India movement as popular as Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan and to take it forward. The government wishes to make this campaign popular by including the masses. The Fit India movement is a 4-year campaign and it is decided that every year different topics will be conducted under this campaign which all be related to fitness. 

In the first year, awareness will be conducted about physical fitness and in the second year how good eating habits are beneficial, in the third year eco-friendly lifestyle, and in the fourth year to stay away from the sickness.

Fit India movement is a nationwide campaign and it is conducted to make and inspire all the Indians to opt for the simple and easy ways to stay fit and healthy in their daily routine.

It is an effort made by the Indian government and the objective is to include every Indian so that everyone pays attention to their mental and physical health.

Children are the future of India and to make the future strong we need to make every Indian child stronger and healthy. Kids are encouraged to participate in more and more sports and physical activities.

The campaign is held under the national goal and the federal of the nation wants to take fit India movement forward and successfully. This campaign is as important as the clean India movement. The Fit India movement is only going to be successful when every Indian will willingly and dedicatedly participate in it.

Today health has become the need of existence when we are surrounded by many threats like Coronavirus.  There are thousands of professions and all of them need people who are mentally and physically fit. Fitness should not be in the mind but must be seen in daily life. It is the pillar that can make our life successful and peaceful.

Regular fitness increases life expectancy and can eliminate the threat of untimely death. These days even the healthier people are getting stuck with a disease like heart problems, blood pressure, chronic illness, and many others. All these threats can only be eliminated when people are healthy and fit.

To attain fitness regular exercise is important that enhances bone density, muscle strength, peaceful mind, active days, and flexibility. There are many diseases that can be kept at bay if you just exercise for 30 minutes daily.

Fitness is not just a vital part of an individual’s life but our culture as well. Taking the first step towards fitness I difficult but once you decide to be fit there is no going back. The benefits of fitness are unlimited and this is why we all must pay close attention to nationwide campaigns like the Fit India movement.

There are many challenges in the path of fit India such as technology, use of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs, however altogether by opting for good habits and living a healthy lifestyle all the Indians can fight this challenge. We must all make our people aware and help the government of India in making the fit India movement successful.

More and more people must participate in this movement and make our nation and lives strong. We could start with small things but it is important to start.

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