Festival of Odisha Essay in English

Festival of Odisha Essay in English, India is a beautiful state with so many colors, cultures, and languages. One state is Odisha where we can find peace with ease. Odisha has everything that can connect us to the divine. It has holy rivers, numerous beautiful temples, and much more. There are many festivals celebrated in Odisha and every month we have 2-3 festivals.

At this time people wear beautiful traditional clothes, prepare mouth-watering meals, worship god, and exchange gifts. It is very interesting to know how many festivals are celebrated in Odisha and how they are celebrated.

festival of odisha essay in english
festival of odisha essay in english

Festival of Odisha Essay in English

Famous Festival of Odisha

Konark dance festival

I must say that everyone must visit Konark Sun Temple which is not only the pride of Odisha but the entire nation. This temple is dedicated to Lord Sun and it is one of its kind temples in the state. This temple is popular for its beauty and Odissi dance which is held during the festive time. This festival is celebrated beyond customs and religions.

The festival is dedicated to celebrating the beauty of the temple. When the sun sets the beauty of the temple rise. Beautiful lightings all over the temple make the sight magical.  Odissi dancer participates in the Konark dance festival that belongs to the Gangadhar Pradhan’s Odisha dance academy. People from all over the world excitingly visit Odisha to get a glimpse of the beautiful classical dancer’s performances.

Rath Yatra

Rath Yatra also popularly known as the car festival is dedicated to Lord Jagannath. Lord Jagannath is the avatar of Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu. A beautiful chariot of Lord Jagannath is prepared which represents the journey of Lord Krishna from Gokul to Mathura. A religious yatra is conducted in which a chariot with huge idols of Krishna, Subhadra, and Balram is taken on a religious yatra to the summer temple.

This yatra is held for a week. It is a beautiful sight because the main chariot is fourteen meters high and ten meters square with sixteen wheels. The chariot is prepared two months prior festival. The locals are deeply attached to this beautiful festival. Many times people jump in front of the Rath because they believe that dying under the chariot of Jagannath will take their soul to heaven.

Durga Pooja

Durga puja is one of the most popular festivals of Odisha and is celebrated in the month of September and October. All the streets of Odisha drown in beautiful lights and everywhere Pandals are beautifully decorated with flowers and light. Durga puja is celebrated in love for the two goddesses Maa Saraswati and Maa Laxmi.

Every morning and evening mantras are chanted which makes the entire environment holy and divine. Durga puja is an occasion of grand celebration. This festival is celebrated for 3-4 days in the states. For Hindu devotees, Durga puja is of significant importance. People with great enthusiasm celebrate their devotion.

Mahabisuva Sankranti

On the day of Mahabisuva Sankranti, the New Year is marked as per the Odia Calendar which is held in the month of April. Mahabisuva Sankranti is also called Pana Sankranti. On this day a holy drink is made from Misri and water which is called Pana which is presented to the Tulsi plant and represents the rain.

This festival is celebrated to respect agriculture and farming activities in the state. On this festival Lord Shiva, and Lord Vishnu are offered very special offerings. On this day everyone visits Devi temples as well and prays for their wellbeing.

Magha Saptami

On the day of Magha Saptami, everyone gathers on the bank of the Bay of Bengal to pray near the sea. On the day people take a holy dip in the sea on Chandra Bhaga beach when the sun is rising. Magha Saptami has marked the beginning of the Khandagiri fair which is held near Bhubaneswar.

This festival is celebrated for one week when people dive into the divine worship and take holy dips in the holy rivers. People offer their offerings in the sun temple which adds a more divine feeling to the people.

Chhau festival

There are tribes in Orissa and this festival represents tribal life. All the locals along with the tribes of Odisha celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm. This festival is attached to the Mayurbhanj Chhau which is the Odissi dance. T

his is the festival to worship Lord Shiva. It is a beautiful dance performed by professional dancers who wear huge masks on their faces and dance. The dance form includes different moves of martial arts as well as the classical dance of the state.  For all the viewers the dance performance is a real treat. People enjoy the tribal life and the meals of Odisha.

Chandan yatra

Chandan yatra also called Gandhalepana Yatra and is a 42-day long and beautiful festival of the state.  This festival is celebrated in the Jagannath temple which is situated at Puri. During this festival people worship deities. Odisha has traditional boats which are known as Chapa. The idols of deities are taken out of the temple in chapa for a holy patron.

The boats are decorated in red and white a color that resembles a swan floating in the water. People from all over India visit the state on pilgrimages to participate in this holy festival.  The beautiful sight of idols on boats gives a divine feeling because Hindus are deeply connected with their god and goddesses.

Kalinga festival

The festival is having an interesting story behind this festival. Orissa’s parts were known as Kalinga in the early times. The land saw the brutal deaths and murders of martyrs when Ashoka used to rule the land. Ashoka decided to live a life free from violence at Kalinga. Kalinga Mahotsav is celebrated to mark the triumph of peace over war.

To this day attribute is paid to the Maurya dynasty martyrs. A different form of martial art is performed. This festival is celebrated on the Bhubaneswar outskirts situated at dhauli shanty stupa.  Many brave martial arts professionals participate in these worlds.  Professionals of martial arts from all over the world wish to visit this festival.

This is festival of odisha essay in english, from this entire article, we cover information regarding festivals of odisha essay. If found anything missing let us know by commenting below. For more info kindly visit us at wikiliv.com

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