Essay on Veer Savarkar in English

Essay on Veer Savarkar in English, Vinayak Damodar Savarkar is one name which no one gets out from the heart of the Indians. He is one of our great freedom fighter. He was a writer, philosopher, leader, social worker, warrior and even a threat to our enemies. Savarkar was Marathi born in Nasik Mumbai in 1883. He was against the British Empire and the moment he started knowing about the reality he turned against the British Empire. 

In his very young age Savarkar became a freedom fighter. Savarkar was a brilliant student and always in the good books of his teachers, friends and all those who knew him. In 1898 Chaphekar brothers were hanged by the Britishers and this changed the life of Savarkar who was just 15 years old.

This incident moved him till soul and he decided to fight for the freedom of his country. In 1901 he completed his metric and enrolled with Fergusson College of Puna. He took admission but his total focus was on the freedom of India.

Essay on Veer Savarkar in English
essay on veer savarkar in english

Essay on Veer Savarkar in English

Biography of Veer Savarkar

In his college he listened to the speeches of great warriors of India like Bhopatkar and BAL Gangadhar tilak who were the political leaders of that time. There were many newspapers in the city who were writing anti British atmosphere.

Many were doing their parts and were trying to keep the nationalism feeling alive among the Indians and Savarkar was also one of them. He was an uncrowned leader of the young people in India.  He first organized monkey brigade of young males who were healthy, strong and had bravery to face any bad circumstances during their fight for freedom. 

He also conducted physical campaigns for the youth where they were trained with hiking, swimming, mountain climbing and long tours like activities in Nasik. He also used to organize religious functions in college like Ganesha and shiv utsav where he used to highlight nationalistic themes. 

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He also started writing essay, plays, poems and stories.Writing was his passion and it was always inspiration. He moved many with his writings all forms. He also burned the cloth that was imported to India in 1905 to protest against the imported cloth.

In 1904 he founded international revolution institute which was given the name Abhinav Bharat. He used to give speeches against the British government which resulted in withdrawing his bachelor’s degree by the government. In 1906 he went to London to become a barrister. Even in London he united all the Indian students and flamed the patriotism in them. 

He also inspired them to become barrister so that they can to fight for their country against the government. He was involved in all the anti-government activities still he managed to pass his examination and became a barrister from England.

Veer Savarkar Story

Savarkar took many risks in his life but his passion and dedication was above all. He undertook a detailed study of documents and records which were kept in the India office library secretly.   He returned to London and started writing biography of Gieusepe Mazzini who was a revolutionary leader of Italy.

The biography was written in Marathi and was smuggled with great caution and published by his brother. There were two thousand copies printed and they were even sold in a very secretive manner. It is estimated that every copy was at least read by thirty people.  Britishers even imprisoned Savarkar brothers for publishing this book.

Savarkar was in London and he decided to create awareness about the armed national revolt. He got all the information from his friends as a proof that if the effort made countrywide it is possible to get the Britishers out of our country. His first book the Indian war of independence was the first effort done nationally to get independence from the British politics. 

He also wrote this book in Marathi but was disappointed because it was not printed in Europe.  It was necessary to write the book in English so he got help from other revolutionaries who were studying civil service and law. It was not possible to publish the book in France as well because French and British spies used to work together. 

But the book was successfully published in English in Holland by Madam Cama but there was no name and cover given to this book. But to smuggle the book to India some classic cover pages were made for the books. Successfully booked got to its destination and that was to the right people in USA, Russia, Ireland, Brazil, Egypt and France. 

When Savarkar was living in London he organized many Indian festivals like Rakhi and guru Gobind jayanti. By organizing theses events he tried to create awareness among the Indians who were living in London but unfortunately theses activities were banned. Savarkar made some slogans like

  • One country one god
  • Brothers all of us
  • One caste, one mind

These slogans coined for the festivals turned out to be uniting factors. This was also the first time when the Indian flag was designed by Savarkar which was unfurled by Madam Bhikaji Cama at the world socialist conference at Stuttgart, Germany. Savarkar also had to face the tightness of the Scotland Yard police. 

He was finally arrested and was sent back to India. In India his punishment was torturous and very harsh. Savarkar was sent to morena by ship where he and his friends tried to escape which became legendary story. Savarkar had to jump from the ship and had to swim through the sea waters to reach his friends who were supposed to pick him and lead to freedom.

There was huge strictness on Savarkar but still Savarkar managed to get out from the toilet window and swim to Marseilles port. There are many bravery stories linked with the name Savarkar. Savarkar passed away in the year 1966. He was reported as the involment in the mahatma ghnadhi assassination. He died at the age of 83 because he denied taking food. He had a true warrior death and will remain in our hearts forever.

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