Essay on Sparrow Bird in English

Essay on Sparrow Bird in English, Birds share our planet with us and make it more beautiful. There are thousands of different species and subspecies of birds on the planet. One of them is the sparrow which exists on earth since 160 million years ago. Sparrow are warm-blooded have wings, they lay eggs and take care of their young ones. Sparrow has wings and they can fly. They also have two legs and vertebrates with their entire body covered with feathers.

Birds are categorized into a class called Aves. The humming bird is the smallest bird and the largest is the ostrich. There are exceptional birds also like an ostrich which cannot fly and penguins are also flightless birds living in the arctic regions.

essay on sparrow bird in english
essay on sparrow bird in english

Essay on Sparrow Bird in English

Sparrow Essay in English

Birds are the closest to nature and they can easily adapt to any condition. When there is migration they travel long distances. They like to dwell in places that are favorable for them or they also leave their habitats. Birds can also be easily found in the national parks and sanctuaries where birds are provided with natural favorable conditions to dwell.

In the off-season, bird watchers will not find them in the sanctuaries because they migrate to other places. Bird eggs hatch when the mother transfers their body heat to eggs which are called heat transfer and incubation takes place and then young ones hatch in the nests. 

Both mother and father birds take care of their little ones until they are able to fly on their own. Until then they both supply food to their young ones in their nest only.

Sparrows are tiny creatures and their sounds are very pleasing to the ears. They stroll in nature morning and evening chirping and return to their homes in the evening. Sparrows also flock in groups and they live in harmony and peace within their groups.

It is hard to find species of birds that fight with other birds in their groups. Birds are peaceful and loving creatures. Birds also play a major role in some religious practices. There are cultures of nations like India where feeding birds are regularly practiced. 

It is also believed that feeding birds can save humans from the rage of angry planets. These days there are many species including sparrows which are on the verge of extinction. Man has created many scenarios where birds are facing extinction.

These are due to the unsuitable environmental conditions around the cities where birds cannot live. There are TV towers, mobile towers, radiations of 4g networks, and other energies which create trouble for birds.

Jungles are being replaced by concretes and there is no space left for birds to build nests and raise their young ones. Many NGOs and bird lovers have started many initiatives to help birds that are injured. They are also making people aware of the importance of natural habitats for birds.

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Few Lines About Sparrow

Sparrows were very commonly seen decades ago, in temples, on our roof, buildings but today it is very rare to see sparrows because they are almost extinct. Upcoming generations might see sparrows in books and museums because they are almost gone from nature. Sparrows have become a rapidly disappearing species of birds.

Today it is impossible to sight a sparrow near our homes. To look at the picture of the sparrow we need to show the pictures and not a bird in reality. Sparrows are left in pictures because it is being eliminated from the earth at a very rapid speed. Sparrows easily adapted to the hustle of the cities and were very easy to find them.

Sparrows are rare because buildings have taken over the jungles and they are not left with trees to make their dwellings. This is really heartbreaking for humanity but unfortunately, this issue is not serious.

Sparrows have intensely decreased and their number is declined and has very minor in number. Sparrows are very small and have mixed colors and very small tails. Sparrows are present over the world and in native species in Italian sparrows, Spanish sparrows and the commonly found are the house sparrows which we see in our neighborhood.

Sparrows are on the verge of extinction and today it is hardly found in the neighborhood and backyards. There are special NGOs who are taking care of the sparrows and taking special initiatives to rescue these tiny creatures.

They are saving them from extinction. It is the responsibility of humans to save these tiny creatures. Humans are not taking care of nature and not bothering about Mother Nature.  People are being self fish and ignoring their co-existing creatures.

Essay About Sparrow in English

Sparrows like birds and other animals are totally dependent upon nature for survival. Humans can save these beautiful creatures if they will feel compassionate about them.

In the initial days, the earth was full of greenery and everyone was in balance with nature till humans arrived on this planet. As humans started advancing the entire biological sphere has changed.

Jungles are being replaced by concrete and deforestation-like issues are also troubling animals and other living beings with which we share this planet. Birds are being forced out of their natural habitats and they are going extinct.

Mobile towers are the primary reason why sparrows are getting extinct. Mobile towers produce transmission and radiations that upset sparrows and they die. It is hard for the birds which are very tiny to get disturbed by the radiations produced by the towers.

World sparrow day is celebrated on the twentieth March on which people are made aware of these beautiful creatures. Many organizations come together to participate on this day and try to save sparrows. Sparrows are becoming rare and rare and this is also harming the ecosystem. Today we can only find them in zoos but once they were easy to be seen even on our windows and roofs.

This is something we all should regret and pay attention to. Everyone should lend their hand in making this issue goes away. This ugly picture must not change to reality and we wish to see sparrows chirping around us again.

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