Essay on School Picnic for Class 4 3 7 5

Essay on School Picnic for Class 4 3 7 5, Schools are the best phase of anyone’s life. It is no wonder to say that schools seem to be a second home to kids. They are a great part of children’s lives as they spend most of their childhood in schools. In schools, students used to learn things, dream, and the way to lead a life. Without schools, no one can be a confident and educated person.

This is why schools play a great role in the life of children. Today, in this essay, I am going to talk about my school picnic. So, start reading:

Essay on School Picnic
Essay on School Picnic

Essay on School Picnic for Class 4 3 7 5

My School Picnic Essay in English for Class 4 3 7 5

In schools, children live both hard-working and happy days. But at the same time, they need some break from their hectic schedule and curriculum of study. The break is very important in the life of students so that they can laugh without any limits and discover ways to achieve success easily.

This is why going to picnics or on long trips organized by schools is very important. In my school days, I went to a lot of picnics in different classes. But I remember the most enjoyable picnic of my life. When I was in 8th standard, I visited an adventurous park named Nikoo Park in my city. This was the best picnic of my school life.

A picnic is something, which is being waited for by every school-going student, I was also waiting for that day. The day had come, when my class teacher announced that there was a picnic organized by the school the next weekend, which means Saturday. She told us to be ready for this adventurous trip.

The destination was Nikoo Park, which is located in my city and is around 8 km away from my school. We were completely excited about this trip. I made some arrangements before going to the picnic.

All of my classmates were appearing in the hope of a picnic, but one of my schoolmates named Diksha did not go on this picnic due to her urgent piece of work. She had to go out of the station to attend a family vacation. So, I got sad after hearing this. But no wonder, I had other classmates too, who were luckily my good friends.

Nikoo Park is the most popular adventure park in my town. It is a water park, where people can enjoy themselves with friends or family to a great extent. But there are also rides and a restaurant available in Nikoo Park, where people can have fun and eat while spending quality time with loved ones.

Essay About Picnic

The day came when my school picnic was going to start and I was very happy. Unlike every other day, it was the same day. We informed to reach the school before our regular work. It was because teachers did not want anything bad to happen. They wanted everything to get organized on time.

There were 3 teachers with us, we were 30 students. Our class was divided into 3 groups of 10 students each. Every group was being allotted a leader to supervise the other members of the related group and the best part was that I was the leader of one of the groups.

We left the school at 8 a.m. on a school bus. And we reached the destination around 9 a.m. due to some traffic obstacles. We had our passes with us. Without a pass, no one can enter the water park. A pass costs 100 Rs for every student. The teachers gave us our passes so that we could enter the water park.

We had our floating suits ready with us so that we could take a shower and took the water ride. We were ready for real fun. This water park was equipped with different water rides like the lazy river, Amazonia, loopholes, demon holes, free fall, and many more. I liked the demonic holes the most.

This was my favorite one, this ride was a deep cylindrical water slide with exciting turns. In the park, there was also a huge jungle, where we could see some animals, who were being caught in cages. After taking a shower in the water park and enjoying water rides for around one hour, we decided to have our breakfast.

As there was a restaurant in the water park, our teachers took us to the restaurant. Our teachers took our options like what we wanted to eat. We all told our demands to the teachers and they ordered a different range of food items. We liked the food very much, as it was very healthy and prepared in a hygienic condition.

The restaurant was well-maintained, clean, and modern with nice seating options. I liked the aura of the restaurant to a great extent. It took almost 1 hour to eat food and then it was around 12 a.m.

There was a park in the water park, where we played many games and our group won the title of 1st winner in one of the games. As we were divided into groups, we had to play against each other. One team had 10 members. Our teachers gave us important lessons, which I still remember.

There were many things I liked about my school picnic. The best thing was that I enjoyed going to the wave pool. We did many exciting activities while visiting this adventurous water park. We left the park at 5 o’clock in the evening. In just one hour, we returned to our school. Our parents were waiting for us. After that, we reached our homes. We had great fun at my school picnic.

We got tired too much, but there was too much excitement and happiness during my school picnic. The entire day was well spent with my schoolmates and teachers. I would remember this day for my whole life because I learned many things at this picnic. I would like to go to a picnic with my schoolmates again if I get a chance in the future because I love picnics the most. 

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