Essay On Sachin Tendulkar in English

My Favorite Player Sachin Tendulkar Essay

Essay On Sachin Tendulkar in English India is a country where cricket is worshipped like no other game. Every Indian is a fan of cricket and in 1984 India won its first world cup and it totally changed the perspective of people for us Indians. Cricket is looked at in a totally different way in our country. For others, it is just a game, but for us, it is more than a game. In India, you will find crazy fans of this sport.

In India where cricket is a religion, Sachin Tendulkar is worshipped as a god. Every Indian knows this name and it is a great inspiration for many young people who wish to pursue their careers in this game. My favorite is Sachin Tendulkar and there is no reason behind it.

Tendulkar is a fan of every citizen who loves cricket. India has many great cricket players, but the inspiration we get from the Tendulkar name is unmatched. His journey is amazing and full of inspiration. He has given thirty years to cricket and at every step, he created a milestone and has accomplished wonders for the Indian cricket team.

essay on sachin tendulkar in english
essay on sachin tendulkar in english

Essay On Sachin Tendulkar in English

My Favourite Player Sachin Tendulkar Essay in English

Sachin Tendulkar’s middle name is Rajesh and he was born on 24th April 1973. His father was a Marathi novelist and he has written many novels in Marathi. Mother of Sachin is Rajni Tendulkar. In many events, Sachin Tendulkar has led the Indian team as an Indian captain.

He is one of the greatest batsmen India has till today. He is in the history of Indian cricket as well as international cricket. After sir Vivian Richards and sir, Donald George Bradman Sachin is the name in the list of the greatest batsman.

Sachin has many achievements in his name like 100 international centuries and he is also the highest run-scorer in international cricket. In the ODI Sachin is the first to score a double hundred, he is also the player who completed 30,000 runs in international cricket and holds a record of both ODI and Test cricket. 

In the year 2013 Sachin retired from international cricket. Sachin has many names like master blaster Sachin Tendulkar and little master by his loving fans. Sachin is considered the cricket god in India.

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Career and life of Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar had a huge interest in cricket since he was a child and he belonged to a middle-class family. Sachin started playing cricket when he was eleven years old and he displayed his skills in the school tournaments as well.

His performance was always surprising to the elders. In the school tournaments once he made 664 runs with the partnership with Vinod Kambli. This was the innings when he took the attention of the selectors and overnight Sachin became a sensation in the cricket world.

Because of that tremendous evening, everyone was talking about a 16-year-old kid who had sensational skills in cricket. The Indian cricket team instantly selected Sachin to play against Pakistan at the age of 16 only. 

Sachin made his international debut against Pakistan in Karachi. At that time Pakistan had some of the best bowlers like Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis who made the deadly duo on the pitch.

Sachin never ran out of confidence and stood strong in front of them and even scored a bit.  After showing his bravery in front of the most feared bowlers with grace he was now selected for major tournaments because he faced the most dangerous bowlers of that time.

Since then Sachin made many records and there was no looking back. In his biography, he has mentioned that his debut against Pakistan was always memorable because he got a chance to meet his idols like Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil Dev.

The rise of the god of the cricket

1994-1999 were the years when Sachin was at his peak in his career. He was in his twenties only and was showing his best performance one after another. In 1994 he opened the batting against New Zealand when he made 84 runs from just 49 balls after which he scored his first ODI century against Australia. 

He waited for 78 ODIs to score his first but his victory was great and worth the entire wait. In the 1996 world cup was the leading run-scorer and scored 2 centuries during the tournament.

In the year 1998 Sachin scored three consecutive centuries before the Australian tournament.  Shane Warne who is the great leg spinner dismantled the world-class batsman before the tournament started.  Everyone was eager to see the battle of India as great’s batsmen and the most feared spinner Shane Warne.

Tendulkar made 204 runs in his first test and dismantled the bowling of Shane Warne with 111 runs. This match was a failure for Australia as India owns the match and it was an exceptional match no one can forget till now. Sachin showed his supremacy batting to the world this time.

Sachin has a huge contribution when it comes to inspiring the young sportsmen of India. Sachin is having many fans both in our own country and others as well. He totally changed the cricket opening and everyone was always desperate to see Sachin Tendulkar batting on the pitch.

Sachin Tendulkar was the best batsman for the opening because of the momentum he scored for the Indian team in any match.  His opening chance always stressed out the position of bowlers. Sachin always showed world-class batting and he has made many benchmarks.

The benchmark he has set is very hard to break and this is why Sachin is the highest scorer for many reasons. Sachin swathe a nightmare for many teams for pretty long. Sachin is married to Anjali Mehta who is a pediatrician and has a daughter Sara and son Arjun in his family.

Sachin got retired from cricket in the year 2013 which was the most heartbreaking moment for his fans. Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar is a name that will history hold for pretty long. We are proud of you Sachin sir.

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