Essay on Red Fort in English

Essay on Red Fort in English, There are many historical monuments in India. In this essay, we are going to share information about Red Fort. Here is an essay on Red Fort, which helps you get complete information about its history, architecture, and significance. Let’s read it thoroughly: Red Fort is one of the most popular and well-known masterpieces of architecture in the history of India. It is located in the national capital of India, New Delhi.

It is also known as Lal Qila. Many people from different parts of India and even international countries come and explore the beauty and value of Red Fort.  

essay on red fort in english
essay on red fort in english

Essay on Red Fort in English

Paragraph on Red Fort

This historical structure is famous around the whole world. Red Fort is a symbol of Mughal power and magnificence. This historical building was built in 1648. It is situated on the west bank of the river Yamuna. It is opposite the popular Chandni Chowk market in New Delhi. It is made of red stone.

Before the rebellion of 1857, Red Fort presented an altogether different image from what it is today. The reason is that only about ¼ of the striking structure has become accessible to tourists, while the remaining area of the Red Fort is being under the control of the Indian Army.

Write a Short Note on Red Fort

Importance of the Red Fort

As we are living in India, we must be familiar with the historical importance of each and every building or monument present in any city or state of India. So, coming to Red Fort, it is also a historical building. It is one of the several wonders located in New Delhi, India. The meaning of Red Fort is Young Always.

When it comes to the history of Red Fort, it is very impressive and interesting to learn. Even, today, it has a lot of significance. Every year on Independence Day in India, i.e. 15th August, the Prime Minister of India performs the ceremony of flag hoisting in India. Since 1947, every year, the Prime Minister of India has hoisted the national flag at this fort and sent out warm wishes to all citizens of the country to mark the occasion.

After the independence of India, the first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru celebrated the historic occasion through flag-hoisting above the Lahori Gate of this fort. Since then, it becomes a trend to hoist the flag on 15th august and remember the brave actions of freedom fighters.

With flag hoisting, The Prime Minister of India delivers a speech about its country, talking about the purpose and virtue of life. Red Fort is considered to be one of the greatest and most momentous historical buildings in India.

This is how it would be noteworthy to say that this historical building with its walls has shown the Mughal dynasty, and how India was imprisoned during British empowerment. And nowadays, it also shows the democracy in our government and country.

Its origin

Red Fort is made of red stone, named red sandstone only. It is a central part of the attraction due to its existence in central Delhi. It was placed where the Mughal kings lived for longer periods. This is the main reason why it has played an immense role in the importance of Indian history before and after independence.

Modern Indian history also speaks a lot about Red Fort. It was a superlative castle coated with valuable jewels but the Britishers robbed all those precious jewels when they were empowered over India. Previously, India was called the golden bird. But after the Britisher’s empowerment over India, we were only left with some things, they looted all the precious items.

Since Delhi was the capital of our country until the Britishers shifted it, this fort was considered to be the control place for the entire nation. As it has been built on the banks of Yamuna River, its walls have been made from 30 m high sandstone. It is assumed that this fort was built after 9 years of dedication and the hard work of many masons. They worked day and night during all seasons.

Its architecture

There is amazing architecture in Red Fort. This is how people all over the world are appreciating its beauty and creations of 5 centuries ago. The best part about its architecture is that it was made without any modern-day methodologies and technologies. Its architecture revolves around Mughal art. There is a Dewan-e-Am, which is known to be a courtroom for all.

Here, there was a meeting held by the kind to listen to the complaints of common men. It was built right beside the Fort of Islam Shah Suri, which is named Shalimar Fort. Shalimar Fort was built in 1546 and it was known as the fortified palace of Islam Shah Suri. Both these forts are united together through a water channel. These water channels are Nahr-i-Behisht and Stream of Paradise.

What does Red Fort comprise?

We can see many prominent structures within the fort. But almost 66% of the buildings within Red Fort were either badly damaged or broken, still, it has lots of historic structures, and some of them are known to be prominent. These are:

  • Khas Mahal: It is used as a private residence of the king. The Mahal was detached into 3 parts, including the sitting room, the chamber of telling beads, and the sleeping chamber. 
  • Mumtaz Mahal: It is located in the quarters of the women of the Red Fort. It was one of the 6 palaces, which all were made along the banks of Yamuna River and the Stream of Paradise. 
  • Rang Mahal: It is known as the Palace of Colors. It was made to accommodate the mistresses and wives of emperors. It was decorated with colorful, bright paints and with some prestigious decorations. 
  • Moti Masjid: It is meant by Pearl Mosque. Built by Aurangzeb for his personal purpose, it was also used by the inhabitants of the Zenana. It was made using white marbles and has 3 arches and 3 domes.

Other prominent structures are Hira Mahal, Hammam, etc. Every Indian citizen has love, affection, and respect for Red Fort. 

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