Essay on Ramayana in English

Essay On Ramayana In English, India is a religious country. Here, people read many spiritual books, which let them teach many lessons of life. Ramayana is one of the most popular and major epics of the Hindu religion in India. It is a holy book that helps us to know the teachings of life. It is believed that it was written by a well-known sage in India, named Valmiki. This holy epic book is kept in houses. People like to read it daily as it teaches us a lot of lessons. Reading Ramayana is like worshipping God.

essay on ramayana in english
essay on ramayana in english

Essay on Ramayana in English

Ramayana Essay in English

Ramayana deals with the story of ancient times. The story is about the life and ruler of the honest King Rama or Ramachandra of Ayodhya. At some point in time, the royal dynasty of Ayodhya suffered from a crisis. King Dasharatha, the father of Lord Rama, wanted to offer the crown to his son, Rama before going to the forest.

King Dasharatha had 3 queens named Kaushalya, Kaikeyi, and Sumitra. The name of the mother of Lord Rama was Kaushalya. Kaikeyi was the mother of Bharat while Sumitra had 2 sons named Laxmana and Shatrughan. According to the hereditary rule, Lord Rama was to inherit the crown as he was the eldest of all his brothers and at the same time, he was the son of the eldest queen as well. When the people of Ayodhya listened to this news, they became very happy.

But Lord Rama could not be the kind. There was a convict when Lord Rama was sent to the forest on expatriate. This thing occurred because of the wickedness of an old maid-servant known as Manthara. She was full of evil persuasion. This is how she convinced Kaikeyi to ask the king to meet her boons, which he had promised earlier.

Essay on My Favourite Book Ramayana in English

One of the boons was that Lord Rama must be exiled and another one was that the son of Kaikeyi must inherit the throne. King Dasharatha was bound by his promise, he had to grant these 2 boons. This is why he sent Lord Rama to the forest for 14 years. when this thing happened, Bharat was away.

Once he returned to the kingdom, he was amazed to hear this expansion in the palace. He did not accept the offer of becoming the king. But, he ruled the kingdom as a faithful representative of the real king Rama. Bharat placed the sandals of Lord Rama on the throne. Even though he put in hard efforts to call back his brother, Rama to Ayodhya, his efforts were in vain.

Lord Rama went to the forest with Sita and Laxmana, the younger brother. Lord Rama was in the forest of Panchabati when Sita, his wife was forcibly carried off by Ravana, the demon king of Lanka. Lord Rama had to struggle with Ravana to save his wife from the clutches of Ravana. He became friends with the monkey tribes of Kishkin and they offered help to him in the war against Ravana.

With their help and support, Lord Rama succeeded in building a dam across the ocean and led his army to Lanka. In the end, Mata Sita was rescued from Lanka. The king demon Ravana was killed. In this struggle, Lord Hanuman had supported Lord Rama.

Lord Hanuman was the compatriot of Lord Rama. Lord Hanuman loved both the Mata Sita and Lord Rama from the core of his heart. At the same time, the brother of Ravana, Bibhishana was a dedicated friend of Rama.

Short Essay on Ramayana in English

Bibhishana warned his brother, Ravana, to send back Mata Sita to Lord Rama unless he could be devastated. But Ravana did not agree with his brother’s advice and got killed by Lord Rama. After the death of Ravana, his brother Bibhishana turned out to be the king of Lanka.

Mata Sita was an honest and pure-hearted lady. But there were several minor rumors against her chastity. Lord Rama was the noblest king of Ayodhya, but he put Mata Sita into an ordeal. Mata Sita entered the fire and came out with purity and un-burnt.

The time again came, when Sita Mata was asked to leave the Ayodhya kingdom. At that time, there was clandestine criticism. She was left in the forest. But, the sage Valmiki looked after her in the forest. In the forest, Mata Sita gave birth to two princes, Luv and Kush. They were twins. Once they grew up, the sage Valmiki trained them by giving them military training.

10 Lines on Ramayana in English

At the same time, Valmiki also put in hard efforts to reunite the twins of Mata Sita with their father, Lord Rama. Valmiki succeeded in teaching them the lines of the Ramayana. Throughout the Aswamedha Yajna, Luv and Kush accompanied Valmiki and there, they sang the lines of the Ramayana.

That was the time when Lord Rama came to know about his two twin sons. This made Mata Sita and Lord Rama re-united. Mata Sita was a tragic character in the holy book of the Hindu religion, Ramayana. She again suffered from a lot of criticism. Her bad luck made her put to another ordeal for one more time.

But this time, she was not able to handle this criticism and prayed the Goddess Earth to accept her. This is how she disappeared into the Earth forever after accepting this offer of Mata Sita by the Goddess Earth. The Earth split to disappear Mata Sita for always.


In the end, we can say that Ramayana is a poetic record of the history of our ancestors. It also teaches us how our ancestors live. By reading Ramayana, we also come to know about the teachings of many Gods and Goddesses. It gives us lessons to become loving, dutiful, and respectful towards others.

We should make a habit of reading Ramayana because it gives us valuable teachings or lessons, which we can use in our daily lives. Through the teachings of Ramayana, one can become a good and honest person. So, start reading this epic book of Ramayana. We can buy it from any local store or online.

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