Essay On Park in English

Essay On Park in English A park is a very essential thing for a human being because it is a place where people come to feel relaxed, get fresh air, play with their friends and have a good time with our loved ones. Every human being on this earth has at least once visited a park. It is a part of childhood memories. Here we spend some relaxing time apart from homework, home, and work. In the park, you will see people of all group ages indulged in some type of activity.

In the morning you will see the elderly laughing with their laughter clubs, in the evening you will see children playing and shouting around. In the busy everyday environment, we come to the park for a few hours and have a little exercise and fresh air.

There are many exercise equipments placed in the parks in which children and adults both can play and exercise. There are rods, slides, swings, ladders where children enjoy and exercise to have refreshment from their busy everyday schedules of school and work.

essay on park in english
essay on park in english

Essay On Park in English

Park Essay in English

Park is the place where you will find greenery away from the concrete world we live in.  Here different types of flowers are planted; there are ornamental trees, swings for children. Some parks even have ponds and fountains in them. These are the major attractions of the park. 

In the parks, there are benches for the elderly and walking and cycling paths. There are both small and big size parks in the different localities. Some are even the attractions of that city. Parents come along with their children, couples and families all enjoy and gather lifelong memories in these beautiful parks.

Visit to Park Essay in English

People come to have a picnic in the parks; some come for fitness purposes, some just to relax and others to read their favorite books.  Parks are very important for people and for society. In the park, everyone feels healthy and happy. To eliminate stress in life we must develop habit of going to park for a simple park or full yoga time. 

It helps us stay healthy and young which is very important in today’s time. Here we feel close to Mother Nature, we can bird watch in the park, feed the fishes in the ponds or just walk barefoot on the grass. This way we can live a stress-free life.

Park is not just for fitness freaks, but here we meet our friends and loved ones. We laugh with them, have meals, and share many stories with each other. There are many societies where we can easily find parks. Parks are essential to make society look beautiful and healthy. 

It is unsafe for kids to play on the roads and this is also why societies must have parks. Tees in the parks also keep the environment healthy. Everyone loves to have a stroll in the park to remove all the stress of the day. 

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Just thirty minutes walk in the park everyday field us from many diseases. In the park, we find natural beauty which produces happy hormones. People today are busy with their smartphones and constantly stressing their minds with social media junk.

But people who spend time in nature are more happy and healthy. They also make the right decisions in their life and have a positive attitude towards life.

Here children develop their skills. Parks are full of children because this is their happy place where they meet their friends. Parks have merry-go-round, sea saw, slides, monkey ladder-like games for them. Here they run, scream and also fall sometimes.

From here they learn to fall and get up, they learn to fight for their friends, and many more important lessons. Parks are important for a strong image of society.  Here people meet and spend good times which keeps society altogether.

Parks are not just for humans, there are many localities where they have animal parks. This is going to be any animal lover’s heaven. Here you will find many dogs playing, running, chasing sparrows, and Frisbee all around. Some just love to park at each other. 

Here pet owners come with their pets which are mostly dogs; I have also seen birds and cats in the parks. Dog parks are a complete mind relaxant for those who go crazy for dogs. Parks are full of people, but still, you can enjoy a relaxing time here because of the happy activities going around. Everywhere you will see happy faces, active people, and greenery all around.

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People even love to read in the parks full of children running around and shouting at the top of their lungs. Today it is a must for a child to spend atlas one hour in the park. It is necessary for his growth and mental development.

Every parent must fulfill this responsibility or kids will lose their childhood to the screens. In the parks, kids make new friends and they also gain new experiences. Today even the government is encouraging the development of more and more parks in the societies so that there can be a happy environment.

Paragraph on Park

Parks are also a great place for the elderly to have their time apart from their homes. The elderly are mostly alone, but in parks, they find all groups of friends. In parks, they can exercise with their groups or have an evening stroll with their spouse. 

The elderly must get out every day or they can feel depressed and lose mobility due to old age. Some parks are totally dedicated to the elderly with activities specially designed for the older age groups.

Many countries encourage health by promoting more and more development of parks. Parks guess happy environments where we build friendship and health. It is a place of varied enjoyment for every type of person.

Here we only find happy faces having fun in their life. Without parks, life will be boring especially in busy cities. Parks are the need of everyone who is living in these’s and busy localities.  Parks are the lungs of society.

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