Essay On NCC in English

Essay On NCC in English, On this planet, we have many countries among them many are friends with each other and we also have enemies. Our countries have boundaries that need protection from all the enemies. War is not something new to humanity. If we see our history it is stained with the blood of war. Today we live in our countries peacefully because our forces are protecting boundaries.

India also has many enemies like terrorist threats and neighboring armies like Pakistan and China. These countries never lose a chance to threaten our country and for this, we have Indian soldiers on their duties protecting our motherland. 

essay on ncc in english
essay on ncc in english

Essay On NCC in English

NCC Essay in English

Indian soldiers have to deal with both outside and inside dangers. For India, it is important to have a strong army and to maintain everything heavy expenditures are required. To get through the defense issues without spending much there is a program that introduces N.C.C. which means the national cadet corps. 

It is basically a voluntary nonprofit organization that started on 15th July 1948. In this program young cadets participate and are guided by experienced staff. Students are prepared for the nation’s future.

Every student in his school days is aware of the N.C.C program and is also eager to be a part of it. Both males and females participate in the program to prove themselves as a soldier. Participants go through basic level military training where they learn that honesty, courage, leadership, and patriotism are above everything.

Participants go through different types of training where they learn to handle weapons. They are trained to be mentally and physically tough to survive even in the hardest environment. This program is for youth from 13-to 26 and is available in schools and colleges of India.

Students are selected according to their aptitude levels for the army, air, and naval forces. Students get to avail many benefits and I also have decided to participate in the NCC next year. It is an honor to be a part of the Indian forces and NCC helps build the foundation of an Indian soldier.

Here a character is built which is fit to deal with the enemies on the Indian boundaries. Students also get jobs easily if he/she is NCC holders. The training is absolutely free which means free traveling, food, accommodation, etc. the major general of India holds the authority of the entire organization.

Students learn from military personnel while their training. Here a soldier is prepared for future threats. India never starts a war, and never backs out when there is one in front of them. India is having a rich history of winning many wars with other countries, and keeping their enemies in their place. 

Importance of NCC

Every country needs to have the best defense system because the era we live in is the era of weapons and war. There are many countries that are training to disturb the peace of our country. Military forces need to be expanded and for this, we need more and more young cadets.

NCC was built to give a strong foundation to the Indian army and it is successfully doing its job since the year it started. In the case of war, such training can raise public morale. Students also get to enjoy many perks out of this program.

They build great character and learn discipline while their training. It helps build youth that is full of patriotism, self-sacrifice, and bravery. When the youth of any country is strong every enemy is threatened with such power. Every student must go through NCC training no matter they wish to pursue it further or not. It teaches self-defense and beat challenges without fear.

Students can participate in the camps organized in Delhi. Youth from all over India comes to Delhi to participate in the camps and make friends from other parts of their nation. Students live together, eat together, and share talents and experiences.

Every visit to these camps from national leaders to high-ranked military personnel boosted the morale of the cadets. Here cadets are always full of enthusiasm and energy. The camps are full of young people showing their dedication, talents, and love for their country. From here they step into a new life and gain many great experiences.

About NCC in English

NCC is one of the best programs in India especially for youth where they are trained to become the best citizens. No other country can afford to have a permanent and huge army, but India can if every student participates in the NCC program at least once in their college and school life.

If every citizen will go through such training in their young days they will always be prepared for any war with any country. They will be able to take charge of the weapons to save their families, neighborhood, and even societies along with each other. Such training can give India a second line of defense if every house has one NCC cadet.

Today NCC is a volunteer program and goes through adventurous training. There is not just harsh training involved but students get to enjoy activities such as trekking, mountaineering, parasailing, rock climbing, and many others.

These trainings are not only making them sportive and courageous but also make them learn to live in harsh environments. They can easily test their limits through such adventures and expand them even better. 

There is educational training also included where students learn about the armed forces of India, go through drills, introduction to weapons, and also have to pass a certification examination.

Students who pass this examination are ready to join the armed forces of India.  All those students who dream to be a part of the air force, navy, and Indian army go through this training and develop skills to become a soldier.

NCC is an idea of creating another army that can help train soldiers in case of a shortage of army. NCC cadets are also the backup defense system of India. India needs young soldiers and the NCC program best builds the roots of Indian forces.

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