Essay On Myna Bird in English

Mynah Bird: Important Facts About This Bird!

Essay On Myna Bird in English Birds are beautiful living creatures on the earth planet. Some people love to have birds as pets at home. There is a huge variety of birds all over the world with different species, colors, features, and much more. Today, we are going to talk about the Mynah bird, which is the best imitator on the planet. These birds are capable of rivaling parrots when it comes to speaking ability.

These are stocky birds, which are native to Asia. But we can find these birds in different species throughout the world because people have these birds as pets.

essay on myna bird in english
essay on myna bird in english

Essay On Myna Bird in English

Few Lines on Myna Bird

Wild distribution

Talking about its distribution in the wildlife, the Mynah bird is native to Pakistan, India, Myanmar, and a number of other Asian countries. These birds are known for combating agricultural pests. This is the main reason why these birds were introduced to the Canada, Pacific Islands, South Africa, and other countries.

As an outcome of its introduction and adaptability throughout the whole world, these birds are considered an extensive and expansive existence in the entire world. In 2013, these birds were considered the top 100 most aggressive species in the world by the Global Invasive Species Database.

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Common Mynah Bird

It is a species belonging to the starling family. It originates from South, Central, and Southeast Asia. It was deliberately introduced to Australia and New Zealand to eliminate several species of pest insects. Unluckily, this bird soon adapted to the new atmosphere and turned out to be one of the most notorious pets in Australia.

The Mynah bird has its inhabitance in open fields, shrubby woodlands, grasslands, and floodplains in the wild. We can find this bird in different urban areas, where it inhabits gardens, parks, and areas packed with garbage.

Characteristics of the Mynah bird

These birds have lovely features. Such birds are small and stocky birds. They have usually weighed between three and five pounds. They have black-colored heads, brown wings, and bodies.

In addition, the Mynah bird has a bright yellow-orange bill, skin around the eyes, and feet. The underside of the wings is equipped with patches, which are in white color. These patches are only visible when they are in fly mode.

These birds mate for life. Even though, a bird who has lost his/her mate will look for a new partner instantly. Both male and female Mynah birds will destructively battle to defend their nests.

Even though, the female Mynah bird is the major nester when the eggs are laid. Both parents are responsible to feed the hatchlings until they leave the nest, generally within a month of hatching.

What does the Mynah bird eat for survival?

Myna Bird Food These birds belong to the omnivorous category. They can eat a different range of vegetables and fruits. At the same time, they can also eat a number of small agricultural pests.

During the winter season, when there is a shortage of insects, the Mynah bird can be seen hunting through refuse and consuming insects along the road. They are considered opportunistic eaters.

These birds will help themselves to domestic food or even smaller inexperienced birds.

Due to their omnivorous eating habits, these birds have been hosted in many countries in different parts of the world to eliminate agricultural pests.

Species of the Mynah bird

There is a different variety of Mynah species found in different regions. There are:

  • Jungle and hill Mynahs: Yellow-Faced Mynah, Golden Mynah, Helmeted Mynah, Bare-Eyed Mynah, Apo Mynah, Long-Tailed Mynah, Golden-Crested Mynah, Sri Lanka Hill Mynah, Nias Hill Mynah, Fiery-Browed Mynah, Common Hill Mynah, etc.
  • Gracupica Mynahs: Indian Pied Mynah, Javan Pied Mynah, and Siamese pied Mynah.
  • True Mynahs: Bank Mynah, Crested Mynah, Jungle Mynah, Pale-bellied Mynah, Collared Mynah, Bali Mynah, Javan Mynah, and Great Mynah.

The vocals of Mynah birds

The best thing about the Mynah bird is that they are renowned for their excessive chatter. They can mimic a different range of voices and noises. Another interesting thing about this bird is that it also develops extensive vocabulary.

They often sound more like humans as compared to other talking birds. Compared with large colonies in the wildlife, the vocals of these birds can be quite loud and often express in unison, which is known as the communal noise.

Mynah birds as pets

These birds are known to be very active and vocalized. This is the main reason why they are a perfect choice for family companions. Before considering this bird as a pet, owners who want to take this bird as a pet must consider a number of things.

These birds have a huge requirement of space and attention. As compared to other birds, these birds do not know how to climb. This is why a cage needs to be big enough to let this bird fly or hop from one pole to another.

We already know that these birds tend to mate for life. This is why it is important to get a pair for this bird, which will give birth to chicks. For mating and reproducing chicks, potential owners need to provide them with a conducive environment so that reproduction can take place.

Both adult male and female Mynah birds have similarities, they look alike. If we need to tell the difference between a male and a female Mynah bird, then we need to perform a DNA test by visiting an avian vet.

Mynah birds are more susceptible to hemochromatosis. This disease is a condition where the liver gathers too much iron, which results in higher toxic levels in their bodies. This is why these birds must be given the right diet and kept in a relatable environment.

Apart from that, if we have a Mynah bird as a pet at home, then we need to take it to regular checkups at a veterinary care center to maintain its health and well-being. If we take care of the Mynah birds by providing the right veterinary care and nutrition, then these birds can live up to more than 25 years.

Last but not least, Mynah bird is a lovely creature to have.

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