Essay on My Hobby Dancing in English

Essay on My Hobby Dancing in English, Even in the life of students, there are many challenges. Even the kids have to face stress. Today there is competition everywhere and to beat those lots of preparation is required. Out of all this stress, we all have some sort of hobby. Hobbies are good as they not only provide fun but are also instant stress relievers. I have a hobby too and my hobby is dancing. To get rid of boredom I dance.

Sometimes I dance alone and other times with my friends, grandparents and my parents.  It is hard to find a person who doesn’t like dancing. Dancing is the best exercise for the mind, body, and soul. Some rhythms are so good that it gets hard to control.

essay on my hobby dancing
essay on my hobby dancing

Essay on My Hobby Dancing in English

My Hobby Dance Essay in English

Every culture has a dance and in India, we have 30 folk dances. Dance brings very where together and every dance form is so beautiful. Thankfully we have dance competitions and dance parties at school. I always participate in all the dance functions. I have also won prizes and in my free time, I learn to dance on YouTube. Dance is all about emotions and this is what an artist should have.

Dance is also a healthy exercise. It can refresh you within seconds. Every morning when I get up I play music and dance for 15 minutes.  I keep on dancing while putting o clothes, bathing while doing my everyday morning chores. This keeps me energetic all day. It is hard to imagine even a day without dancing for more. I know different dance forms and they all are entertaining and enjoyable fully.

Dancing involves different movements. We can even dance with our fingers. Today there are many dance shows on TV and even little kids have great skills in dancing. Dancing is done for entertainment and it helps build stamina. It teaches us attitude, discipline, entertainment, and new things.  A true dance lover knows that dancing is an adventure. 

Every teenager finds dancing great and has this hobby in their lives. Dance is not confined to any dance group. Dance can be performed in groups, solo, and in couples. There are professional dancers who are called a choreographer. For dance music is important and it is another great hobby to have. Those who love music love to dance. It is a natural relationship between music and dancing. There are different dance forms such as

Freestyle and electro dance

Tap dance, jazz, and ballet

Classical folk dances like Punjabi, Kathak, Manipuri, and many others

Bollywood dance and hip hop

Paragraph on My Hobby Dancing

Dancing gives us inspiration and it is part of human culture since the beginning. There were few dances in the ancient period, today we have many and this is amazing.  I love contemporary dance because this dance is similar to yoga. It helps in making me a great connection with the dance. This form is totally relieving.  This type of dancing is done barefoot.

I also love tap dancing but I am still learning. It is a little bit difficult for me.  I wish to learn tap dance soon. There are specially designed shoes which we have to wear to perform tap dancing. There is a metal plate beneath that produces sound and this is why it is called tap dancing.

I also love hip hop and it gives the feeling of freedom to the dancer. Hip hop is a cultural dance and today it has given birth to the crumping, locking, and pooping which are the modern forms of hip-hop dance.  We should all have a hobby as it can help us utilize our free time in a useful manner. It helps in making lifestyle as well as health better. All those who dance every day have a great physical appearance.

They are also active and full of energy. It keeps all your muscles strong and toned. Today the world is full of things that are not good for health. The world is full of stress and everyone is running. We hardly get purity in our food. Air is full of pollution and there are people going after money.

In all these scenarios we must do everything to keep our bodies healthy. There is no other better way than dancing to achieve this goal. This is why I love dancing so much. Everyone in my family encourages me to dance. They know how much I love dancing.

Essay on Dancing My Hobby

Dancing includes hand movement, leg movement, and foot movement and we also have to give facial expressions. All this combined gives a healthy mind and body. Those who dance get peaceful and healthy sleep. I have a habit of getting up early and instead of exercising, I go dancing. I also have a flexible body.

Those who struggle with weight issues must adopt dancing as their hobby. Dancers always look confident because dancing helps them build that confidence. We get aware of our body and stretching it to its limit helps us know it better.  Dancing also gives us the inspiration to do hard work.

I love dancing with my friends and we also have a dancing group called Dancing Jades and we have a green color dancing dress.  Every time in functions we have to perform. Even our teachers encourage us to dance and perform in TV shows someday. Our group has also won many dance competitions held with other schools. I wish to perform on a big stage one day. I also know that it requires lots of hard work to reach my goal. 

Always take out time for dancing because I want to convert my hobby into a profession. My parents also keep on guiding me and they also take me to dance shows performed in our city. It helps me learn more. I also have friends who are older than me and love to dance.

They are impressed with my dancing skills and we all dance together. Every weekend I meet my dance group and we all enjoy ourselves together. Soon I will be joking a dancing class where I wish to learn more dance forms. I love dancing.

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