Essay on Mumbai City

Essay on Mumbai City, India has twenty-eight states and each of them is different from another. They have their own language, culture, and cuisine. One state of India is Mumbai which is the most beautiful city in India. It is said that Mumbai is the city of dreams. Here everyone can build a career because in this city you will find many opportunities. Mumbai is the city where you will find the entire Bollywood and hence named Film City. 

Many youngsters from all over India wish to come to this city to fulfill their dreams. Many have also achieved their dreams. Mumbai was once called Bombay and it is the capital city of the state of Maharashtra.

essay on mumbai city
essay on mumbai city

Essay on Mumbai City

My Favourite City Mumbai Essay in English

Mumbai is located on seven islands and it is home to fishing colonies. Many indigenous kingdoms ruled the lands of Mumbai in ancient times.  Hawaiian used to rule these lands after which the Portuguese also visited it and then here British India Company was also established.  In the 18th century, Bombay was a significant town for trading.

Mumbai is a coastal city and is located on the western coast of India. Mumbai enjoys a moderate climate because it is situated near the ocean. The entire year people enjoy a pleasant climate. There is neither too hot nor too cold here. Even in the summertime when north India is facing severe heat Mumbai has a pleasant climate. 

People also find relaxing to stroll near the beaches. The beaches of Mumbai are always crowded as they are the favorite places to enjoy in Mumbai.  Juhu beach is the most popular and crowded beach in Mumbai.

In Mumbai, you will find everything huge and big beautiful skyscrapers and the biggest slum in India is also in the city. Mumbai is the largest city in India and it is both the entertainment and financial capital of India. It is a city with many factories and industries.

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Here you will find a very type of life and earning opportunities. The gateway of India is one monument that every tourist must see because it is the symbol of Mumbai. In Mumbai, people speak the Marathi language and the kabaddi is the state sport. The people of Mumbai are very active. Mumbai never sleeps and this is why we see people everywhere both day and night. 

In India, there are many tourists places. It is also the city where we find the most iconic hotel The Taj. There is also Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus and now we also have one of the best airports in Mumbai. Mumbai is a very busy city and even at night hustle bustle can be seen. This city hardly ever stops. The people of Mumbai are also very busy.

They have to travel on local trains every day to reach their office and workplaces. The Mumbai local train network is also the biggest in the whole of India. Thousands of people of all age groups come to this city to fulfill their dreams.

Mumbai is situated near the ocean which means many beaches to visit. There are many celebrities who live near the bank of the ocean. There is a huge network of fishermen as well. The city life is very busy. It has airports, harbors, busy railway stations, and high-traffic roads. But still, people can enjoy mental peace as there are many peaceful tourists spots in Mumbai.

To enjoy harmony and peace one can visit Hajji Ali dargah the most popular mosque in the city. Everyone can feel a soothing experience by visiting this dargah. The surroundings of this place are filled with the feeling of nature. Tourists enjoy the fresh natural breeze all around the premises of the dargah. 

People from all over India and even from foreign visit the hajji Ali dargah. It is a holy place to all the locals of the state. It is a symbol of spirituality. There are many other nature parks and small towns to visit in Mumbai.

My Favourite Place Mumbai Essay

Mumbai is also popular for high-end malls and street markets. There is Colaba, hill road, and huge malls in Mumbai. Foodies find this place heaven as every street is filled with different types of street foods. Vada pav, falooda, coconut water, and sev puri are popular here. There are many streets which are popular for their food.

These streets are the priority of the tourists to visit and taste the mouth-watering street food of Mumbai. Popular places to visit in Mumbai are Marve, Juhu beach, Gateway of India, Marine Drive, and Chowpatty.

The deeba wala of the Mumbai are also very popular. They are the heroes of Mumbai. Because of them, people who have busy schedules get to eat homemade food. The deeba wala network of Mumbai is very strong and present for decades now. They are both old and young people working together to keep running the debba supply in Mumbai.

They travel miles to reach the lunches on time.  Their accuracy and way of working are so unique that their skills are inspirational to everyone. They have also been given rewards by the Indian government. They are so efficient and punctual that they have even gained international attention and made headlines in many national and international newspapers.

My Dream City Mumbai Essay in English

Everything about Mumbai city is like a dream. It is highly populated still people wish to come here.  Everything is running all the time. From the stock market to huge fishing colonies. From celebrities to slums Mumbai is having everything. Mumbai is among the popular destinations in India. 

Foreigners love to visit Mumbai because of its culture, never sleeping nightlife, delicious foods, beaches, and much more. Mumbai offers enjoyment, entertainment, and employment to the people of the nation. This city is having an abundance of opportunities for those who are wishing for a successful career.

On the other hand, it has everything for the poor as well as riches. This city is having 5-star hotels, beaches, historical monuments, libraries, universities, and everything else that a human needs to spend a great life. Mumbai is proud of India.

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