Essay on Muharram in English

Essay On Muharram In English, Every religion has its own beliefs and customs. At the same time, all religions in India celebrate their festivals in different ways. There is one festival that belongs to the Muslim community. Its name is Muharram. This festival marks the first month of the Islamic calendar. This is the first day of the Islamic calendar and this is why Muslims celebrate it as the Islamic New Year. On this day, there is a very holy celebration across India and other parts of the world where Muslims live.

Although it signifies the first Islamic month, the 10th day of Muharram is also known for having a period of grief, in which the Shia Muslim community remembers the martyrdom of Imam Hussein. Imam Hussein was the grandson of Prophet Muhammad and the son of Hazrat Ali.

It is also important to know that the Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar and has 11 to 12 days short as compared to the solar calendar or the Gregorian calendar, which are used in most western countries. As this day appears like a festival for the Muslim community.

They embrace each other on this holy day of the festival to depict the first month of the year. They feel sad on this day for the sacrifice of their Lord. In this post, we are going to talk about the history, story, and importance of Muharram. Let’s read it thoroughly:

essay on muharram in english
essay on muharram in english

Essay on Muharram in English

Essay on Muharram Ul Haram in English

Know the story of Muharram

On the day of Ashura, Imam Hussein, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, and his little son, were hardheartedly killed by an oppressive and cruel ruler in the battle of Karbala, some 14 centuries ago. Although Imam Hussein was assassinated in the battle, he has succeeded in spreading his message of justice, kindness, and equality. People live with this message who love him. It was his real victory. His motive of spreading the message has got successful.

What is the real story of Muharram?

When it comes to the real story of Muharram, behind the mourning, it is one of the tragic ones. It was the 10th day of Muharram, which is also called Ashura, the 61st year of the Islamic calendar came. On that day, the fierce Battle of Karbala occurred. This battle struggled between a small group of relatives and supporters of Imam Hussein, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, and the Umayyad Caliph, a much huge military of Yazid I.

The humble army of Imman Hussein consisted only his friends, as well as his family, which also included young children and women. However, they were covered by an enemy army, which was thousand in number.

The army was heavily armed and this is how they got success in capturing Hussein along with his group. They deprived them of food and water in the desert heat for 3 successive days. The cruel militaries brutally killed him along with his 6 years old son. Armies took the women along with them in the form of captives.

This story is very emotional as it involves the sacrifice of their Lord by Muslims. The Muslim community honors the sacrifice of the guiltless lives by having a mourning period when the month of Muharram comes.

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Know the importance of Muharram

The whole month of Muharram is completely holy for the community of Muslims. Shia Muslims grieve the death of Imam Hussein along with his family on this black day that is related to sorrows. They respect their martyr and pray in abundance. On this day of sorrow, the Muslim community refrains from all blissful events.

The period of mourning begins on the first day of Muharram and ends on the 10h day, until when the death day of Imman Hussein comes. The Muslim community mourns by wearing black clothes. They also observe abstinence, fasting, etc. On the 10th day of Ashura, they break their fast.

Conventionally, some Muslims even break their fast only after afternoon or zawal after paying respect to their lord. In the afternoon, they beat themselves with chains in public. They do cut themselves with sharp objects and knives.

They hold sorrowful public processions. This sorrowful adherence is a sign of their grief, which they feel because of the death of their leader Imam Hussein. Imam Hussein was also considered to be demonstrative of Allah. However, most people in the Muslim community mourn in a more non-violent way. On this day, they hold sad processions and chant ‘Ya Hussein’ as well as screech loudly.

The tenth day of Muharram also let people remember the day when Allah saved the offspring of Israel who belonged to Pharaoh.  When the grandfather of Imam Hussein came across the individuals of Madina in 622 CE, he came to know from the Jews that they kept fasting on this day.

This is because, on this day, Allah saved the offspring of Israel from their enemy. The Prophet Musa also kept fasting on this day as an expression of gratitude to Allah. From that time, Muhammad also wished his followers to keep fasting for 2 days on the day of Ashura and before one day from the Ashura.

According to the Islamic belief, the Prophet Muhammad was needed to ask all the Muslims to keep fast in these 11 days. In different parts of the globe, this day is celebrated as a holy day among Muslims. Some of the Muslim people prepare sweet rice and then share it with their loved ones, including family, friends, etc. drinking posts are organized temporarily by the Shia community in some parts of the world, where juices and water are served free of cost.

From the Muharram word, it means prohibited or banned. As per the Muslims, they believed that in the month of Muharram, Allah forgive the warfare. We can call it the 10th day of Muharram, the Day of Ashura. This day is a holy day for Muslims.

The Muslim community takes this opportunity to recollect the unhappiest part of their history. The day of Muharram is considered to be the festival of bereavement which involves many formalities in different communities of Muslim.

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