Essay On Market Scene in English

Essay On Market Scene in English, Shopping is a favorite activity among human beings. This activity is being taken up by individuals many times. It is not only about buying important stuff but there is much more than that. Shoppers used to engage themselves in social activities so that they can get entertained themselves. This is why shopping areas are overcrowded with people every day.

But the main thing is that shopping areas must offer a social environment by providing a comfortable meeting place for the shoppers and there is none other than the market. In this essay, we are going to talk about the market, which is always the busiest place.

essay on market
essay on market

Essay On Market Scene in English

Market Essay In English

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A market is a place that always stays busy. In the market, people visit for buying articles according to their needs and preferences. Every person has different needs and requirements on a daily basis. Some want to go shop for clothing, others may need apparel of any kind. While on the other hand, some people go to the market to buy daily-needs items like fruits, vegetables, groceries, medicines, dairy products, and the list never ends.

A market appears to be a center of attraction for both sellers and buyers. There is no match of a market with any other thing. There is not any other place in the area, which has so much brisk business as it.

In the market, there are many shops belonging to different categories like clothes (traditional clothing, modern wear), shoes, makeup, accessories, and many others. There may be a different market for different categories of items. Like, if you want to buy groceries, fruits, or vegetables, you may have to visit another market.

10 Lines About Market in English

In a particular city, there may be a huge number of markets according to the locality you live in. these days, it is the trend of having a market in a particular society as the developments are going on.

We can see always a big crowd there. A market has a huge variety of big and small shops, which are all decorated in a beautiful way. Big shops look more engaging and attractive. Some people visit the market for buying items while others may want to sell their items.

It means they come for marketing purposes. Businessmen come to the market for buying or selling their items. The best thing is that we can see hustle and bustle every time in the market, which looks very beautiful.

We can observe the market is always crowded with camels, donkeys, horses, and carts, which come loaded with the produce of the season. When any person visits a market, they find the hawkers shouting loudly for selling their goods. They used to attract people by different names. It is important to know that not all items have fixed prices.

This is why hawkers shout loudly and mention the lowest rates of items as compared to their competitors in the market. Generally, hawkers sing songs in praise of their items. The reason is that they are facing hard competition as there are several other hawkers selling the same product.

As mentioned above, the prices of the products are not fixed, the buyers, as well as hawkers, do bargain. It is very satisfying to see such people who actually feel satisfied after buying an item at a minimum price from the shopkeepers or hawkers. When we visit the market in the evening time, we can see a peak at that time.

There is not even a single shop where a huge crowd is not seen. The reason is that every person seems to be in hurry. Every shop shines brightly at night because they are decorated with lights. When there is a festival season, every shop does great business whether it is cloth shops, ready-made garment shops for kids, men, and women, or any other shop belonging to the eatery.

Sometimes, we see many restaurants and hotels in the market. These places are also crowded with people as they are fond of eating junk foods. Some people are observed with plates of chat, while others are enjoying gol gappas.

A Visit To a Market Essay

In all the surroundings of the market, there are flavors of all types. It is one of the wonderful places to be visited any time of the day. When we are getting bored, if we go to the market, we can easily get rid of aloneness and boredom without any mess.

But due to the huge crowd in the market, it is not easy to drive a vehicle in the marketplace. In cities, there are old markets with tiny and thin streets. On these streets, we cannot go in a vehicle. All we need to go there on foot. We can park our vehicles outside the market. Nowadays, everything is advancing. The same is happening with the market as well. Old shops are getting converted into modern ones, where we can buy items in today’s world.

Especially during the time of festivals, there is a huge rush everywhere in the market. This is why it is not easy to walk even in the market during these peak times of the year. The situation becomes worse on the occasions of festivals like Holi, Dussehra, and Diwali. It looks like all the people of the country are on the streets or roads.

Essay on Market Scene in English

There is great hustle and bustle. We can also see vendors carrying different kinds of articles for sale on the roads. They are roaming here and there so that their items can be sold and they can earn some money. They create great problems for people as sometimes, they carry out the traffic at a halt, which results in loud horns from people visiting the market.

In the end, we can say that market is a place where we can observe life in different kinds of colors with entertainment and enthusiasm. One can obtain valuable and memorable experiences also by visiting any market near their places and purchasing different kinds of items or commodities for different purposes. When I visit the market, I always try to enjoy the fullest.

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