Essay on Kabir Das in English

Essay On Kabir Das In English, India is a land of many saints and gurus, who taught us their teachings. One of the most well-known Sant on the land of India was Kabir Das. He was a spiritual poet. He was the only person, who was responsible for the development of the Bhakti movement in the Hindu religion. Islam and Sikh community also respect him a lot. The most interesting thing about Kabir Das is that he had been acclaimed by both Muslim and Hindu communities on different religious beliefs. However, it is also said that he was fond of both religions. This is why he used to wear sacred threads belonging to both communities.

essay on kabir das in english
essay on kabir das in english

Essay on Kabir Das in English

Write a Short Note on Kabir

Kabir Das was born in 1440 in Varanasi, Jaunpur. He was an iconoclastic poet-saint in India by different religions like Hindus, Sikhs, and Muslims. The birth of Saint Kabir Das remains covered in legend and mystery.

One tradition says that he was born in 1398 which would have made him 120 years old when he died. There is no evidence about his parents. According to one legend, it is said that his mother belonged to Brahmins who got pregnant when she visited a Hindu shrine.

As she was unwed, she left Kabir Das, who was adopted by a Muslim weaver. This is how his early life started as a Muslim. At some places, it is said that he was later strongly affected by Ramananda, a Hindu ascetic.

There are different opinions, multiple legends, and contrasting facts about the life of Kabir Das. According to some sources, it is said that his life was related to Bijak and Adi Granth while others are Dabistan-i-Tawarikh by Mohsin Fani, Nabhaji by Bhakta Mal, and Khajinat al-Asafiya.

When people started doubting and questioning a Muslim weaver, Nima about the kid, the newly born amazingly proclaimed in a strong voice, “I was not born of a woman but manifested as a boy…I have neither bones, nor blood, nor skin. I reveal to men the Shabda (Word). I am the highest being…”

We can see many similarities between the story of Kabir Das and biblical legends. We cannot question the veracity of these legends, as it would be a futile task. We need to find the idea of legends. Myths and fantasies are not features of ordinary life.

The luck of the normal man is oblivion. Supernatural acts and flowery legends are linked to extraordinary lives. Different legends have revealed that he was an astonishing human being. This is why he was known to be an important person.

Information About Kabir Das in English

The standard of the times Kabir Das was living in, he was an unusual name. His name was given to him by a Qazi, who opened the Qur’an many times to get an ideal name for him. It was a strange thing to know that each time Qazi was ended up on Kabir, which comes from Arabic and means ‘Great.’ And this word is being used for none other than the God, Allah himself.

Kabira tu hi kabiru tu tore naam Kabir

Ram ratan tab paiye jad pahile tajahi sarir

Thou art great, you are the same, your name is Kabir

The jewel Ram is found only when bodily attachment is renounced.

There were many poems developed by him. In some of his poems, he calls himself a kori and julaha, which means weaver and is related to a lower caste. Kabir Das did not link himself completely to either Muslims or Hindus. He wrote that,

Jogi gorakh gorakh karai, Hind ram na uccharai

Musalman kahe ek khudai, kabira ko swami ghat ghat rahiyo samai.

He did not undergo any formal education. Even, he did not get training to become a weaver. While his poems flourish with weaving descriptions, he was not deeply interested in this profession. The reason is that he was on a spiritual journey because he wanted to know the truth, which we can clearly see in his poetry.

Tanana bunana Sabhu tajyo hai Kabir

Hari ka naam likhi liyo sarir

Kabir has renounced all spinning and weaving

The name of Hari is imprinted all over his body.

He did not accept any distinctions based on caste and religion. There is one story related to him. One day when several Brahmin men were having a holy dip in the Ganges, the holy river of the Hindus to expiate their sins, he filled his cup with its water and offered it to the men for drinking.

The men were quite affronted at being offered water from such a lower caste person. When they confronted me, he replied that if the Ganges water is unable to purify my cup, then how I can believe that this water can wash away my sins.

This is not only the single story about him, there were several. Not only caste, he spoke against idol worshipping. At the same time, he also criticized both Muslims and Hindus for their rituals, customs, and rites, which he thought were useless. He believed that we can achieve God only when we do devotion.

Different ideas emerged in his different poetries. No one can separate his spiritual experience from his poems. But it is important to know that he was not an aware poet. In his poems, the ecstasy and agony he conveyed were taken from his spiritual quest. He is a usual poet by all means. When Sanskrit and Persian were the predominant languages of North India, he selected to write in regional and colloquial language. Not only one, but the poetry of Kabir Das is also a combination of Khari Boli, Hindu, Punjabi, Urdu, Bhojpuri, Persian, and Marwari.

The teachings of Kabir Das have affected a lot of groups and individuals in a spiritual manner. Guru Nanak Ji, who was the Dadu of Ahmedabad founded the Dadu Panth and Jiwan Das who began the Satnami Sect are several of those who quote him in their spiritual teachings and guidance. The huge group of followers follow the path of Kabir and consider him a guru, who guides them towards salvation.

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