Essay on Indian Festivals in English

Essay on Indian Festivals in English, Festivals are an important part of Indian people’s lives. India is a country, which is known for its festivals and fairs. As there are different religions in India, similarly there are people of different religions living in the country. This is why different types of festivals are being celebrated in the country every year. Different festivals come in different months and seasons of the year. By exploring the festivals of India, one can capture the tradition and culture of India to the best level.

The best part about festivals in India is that these festivals are marked by music, dance, sweets, etc. which is what people enjoy a lot. By enjoying with families and friends at festivals, people have a chance to get some memories to recall in the future days. All kinds of festivals in India are celebrated with happiness and enthusiasm.

When any festival comes, it comes with many desires among people of different ages. These festivals tend to develop a colorful and brighter environment everywhere. Here, in this essay, we are going to discuss Indian festivals in detail:

essay on indian festivals in english
essay on indian festivals in english

Essay on Indian Festivals in English

Festivals of India Essay

Types of festivals in India 

It is a well-known fact that India is known for its traditional and cultural festivals in different parts of the world. The major thing to know is that India is a secular country, meaning that there is a great diversity in cultures, languages, religions, and castes in different parts of the country. Due to varieties of religions and cultures, every month some festival celebration takes place in a particular part of the country.

We can divide the festivals of India into different categories. Some festivals have religious importance according to different kinds of seasons. While on the other hand, some have national significance. People in India celebrate each and every festival with happiness and excitement. There are unique ways to celebrate festivals in India. Every religion has its own tradition and culture to celebrate any festival.

Based on the different rituals and beliefs, different festivals in India have a different or unique way of celebration. All festivals are connected with their own history, importance, and legend of celebration. Festivals are helpful to carry out love, bonding, happiness, and exchange of traditions between different cultures among people.

India Festival Essay

Religious festivals 

The first and foremost category of Indian festivals is religious festivals. There are different varieties of religious festivals celebrated in different areas of the country. Different communities come together to celebrate different religious festivals as a whole. These festivals include Raksha Bandhan, Diwali, Id-ul-Zuha, Id-ul-Fitr, Dussehra, Ganesh Chaturthi, Christmas, and many others.

These festivals are accompanied by several religious traditions and rituals of one kind. There are two important aspects of religious or traditional festivals, which are composite culture and worship. People do worshipping different gods and goddesses at different traditional festivals based on some specific religious norms.

While on the other hand, composite culture means that different members of a community can get a chance to participate in and celebrate any kind of religious festival. Hence, these traditional festivals in India are a representation of unity. When these religious festivals are celebrated, it encourages social bonding and love between people. Religious festivals are celebrated at a regional level.

National festivals

When it comes to national festivals, these are celebrated at a national level. Festivals play an important part in the cultural life of Indian people. National festivals are celebrated by people as one nation across the country. The names of national festivals include Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti, and Republic Day.

These festivals are those, which can fill the Indian people with great pride. These festivals remind us of many freedom fighters who have sacrificed their lives for the independence of the country from British rule.

When any national festival comes, the entire nation gets united together and prefers celebrating it with the spirit of unity, nationalism, and patriotism. On these special days of national festivals, we can see pride and togetherness everywhere in the country.

Seasonal festivals 

Now, another category of Indian festivals is seasonal festivals. We can see many seasonal festivals in India. These festivals are a symbol of change in the season every year and symbolize the harvesting seasons.

There are 2 harvesting seasons in India, which are Rabi (which comes in the month of March and April) and Kharif (which comes in the month of August and October). During these harvesting seasons, different festivals come and people enjoy harvesting different crops.

Spring is one of the other periods of seasonal festivals in India. There is also a harvesting festival in Punjab, which is named Lohri. Other seasonal festivals in India are Bihu, Pongal, and Onam. These festivals mark the harvesting of different paddy crops. Side by side, Baisakhi and Holi are some other festivals belonging to the seasonal festival category.

These festivals mark the harvesting of new Rabi crops in India. Holi and Baisakhi are festivals, which are used to represent the arrival of wealth and joy to the lives of farmers.

It is all about a wide range of festivals celebrated in India. Different religions like Muslim, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikh, Christianity, etc. celebrate a variety of different festivals according to their traditions and cultures.

Final verdict 

It is a well-known saying that ‘Greatness of a culture can be discovered in its festivals.’ And the best thing is that India has proved it in the form of different festivals, which are celebrated with full happiness and excitement across the nation. Every person feels a sense of togetherness and unity while celebrating any festival in India. Festivals strengthen the bond of love and togetherness between people of different communities.

This is why India, a democratic and secular nation, is considered a country of unity in cultural diversity. Different festivals give a variety of lessons to people. They teach us how to combat falsehood and evil. They also help us to develop the truth. People celebrate different festivals, which are marked by hope, fervor, and prayers for a better and happy future.

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