Essay On Indian Army in English

Essay On Indian Army in English, The army is an integral part of any country because in the army we find heroes who are afraid of nothing. I am also proud of my Indian army and I wish to join it one day. Our army makes the best defense system and protects their citizen. Our army has to go through very hard training and have to perform their duties on boundaries day and night. We cannot even feel any closer to the sacrifices they make for our country.

They live far away from their homes; they go through intense conditions and also die for the country.  We have three armies in our country air force, navy, and army. On 26th January we can get a glimpse of our Indian army proper uniforms, their vehicles, animals and know the names of their battalion.

essay on indian army
essay on indian army

Essay On Indian Army in English

Indian Army Essay in English

It is a day when we celebrate our republic day and on 15th August, we celebrate our independence day. 

Entire India celebrates these two days with great pride, feelings, and patriotism along with the Indian army. Every Indian is having a deep respect for their soldiers because of them we feel safe in our homes. Everyone knows about the sacrifices they make in their lives. The army is dedicated to protecting India from its enemies and we have a lot.

Our army is always prepared for every challenge. Indian army never sits, but always fighting and keeping the dangers away from the country. India faces both internal and external threats and this is why the Indian army is always alert and watching. 

We have thousands of brave soldiers in history who have given their lives for the country and made the enemy lose.  We have courageous and brave soldiers in our Indian army who can deal with any type of danger.

Essay On Indian Army 500 Words

India is having the second-largest military force and our enemy knows how difficult our soldiers are to beat. There are many countries that are scared of us because of the powerful army we have built till now. We have the best defense system and this thing every Indian knows.

Our army protects our nation from every front from the sky, from the land, and even from the sea. We have submarines, powerful jets, military ships, missiles, tanks, and guns to fight the enemies. Our soldiers are trained and take the best decisions in the time of quos.

We have a great history of brave soldiers. There are many incidents which every country reminds about the Indian army. There are different regiments in the Indian army and soldiers are categorized according to their skills.

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The Indian president is the supreme commander of all the3 wings of the Indian army. Every young boy and girl wishes to be part of the Indian army one day. The majority of the children who take birth in India at least have a dream of becoming army officers in the future.

 We have patriotism in our blood and all this is due to the fact that we grow up listening to the stories of brave Indian soldiers. Indians are known for their patriotism and we have learned this from our soldiers and armies. Indian army protects India from the land.

There are soldiers who perform their duties on LOC which is a line of control. India has huge boundaries that it shares with its neighboring countries.  They handle issues both from the outside and inside of the country.

These soldiers go through harsh and challenging training. They have to fight with terrorists and their attacks in the future for which they are prepared with the toughest training. Because they are protecting us on the borders we live our life safely inside the country. Indian soldiers teach us about many things and national unity is one of them.

They give their life for the security of the motherland and even forget their mothers who gave them birth. There is no big sacrifice than this in the human world. Everything about our soldiers and army is inspiring and we as a citizen of India always stand with our army.

Our army fears nothing and this is the thing that every Indian enemy knows. They not only protect our nation but also help in search operations and rescue operations at the time of natural calamities such as earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, etc. till now Indian army has reported no failure.

Our army has fought even the biggest armies and won the battles. The primary mission of the army is to protect our land and its inhabitants.  Since the freedom of India army of India is becoming stronger and more powerful because of the threats India is facing from all around its territories. 

Our armies are well organized, prepared all the time, and brave. They have all the qualities that a nation requires to protect its every inch.  Soldiers of the Indian army go under training every now and then. 

Indian soldiers have passion in them, even the youngest soldier fears nothing when it comes to protecting its motherland. Their courage is unbeatable and history has many stories that say how brave Indian soldiers are.

Essay On Indian Army in 100 Words

Many times Indian armies have helped other armies and citizens of different countries. This is another special thing about the Indian army. Our Jawans are the best and they are also the toughest to beat on the battlefield. They guard our nation day and night without taking rest.

Every army of India has a major role to play and they are doing their best. We have fought a very long war for our freedom and this is why our soldiers are so passionate about defending our nation. 

Everyone should be proud of their armies no matter which country citizen we are. Soldiers pay a lot for our safety and this is a very huge cost to pay. Soldiers have their own families but they stay away from their loved ones to protect us. We are proud of our Indian armies, they are our precious reputation and we are inspired by their bravery.

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