Essay on Himalaya in English

Essay on Himalaya in English, In South Asia, there is a beautiful mountain range and it is called the Himalayas. This mountain range is 1,491 miles and it passes through India, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. It includes three parallel mountain ranges which are the outer Himalayas, the lesser Himalayas, and the greater Himalayas. The Himalayan mountain range is one the nine of the ten highest peaks present on this planet.

It also includes Mount Everest which is 8,848 meters high. The Himalayas is also having the youngest mountain ranges which are about seventy million years old. The Himalayas is also connected to India and it is our pride.

essay on himalaya in english
essay on himalaya in english

Essay on Himalaya in English

About Himalayas in English

India has many mountains among which Himalayas is like a deity. When we see Himalayan range we can see nature at its best. It is artistic and here we can watch the brightness of nature. Himalayas is the sign of faith in India and we worship it as the home of Lord Shiva.

Himalayas is a beautiful crown decorated on the head of India. Poets, artists, religions, and spiritual people all have their personal perspectives about the Himalayas. Himalayas is in our stories, poets have their own version of its beautiful explanation and it is a symbol of ascendance.

The Himalayas ranges from Kashmir to the north and to ASAT in the west and its range is same as the Indrakhand line. Everest is the highest peak of the Himalayas which is also called gaurishankar. The Himalayas provides India with protection from many factors. There is a dangerous wind that comes from central Asia as well as Tibet.

Sometimes untimely winds come from this part and the Himalayas protect India from snowy winds. The monsoon that rises from the southwest ocean is the fruitful water that gives rain to the country. There are many life-giving rivers that comes from Himalayas and make the land of India green.

Himalayas Matter in English

India is totally protected by the Himalayan range and if it was not there India was also not have been in existence. Himalayas protects us from terrorist attack and India would have been destroyed centuries ago. There were many invaders and outsiders who always had eyes on India but their bad intentions were always blocked by Himalayas. India was and always is the target of terrorists and invaders who wish to loot and destroy India but we have protection from the majestic Himalayas.

The Himalayas not only protects us from invaders and bad climate but if the Himalayas were not there India would have no rivers. Just imagine if there are no rivers we would have scarcity of water and fields of India would have no crops. In India, we have greenery and plenty of crops just because of Himalayas.

The Himalayas gives us life-giving nectar and keeping India green. There would have been no greenery in the forests and India would have loss of vegetation. Neither there would have been protected from the harsh environment. There would be no fruits, vegetables, medicinal plants, and flowers in India.  India would have been known as a barren and deserted place where hardly life would have existed. It would have been a tough place to survive if there were no Himalayas.

10 Lines on Himalaya in English

Without the Himalayas there would have been no majestic symbol for the people of India. India is a country where everything is worshiped even the mountains, rivers, trees, and animals.  So the Himalayas areas are significant to Indian people as their deities and gods.  There is holy river that comes from the Himalayas like Ganga and Yamuna.

These are the rivers that are mokshadayini for us.  If we have the Himalayas, we have faith in God, religion, and beautiful things in life.  There are many prehistoric myths associated with the great Himalayas and nothing would have been possible if it was missing. Many deities which we know due to Himalayas would have been absent from our life. 

There would have been no rivers like Yamuna and Ganga. Many temples and dham would have not been possible without these majestic mountains.  Our culture and our civilization would never thrive because for Indians worshipping, belief, and faith matter a lot.  Our cultures have been birthed due to holy rivers. 

Once in a lifetime, we wish to come to visit Ganga and take a holy dip. Even after leaving the body we come here and leave the earth and go to next trip which is after life. Everything is possible because we have the Himalayas. Our culture would have been meaningless and colorless in its absence. From being born to dying the Himalayas plays a very important role in the life of Indians whether they know it or not.  It is a cosmic passage to the unknown and to the divine.

There are many flowers and medicines which grow in the Himalayas. There are many wild fruits and plants which have therapeutic benefits. It was impossible for humanity to thrive without the Himalayas. It is an ultimate source of life-giving rivers, wilderness, beauty, beliefs, knowledge, and faith. There are many beautiful species of plants, birds and animals which are only found in the Himalayan mountain range.

Mountains are tall, strong, and symbol of strength which gives human lots of inspiration.  The Himalayas is also an inspiration to us. We might look dwarf-like a sand grain in front of the Himalayas, but we can lift our souls like these divine mountains. There are many gifts of the Himalayas that humanity gets from time to time.

India has received sweet, pure nectar from the rivers from the time we took birth on this planet. There are detailed descriptions in the Vedas and Upanishads and in purans which we must all read because it is a treasure that not everybody can avail of. Because of the Himalayas foreigners also take a huge interest in our culture and rich history.

The Himalayas is an auspicious pilgrim of Indians. It has beauty and is a dwelling place for many saints. We bow our heads and fold our hands in gratitude in front of these majestic mountains called the great Himalayas.

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