Essay on Hen in English

Essay On Hen: A Quick Guide!

Essay on Hen in English We see many types of pet birds around us. People raise different types of animal birds as pets in their homes. Why do people raise animal birds? The reason is that they get a wide range of benefits from different animals. Like, from a dog, we get protection and from a cow, we get milk. Similarly, birds are also very useful. This is why people have birds in their homes. Poultry farming is also done for meat and eggs. In this essay, we are going to talk about hen and its complete info.

essay on hen in english
short essay on hen in english

Essay on Hen in English

Hen Essay in English

Introduction to Hen: A Hen is a bird and its color is red, brown, and white. The hen has a reddish crest on its head. It is its main feature, with which we can distinguish it from others. The hen has wings, which let her fly for some time, but it can fly at only low altitudes.

The hen prefers walking on its feet. Hen is a female. When the hens are younger, they are called chickens, which are larger in terms of size as compared to other birds. She has two legs, which she uses to walk and run. The entire body of the chicken is covered with small feathers.

We can see hens or chickens in different areas like villages. In villages, people like to do poultry farming. They keep chicken for meat and eggs. Eggs are a source of protein, this is why people like to eat them in big quantities.

It is a domestic bird, which we can find almost all over the world. It eats grains, insects, etc. to fill its stomach. A male bird is called a rooster. There are more than 500 breeds of chicken we can see in the whole world. A Hen can lay eggs.  These birds are raised for their egg production. They are sold as meat.

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5 Sentences About Hen in English

The scientific name for all chickens is Gallus Gallus Domesticus. Different types of chickens have been raised and trained by people and most of them are no longer considered wild animals. The male bird or rooster dawns in the early morning and awakens everyone.

Talking about the egg-laying capacity of hen, it lays around one or two eggs in a day. In a year, a hen lays around 300 eggs. The hen sits on the eggs to eradicate the chicks from them by giving warmness of their body. People at many places like to start a poultry business because it is a good business but needs only a little amount of investment.

The hen selects a place to lay eggs and it uses the same place to lay eggs every day. A Hen incubates the eggs by sitting on their top, from which the eggs come out from them, which are known as chickens. We can also see hen wrestling, which is done in many different places all over the world.

Features and diet of hens

Hens tend to make the signature chicken ‘cackling’ sound, we all are familiar with this sound. It has a reddish piece that sticks on the top of the head, resembling a comb. The body of a hen is short and round. Although, they have wings, but they are terrible fliers.

You might also be interested to know what hens eat. They have pointy beaks, which they use to consume seeds, vegetables, plants, insects, and small animals like mice and lizards.

Different Breeds of Chicken

There are 2 types of poultry in India. Here, you can find a different range of breeds of chicken in India. There are Red wild cock, Kadaknath, Chittagong, Aseel, and Ghogas, which are Indigenous breeds of chicken. Talking about the exotic breeds of chicken, there are Rhode Island Red, Leg Horn, Plymouth Rock, Carnish, Silky, White Leg Horn, Brahma, and many others.

The foreign breed is known to be the best than the native breeds due to higher productivity. White leghorns are one of the most common breed eggs we can have. Similarly, Ply Mouth, New Hampshire, and Cornis are considered ideal for cock meat.

When it comes to poultry farming, if anyone wants to open this business, there are many things we need to take care of. It is important to have the below-mentioned qualities in a chicken’s breed:

  • There is less money we need to take care of hen, even when they are ill.
  • The quality and number of chicks are very important.
  • A chicken has the ability to withstand high temperatures or heat depending on the season.
  • Egg-laying chickens should have the capacity to eat the cheap fibroid taken from the agricultural by-products. It can be considered their diet.

The hen’s baby is also utilized in food. Chickens are born in two methods, which are mentioned below:

  • Natural Brooding Process: It is a natural method. The hen raises its chicks naturally. When it lays eggs, it spreads its wings so that it can cover them and sit on them. It provides heat to them from their bodies, due to which the eggs are prepared from these eggs. This procedure is known as army or brooding. After at least twenty days, small chicks come out of these eggs.
  • Artificial Brooding: It is artificial brooding. It is an artificial procedure to prepare chicks from eggs without the support of hen. The preparation of nutritious houses is done. Chickens are heated in the brooding homes, which are responsible to develop them. When the brooding house is being prepared, it is important to take care of the heat. It means that to prepare chicks from eggs artificially, the environment needs to be relaxed, warm, etc. at the same time, it is also needed to pay attention to the grain quality, which we need to provide them.

5 Lines About Hen in English

A hen is an omnivorous bird. People have different types of hens as their bird pets and raise them for their livelihood. If anyone of us wants to start a poultry business, then this information is important to attain. Hens can give you good opportunities to earn money by keeping them as pets.

This is a short essay on hen in English, from this entire article, we cover information regarding 5 simple sentences about hen, a paragraph about hen. If found anything missing let us know by commenting below. For more info kindly visit us at

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