Essay on Ganga River in English

Essay on Ganga River in English, Rivers are the most beautiful gift of nature. Around the rivers life always flourishes. Rivers are life-giving and it is a very satisfying experience to sit near a river. The river makes a beautiful sound that is soothing to the ears, mind as well as soul. In India, we have many rivers and we worship rivers like our mothers. Rivers give so much to humans and it is not any surprise that why Indians worship them.

Rivers help for everything from producing crops to generating electricity. Today we have dams that we can use to our benefit. There are many cities, villages, and towns in India which are situated on the bank of rivers. This is because rivers are life-giving. There is a huge significance of rivers in the Hindu dharma.

essay on ganga river in english
essay on ganga river in english

Essay on Ganga River in English

Short Essay on River

In India Rivers are considered holy not just because they promote agriculture and trading in India but because they are associated with our culture, mythology, religion, etc. in India people take holy baths in the rivers. It is believed that taking bath in holy rivers like Ganga and Yamuna can remove all our sins.

In India people also burn the bodies of their dead relatives near rivers. In many villages and holy places, it is believed that if deceased funerals are set on fire near holy rivers travel to heaven. Their ashes are also spread in the rivers like Ganga and Yamuna. There are 7 holy rivers in India and they also have their tributaries. 

The largest river system blends into the Bay of Bengal and the rest merged with the Arabian Sea.  Some of the major rivers are Sapura, Karakoram, Aravali, and the Western Ghats. Rivers of north India come from the Himalayas. Our holy rivers are the Satluj, the Ganga, The Brahmaputra, Ravi and Beas. The South Rivers arise from diverse mountain ranges and the southern Indian rivers are Tapi, Kaveri, Krishna, Mahanadi, Narmada, and Godavari.

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Essay on River Ganga in English

The Ganga is a river in India and every Indian knows about the significance of this holy river. The Ganga is called Maa Ganga and it is about 2400 km in length. In the Himalayas, there is gadgetry which is a glacier and the Ganga originates from Gomulka which is also called the Gangotri glacier.

The Ganga flows 320 kilometers from the mountain bed and there it is called Bhagirathi. Bhagirathi then joins Alknanada at Devprayag. The Ganga is the holiest river in India and people love this river from their hearts. From childhood, we are taught about the importance of Ganga. People also gain knowledge about the holy rivers of India from books.

There are many mythological stories where the significance of the Ganga is mentioned in golden ink. It is believed that Ganga comes from the hair of Lord Shiva. There are many small rivers like Ghaghara, Rama Ganga, Gander, Gomati and Kaveri which merge in the Ganga when it left bank.

Ganga has many names in Kolkata it is called Hugliu, in UP it is called Ganga and in Arunachal Pradesh, it is called the Brahmaputra. Lakh of people visit Ganga in Haridwar and this has caused pollution. The government has launched projects like save Ganga to protect this life-giving river.

There are many other major rivers in India like the Yamuna which is a major tributary of the Yamuna and originates from the Yamunotri glacier and flows parallel to Ganga in the end, it meets Ganga in Allahabad city. 

The meeting point of Yamuna and Ganga is Prayag.  Then is the Brahmaputra which is 2880 kilometers long and originates from Kailas Mountain in Tibet. In Tibet, Brahmaputra is called tango and in the end, this river meets the Bay of Bengal. Mahanadi is the largest river that flows in Orissa and is 858 kms long.

It starts from the Amarkantak plateau in Madhya Pradesh and enters Orissa. Its endpoint is also the Bay of Bengal. Godawari is also holy to Indians. It flows through 1440 km and is the largest river in the south. It originates from the Western Ghats of Nasik and meets the Bay of Bengal.

There are many other rivers in India like Kaveri, the Krishna, and Godavari. All these are very long rivers and the heritage of India.  The problem is that our holy rivers are getting pullulated. There is much research done on Indian rivers. The Ganga which is one of the most important rivers of India is totally populated.

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Many industries are dumping their trash in the river. People who live near Ganga wash their clothes and throw their household trash in the river. Millions of people gather near the Ganga Ghats to perform rituals where they pure lots of things like plastic bags, flowers, dhoop, etc in the river.

The Ganga river water is holy and though it is polluted it is having healing properties.  Many people visit Ganga just to get rid of their disease. Indians also take Ganga water to their come in cans because it is considered as holy water. There is no ritual in India which is performed without the Ganga water.

River Essay in English

Rivers like Ganga are very precious but humans are showing cruelty towards rivers. People say Ganga their mother but don’t respect its blessings. Humans are hurting rivers and in turn nature is raging and taking everything back.

In Uttarakhand, many times the Ganga has flooded and destroyed all the nearby areas.  It is a lesson for all of us that there is a limit even when it comes to nature. If a mother can bless us with life she can also take it back if we will not respect the blessings of nature.

 The entire population of India is dependent on rivers that flow in the country. We get electricity, cultivation water, drinking water, and rains because of the rivers. We must keep our rivers clean and pure. 

They are beautiful, give life, and also support life. Kindness and respect towards rivers should not be in books but in the real life. Rivers like Ganga and Yamuna gives us away towards Moksha and it is important for Hindus.

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