Essay on Fundamental Duties 1000 Words

Essay on Fundamental Duties 500 Words Every country is having a list of the fundamental duties which every citizen has to obey. India is also having its own list for Indian citizens. These are not rules, but a kind reminder to all that there are some duties of every person towards their country and they are not forced to obey them but take as their duty towards their nation. You can get a glimpse of the fundamental duties in Part–A of the Indian constitution.

In the list of duties, you will find responsibilities, democratic conduct, and obligations for every Indian citizen.  In the countries like Canada, the United States, and Australia they do not list the fundamental duties in their constitution.

“O, citizens of Bharat! As our ancient saints and seers, leaders and preceptors have performed their duties righteously; similarly, you shall not falter to execute your duties.” ~ Rig Veda

We Indians are not just provided with the fundamental duties in our constitution; however, we also have fundamental rights. Both duties and rights are different from each other and are inseparable. If one does not exist there is no meaning of the other. If you fail to perform your duty there is no meaning for asking any right. It can be said as two sides of the coin.

essay on fundamental duties
essay on fundamental duties

Essay On Fundamental Duties 500 300 200 Words

Fundamental Duties Essay in English

Mahatma Gandhi father of our nation once said:” When we willingly perform our duties we secure our rights in the country. Rights cannot take leave from the duties. To your surprise, the fundamental duties were never part of the novel Indian constitution, which was written at the time of independence of India.

Instead, fundamental duties were added later in the year 1976 in the Indian constitution through a lawful modification.

If you will look at the fundamental duties list, you will be able to conclude that all the duties mentioned were taken from the traditions, religions, mythologies, and practices of India. All the duties were fundamentally the reflection of the way we Indians live our life.

This concept opted from the U.S.S.R constitution as the countries which were socialist used to give equal importance to the duties as well as the rights. Still, then there was only one democratic country and that was Japan who had duties for all its citizens.

If one constitution is not having any fundamental duties never mean that the people of that country are going to behave irresponsibly.

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What are Fundamental Rights And Duties of Indian Constitution

essay on fundamental duties

Are to promote spirit and harmony of brotherhood among the Indian people for linguistic, exceeding religion, sectional or regional diversities; to forsake follow derogatory to the women’s dignity.

To abide by the Indian constitution and respect its institution and ideals, the national anthem and the flag
To support and protect the unity, sovereignty, and integrity of the nation
To appreciate, cherish and obey noble ideals which inspired the struggle for freedom of India
To render services and to defend our nation when called upon
To preserve and value the right culture and heritage of India
To safeguard property that belongs to the public and disavows violence?
To support and perk up an environment like wildlife, lakes, forests, and rivers and show compassion to every other life we share our nation and planet with.
To develop humanism, spirit, and scientific temper of reorganization
For parents to lend education opportunities to their children or to the ward between the ages group 6-14 years.
To strive for excellence in all the areas of people and combined activity so that India rises constantly too high levels of achievement and endeavors.

Essay on Fundamental Rights and Duties in English

The fundamental duties are important for all because they are a humble reminder that we have rights as well as moral obligations towards our beloved country India. There are many nations that personified the principle of responsible citizens and have developed their nations successfully.

Nowadays, it is of utmost importance that one nation has fundamental duties. For instance, the duty under Article 51-A (g) asks to defend nature, which is of great need in the current times because humanity is facing global warming crisis.

This is why fundamental duties just not are in the papers, but everyone should follow them. We will be able to thrive as an individual and as a country if every citizen will follow fundamental duties.  It is of immense importance in modern-day society.

We Indians respect our culture, history, and Vedas. Every Indian knows about Ramayana and Bhagavad Gait in which it is clearly mentioned that everyone must perform their duties. Lord Krishna says that “Karam kar phal ki ichha mat kar”.

Every Indian has read this phrase or listened from their elders. It is not possible for democracy to thrive unless every citizen will become responsible towards their nation. In fact, it is not just a matter of nation, but towards one another as well.

If everyone will perform their duties no one will be able to challenge our country. Our India will progress and every citizen will be benefitted from it. If all want a democratic country to survive everyone should have a sense of duty.

Today people only talk about their fundamental rights,  celebrities, nationalists,  politicians everyone just focus on their rights but forget their duties. No one wants to perform their duty but wants to avail perks of their rights.

Both rights and duties exist together and every Indian must keep this in their mind. We have no right if we fail to perform our duties. For Indians, kartavya must come first because it is a virtue we have been taught about.

It is a legacy that we Indians must follow and also take forward so that our upcoming generations can live in a peaceful and thriving India. If everyone will learn to follow their duties without any obligations just imagine how wonderful a place India is going to be.

Not only adults, but we must also teach our children from the beginning to perform our fundamental rights to make India a strong and responsible country. We all have duties and we all must follow them.

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