Essay on Election For Students

Essay on Election For Students, In India, everyone is aware of the process of election. With elections we can give our political opinion and select the candidate we are interested in. elections are a public opinion where people vote and select their political leader. Not only in terms of political opinion but in colleges also elections are conducted.  On a bigger level in India, every five years elections are held and voters go out to vote for their political leader.

The candidate that wins by more votes gets the responsibility and authority. An election is like a formal group making a decision.  In a democratic country like India election is a significant pillar of democracy. This is due to the fact that elections make sure that the government that will come into play is of the people, by the people, and for the people.

essay on election
essay on election

Essay on Election For Students

Election Essay in English

When it comes to elections suffrage is an integral part of an election. Suffrage means the right to vote in the elections.  Every voter that is 18 years old gets a voter card and they are eligible for voting.  Who is going to vote is important because children cannot vote. The entire population is not included when it comes to voting.

Every country prohibits underage voting. In India, the age of a voter needs to be eighteen. Another important part of the election is the candidate nomination. Nomination is the official suggestion for an election which is the name of the candidate. Nomination is the process of candidate selection for election and is sent to public office. Then comes testimonials or endorsements which are public statements that support the nomination of the candidate.

Then comes the electoral system which is detailed constitutional arrangements or also called voting systems. When a detailed voting system converts a vote into a political decision.  When it comes to constitution arrangements the first step is to tally votes.

Election Essay in English for Students

There are various types of counting systems and ballots.  After the tally of the votes comes the final decision which is called the tally of votes.  Most of the system’s categorization is either majoritarian or proportional.  Scheduling is when arranging and controlling elections is done. There are officials elected for every ballot and these are the people held accountable for arranging and controlling the elections.

They are the ones who return to the people from time to time. In our country election campaign is very important. Election campaigns are done to put a positive impact on the general public. It is a positive influence on people so that political candidates can gain the attention of the general public and gain their votes.

Politicians compete with each other and they try to woo the general public in their own ways. In India, huge rallies are conducted, and political leaders give speeches and try everything in their power to make influence the general public.

Importance of Election Essay in English

Elections are important, especially for a country like India. We have many political parties and they have huge competition. Having elections in India is an efficient and peaceful way to choose our political leader. The citizens of India can choose a leader by voting. It is a right and fair way to choose a political leader. By casting their votes for their favorite leader.

Voting means that people chose their leaders because they appeal to them. It means there is no negative influence on them. Voting is done secretly and in the right manner. They can choose a political leadership that will help them grow. With the election, people have an opportunity to express their will and consent. If people are not happy with their leader they can vote for another party.

They have the power to remove the candidate if they wish to. If there is any undesirous leadership general public can replace them with a better alternative with the aid of elections. Everyone gets a chance to show their leadership and election is a way to know that leadership they have selected is doing their job correctly. If the public is not satisfied they can remove them and choose another best candidate or say, a political leader. 

With elections, politicians can also keep their power in check. They are able to know if the public is happy with their work or not.  If people have selected them to be their political leaders it is their responsibility to lead them and work for their welfare.

Any wrongdoing will reflect in the next election because people can take away their power by voting for any opposition leader or the leader they desire. An election is a way of power check and control for those who are ruling the party.

India is a democratic country and every person living in this country has a right to showcase their political opinions. We express our opinion views in the simplest way and that is by giving votes. In India, we have the right to vote. There are many people who are not using their right to vote in the right manner. They get negatively influenced by parties that are useless. Some youngsters don’t believe in voting which is wrong. 

Young people who are educated must know that if not but their parents are the ones who are government employees and they can get affected by the wrong decisions. Sometimes wrong voting can give powers to the parties which are not right for the public. Everyone must use their voting so that we get a great leader that can take our country to heights. The right leader will be able to help the citizens grow and avail benefits from the elections.

The political climate is bad and it is worsening but it depends upon the voters who they choose and who they neglect. We can change our situation by giving a vote to the right candidate. We must make informed voting decisions because it will pay us back. Don’t forget that every vote counts and unity are what will help us change the bad political environment into the beneficial one. So at the time of elections, one must use their vote for the right candidate only.

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