Essay on Delhi in English

Essay on Delhi in English, Delhi is the capital city of India and this is why it is significant according to the population it is the second number. Delhi is the heart of India and this city is the house of around eleven million people.  After Mumbai, it is the second. Yamuna river passes through Delhi and the city is the rapidly going city of India. Earlier Delhi used to have huge and dense forests but this forest was set on fire to build the city of Indraprastha which was the capital at the time of Mahabharata. 

Many rulers ruled the land of Delhi like the Lodhi, afghan, Maurya, and even the Mughals. All the rulers built some landmarks and even today we can see them. When there was British rule in India even at that time Delhi was the capital of India under British rule.  And it was called Lutyen’s Delhi.

essay on delhi in english
essay on delhi in english

Essay on Delhi in English

Paragraph on Delhi

Delhi is also having the largest public transport system that runs on CNG- compressed natural gas. There are many other cities in New Delhi like Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurugram, etc.  Delhi is important because of the Rashtrapati Bhawan, a parliament of India, the president lives in Delhi and there are many other significant buildings present in Delhi such as the raj ghat, Jantar Mantar, India Gate, and many others. 

The majority of the political and public functions like republic India have celebrated at raj ghat India. There are many historical buildings located in India such as the red fort, Humayun’s tomb, and Qutub Minar.

Delhi Is not only a house of beautiful temples but there are many mosques and Gurudwara also situated here, some of them are gurudwara sis ganj, Jama masjid and Birla mandir are some of the widely known religious places that are present in Delhi.

Delhi Essay in English

Delhi is the center of attraction because of many reasons. This city is having everything to please all those who wish to get settled in the capital, start their career, or just spend a few days here. There are many tourist destinations, it has many colleges and schools and talking about career opportunities it is abundant with it. 

There are big factories in Delhi, there are big companies, and it has many malls and unlimited shops in Delhi.  People from nearby cities often come to Delhi to shop for their businesses. There are many huge old markets in Delhi where people can find literally anything.

There are many places where people can visit and set their foot in history.  One of the most popular monuments to visit in Delhi is the India Gate which is situated in the heart of the city.  India gate was built in memory of the Indian soldiers who sacrificed their lives during World War 1. There are lush green gardens surrounding the gate which is a great picnic spot for all those who come here. There is a pound in the middle where people can enjoy boating.

There is no entry fee and t is open all the time.  The Qutub Minar is another one of its kind marvel in Delhi. It is the tallest Minar in Delhi and was built as a sign of Muslim dominance in the city. There are 5 stories in the Minar and it is made of sandstone and marble, inside its complex one can also see the popular iron pillar and mosque. There are many other great monuments like the red fort, Lotus temple, etc.

Delhi is one of the most advanced as well as the most ancient cities with great history.  It is well connected to all the parts of the country. It is connected with the metro from the other cities and one can conveniently travel to any part of Delhi using metro trains. It is the fastest and cheapest way to travel around the city. 

Delhi is also one city that has to face huge traffic jams and tourists can escape that using metro trains. Delhi is a paradise for shoppers and this is why many small and medium businesses visit Delhi to shop for things. From cosmetics to electronics Delhi has every type of market. Dili Haat is one best places where we can shop for fabrics, pottery, and handicrafts.

Then there is the Sarojini Nagar market where you can display your bargaining skills and get the desired product at the desired rate. In the khan market, one can find high-end brands, sophisticated products, and restaurants. Delhi is also popular for its street foods. Foodies are going to get mad by tasting the street food of Delhi.

Old Delhi is where people visit to satisfy their taste buds. Some of the popular street food markets in Delhi are Jama masjid where non-vegetarians are going to get the best meat meals. All the streets are filled with vendors and food stalls.

There are many pocket-friendly cafes and restaurants in Delhi and this is why it fulfills the needs of all types of travelers. Here everyone gets what they wish for. There are night clubs, theatres, malls and many things for entertainment.

Delhi enjoys every type of reputation. It is the second-largest city and people from all over India wish to establish a successful career. It has many colleges which means students from all over India wish to study in Delhi educational institutions. Delhi is a crowded place where highways are full of vehicles and streets are loaded it people on foot.

Delhi is also number one when it comes to crimes. Delhi has to face pollution issues every winter and summer. People don’t even get fresh air to breathe because of the population and pollution issues. There are many things that are getting worst in Delhi. It is not a safe city and we all Indians know that.

Delhi is still holding its charm but also has many black spots due to its increased crime rates and bad living conditions for the inhabitants of Delhi. Hope the government will do more to protect the integrity of our capital city Delhi. The people of Delhi must also protect their city.

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