Essay On Cheetah in English

Essay On Cheetah in English, The cheetah is a majestic animal and one of my favorite too. It’s wild and belongs to a cat species with a larger body. On the earth, there is no other animal that can run faster than the cheetah which makes it the fastest animal with a running speed of 90 km/hr. The cheetah is about 35-65 kilograms and the length of its body is 115-135 cm. the length of the tail of the cheetah is 84 centimeters.

Acinonyx junatus is the scientific name of cheetah and the cheetah comes from Sanskrit. In Hindi, chitah means spotted one. Cheetah is often mistaken for leopards. Cheetah looks different than its other cat relatives with a long tail, pointed teeth, and thick black spots on its whole body.

There are also tear marks on its face from the corner of its eyes to its mouth till nose. It has a perfect body that is thin, perfectly shaped, and pretty sprightly. Cheetah can be seen in the Asian jungles. A cheetah cannot climb trees because it is unable to bend its claws. Tiger and lion can roar but cheetahs cannot roar.

essay on cheetah in english
essay on cheetah in english

Essay On Cheetah in English

Few Lines About Cheetah

The cheetah mostly hunts in the evening or the morning and its favorite food is rabbits, pigs, reindeer, and deer. To see a cheetah one can visit the zoo and observe this majestic animal.  It is easy to differentiate between male and female cheetahs because a male is bigger in size as compared to a cheetah.

The head of the male cheetah is also bigger than females. When a female gets pregnant it can give birth to 1-89 cubs at one time. The cheetah can live up to 20 years in ideal conditions which means in its natural habitat.

The sad thing about this beautiful animal is that it is getting endangered. This animal is going to soon vanish if not protected. There are poachers who are their enemies and kill them for their skin and teeth.

This species needs to be saved or we will see them in books and museums only. The cheetah is said to be a genius animal with lots of traits. Cheetah can run very fast and within seconds it can reach a speed of seventy mph.

It can run so fast because of its body shape. Its long legs and thin body shape help it run so fast. Cheetah’s habitat is a semi-desert area and is found in Asian regions and Africa as well.  Human involvement is making these animals extinct from the planet. There are other predators who are also becoming the cause of death of more and more cheetahs.

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Paragraph on Cheetah

Cheetah is amazing cats and even very cool. They sleep all day on trees and do nothing all day. Time when they are hunting they become bullets. There are many documentaries made on cheetahs and we can learn amazing facts about cheetahs there.

It is very interesting to see how they live and how they hunt. We all love cheetah because it looks so majestic and there are so many wonderful things that attract us about the cheetah. Cheetah looks beautiful and they are extremely powerful when they hunt.

It is not hard for them to catch their prey because the cheetah is the fastest and nothing can get out of its grab when they are on the move. Cheetah is designed for speed and it looks extremely powerful when they run.

There are many automobile companies that are inspired by the cheetah and have also launched many vehicles based on the speed and shape of the cheetah. Cheetah takes care of its cubs very well. Cheetah falls in the category of predators but when it comes to taking care of its cubs it becomes the most dedicated animal.

The Cheetah’s mother takes care of his cub until they are three to four months old. Their mother feeds them and also makes them learn about hunting.  Cheetah’s mother shows them how to catch small animals and how to spy and catch their prey without being detected.

Cubs learn by looking at their mother and become as furious as their mother when they get older. Cheetah is cool animals and they do not mess with their enemies until it is dangerous for them or their cubs.

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My Favourite Animal Cheetah Essay

Cheetah is an intelligent animals and they don’t indulge in unnecessary fights with their enemies. They know if they will get injured it will affect their speed which will disable them from hunting.  Cheetah most of the time surrender any fight with their enemies.

When there is a danger for their cubs they drag their enemies with their wit away from their young ones. The biggest enemy of the cheetah is the leopard and they have huge competition for the territory and food.

Cheetah is going to diminish from earth soon so it is important that the cheetah living in captivity should be bred and cheetah living in the wild should be left in their natural habitat. There should be strict rules for killing these beautiful animals.

Cheetah living in captivity cannot survive in the wild so it is best to leave them in the care of the zoo. Male cheetah lives with their brother and female cheetah often live alone with their cubs. Cheetah does not roar but can produce different types of sounds for communicating with each other. They can bleat, purr, chirp, and even bark. 

For all these reasons cheetahs are different from its family. Cheetah hunts only when they are hungry and do not get indulge in fights with their enemies. They are peaceful animals and love to rest all day. They hunt only when they are hungry and they are so patient that when hyenas or any other predator take their food they do not defend their hunt. 

They live peacefully and their hunting also benefits other animals in the jungle. They should remain in the jungle and should be protected. Documentaries about cheetahs are very interesting on a national geographic channel. These documentaries also inspire us to protect these majestic animals. 

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