Essay on Camel For Students

Essay on Camel in English, A camel is called the ship of the desert and it is an herbivorous animal that also serves as a domestic animal and is very helpful for humans. Camel is a very majestic animal, strong can survive without water for a long period of time, can handle the heat of deserts and it is designed in a way that it can easily walk in the desert. Camel is serving humans for more than 3500 years now. There are many ways in which these beautiful animals are helpful to us. Camel is having very friendly nature, intelligence, and obedience.

Camels are amazing animals with striking features and they have very long and slender legs. The camel feet are padded which helps it walk in the hot sand. Camels can run pretty fast in the sand. The body of the camel is also covered in thick hair.

One of the interesting things about the camel is that it can close its nostrils when there is a sandstorm which means it can travel in the sandstorm without difficulty. Camels also have long eyelashes and thick eyebrows that protect the eyes of the camel from the sand.

essay on camel
essay on camel

Essay on Camel

Camel Essay in English

Camels are found in the deserts and this is why they need protection from the sand because deserts have sandstorms which can make it difficult for any other animals to walk. Camels are specially designed by God for deserts. Camels have a very long neck which helps them eat leaves from the long branches of trees. There are also two hunches on the back of the camel. These are extremely important for camel as it not only stores fat but also water.

Camel has to face scarcity of water and food because there is no food and water available in the deserts. This is why the camel stores fat and water in the hump so that it can use in times of scarcity. Camels can store water and can survive without water for many days even weeks. This is a unique adaptation in camels and this is why they are called desert animals or ships of the dessert.

There are different species of camels such as single hump camels and two hump camels. Camels are found in hot and deserted areas like southwestern Asia, Africa, etc, china, Gobi desert of Mongolia. If a camel weighs 600 kilograms then it can drink 200 liters of water in just three minutes.

Camels can soak water like a sponge and this is why within minutes they can consume a huge amount of water which they store in their hump and use when water is not available to them. Camels are also ruminants.

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Camel Short Essay in English

There are many interesting things about a camel that fascinates little children. Children love riding a camel and its ride is bumpy yet enjoyful. Camels are very intelligent animals so one must not go with their naïve looks. They have a good memory and this is why they can travel in vast deserts where there are no roads, signs, or milestones.

If a camel travels a path once it is never going to forget that path. If you are riding a camel in the desert it is never going to lose its path and this is why it is best to use camels in deserts. Camels are very cool and calm animals and they never harm any humans or any other animals. They are vegetarians and feed on the vegetation and twigs.

They can survive without food for many days. They are tough animals and this is why they are used for many purposes in challenging areas to live such as deserts. Camels can live up to 40-50 years and in deserts, there are north wild camels and domestic camels are available. 

Camels are mostly used for transportation. They carry humans from one place to another and can also carry things from one place to another in the desert. Camel can also give milk and due to the fact that camel milk is high in nutrition, it is also very expensive. There are many desserts and dishes which are made from camel milk.

Camel milk is thick and people who live in deserts take advantage of camel milk in making desserts. A female camel can produce seven-liter milk every day. Camel milk is best for people who are having cholesterol issues, diabetes, dengue, and those who are lactose tolerance. Camel not only gives milk but camel meat is also used by humans.

Paragraph on Camel

Camel’s hair is used in the textile industry and the textiles made from camel hair are very high in demand. The skin of the camel is used to manufacture leather and shoes, purses, jackets, belts, and many items are sold in the market made from camel skin. Camels are more than 7 feet in height and one camel can give a good amount of leather. In India, camels are found in Rajasthan. Camels give everything to humans and today it is also being used in agriculture.

Camel gives lots of things to humans and the camel itself is getting its name on the list of endangered species. Camels are not available everywhere because they are desert animals and are only found in deserted areas. Camels are being killed for meat and leather as well. The increasing needs of humans are dragging this majestic species to its end.

Soon we will not be able to see camels anymore. Camels are very useful and to survive in deserts humans will need camels. Life in the desert is not possible without camels because no mode of transportation can be used in sand and desert. To cover huge distances these animals are important. Without camels, access to the deserts will no more be possible.

Today camels are used in a camel safari and other adventure trips. All this will be a dream if we will not be serious about protecting the camel. These beautiful animals need to be protected and we must take initiative to protect.

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