Essay on Birds in English

Essay on Birds in English, There are so many creatures with which we share our planet. There are many ways in which earth is special but the most important one is that earth has life on it. There are so many beautiful animals, birds, and plants that are only found on earth. We must appreciate life on our planet. One species we have on earth is birds. Birds fly and it is amazing to see that there are thousands of bird species.

I love birds and in my free time, my hobby is bird watching. Birds are very cute and special. There are special traits that birds have and I like collecting bird feathers. They are very beautiful. They come in all different types of colors. It is amazing to see how miraculous and artistic nature is. Birds have two legs, wings, and feathers. They are very light in weight and this is why they can easily fly long distances.

essay on birds in english
essay on birds in english

Essay on Birds in English

Paragraph on Birds

Birds are not just for beauty but they are extremely important being for our environment. It is hard to imagine if there will be no birds flying in our beautiful blue sky. The beautiful melodies of birds are like meditation in nature.

The smallest bird is a hummingbird and it is just two inches small the biggest bird can be up to 2.75meyres. The biggest bird is the ostrich but it cannot fly. That is another marvel of nature. Ostriches do have wings but sadly they cannot fly. The egg of the ostrich is also the biggest. Birds are ruling the earth for 160 million years.

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Some species are also extinct but the birds we have today on earth are also marvelous. Whenever I see a bird there is just one thing that comes to my mind and that is beauty. We have penguins the majestic birds. We all love peacocks and collecting peacock feathers amaze us when we are kids.

There are intelligent birds who can speak like parrots. They can actually talk like a human which is another unbelievable act of nature. All those who study birds know how helpful they are for humans.

Essay on Birds for Class 2

Birds are full of intuition and they can even predict natural disasters, rain, and even explosions. People keep birds near coal mines as they can predict mine explosions. Birds are sensitive to carbon monoxide and they can detect explosions. From this, we can get an idea of how important they are to us. Birds know nothing about boundaries and from ancient times they are connected to humans. Earlier birds used to act as postmen.

They used to take messages from one place to another. Even today birds are helping animals. There are trained eagles, owls, parrots, and pigeons that help people in a variety of ways. Birds are the symbol of freedom and we all wish to have wings like birds so that we can fly to anyplace. Eagle is the strongest of all birds and they can fly beyond clouds.

We all know inspiration stories of an eagle that flies high in the sky avoiding the rain. Birds are closest to nature as they live near oceans, trees, and forests. They build their nest in nature and also take care of their young ones. Parent birds also teach their young ones to fly. 

I have seen different types of bird nests and it amazes me. The nest of the tailor bird is my favorite. By collecting one straw after another they build their homes. Birds are hardworking, loving, and majestic beings.

Woodpecker makes their nest in trees by making holes in them with their sharp beak. Birds cannot talk but they have melodies and songs to sing. The cuckoo bird is the most melodies singer. Birds are also domestic animals, but I don’t like them seeing them in cages.

Our national bird is the peacock and there are available everywhere. They love to reside in hot areas and every village has peacocks in India. Peacocks are beautiful and their feathers come straight from fairy tales. There are many decorative items and even jewelry made from peacock feathers. In India, their feathers are also considered holy and we keep seeing them in temples. We all know Lord Krishna wears a crown having peacock feathers.

Peacocks are not just beautiful but strong as well. They can even fight a snake and eat them. Birds keep our ecological balance. They eat insects that can harm our crops. Many farmers raise birds around their fields so that they can get rid of insects that harm their crops and spoil their quality.

Essay on Birds for Class 1

Birds keep our environment clean by eating germs and things that pollute our environment. Birds travel miles away which is called migration. They flock in groups and even in one day, they can travel thousands of miles. Bird watching is a hobby and people who love nature excitedly wait for migratory birds so that their beauty can be admired.

Birds are very sensitive and it is very hard to catch a bird. They can instantly fly away if you come near them. Other birds are friendly and if we have good intentions they can wander past humans.

Today humans have made birds their pets which is heartbreaking. Birds are meant to soar high in the sky. They are not meant to live in cages. Birds are free beings and humans must realize this. Just for our pleasure, we cannot make birds our slaves. This is wrong and it needs to be changed. Birds are sold for their beauty and made pets which is totally wrong for me.

The life of small birds is very little and they cannot fly if they are born in cages or in captivity.  Humans are doing wrong to the blessings of nature and I wish for these changes one day. We must also protect trees because birds make their nests on trees. We must not take their home from them for our own benefit. Birds are important to us and we must protect them at any cost.

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