Essay On Bihar in English

Essay On Bihar in English, Bihar is one of the states of India and it is located in the eastern part of the country. Bihar is surrounded by Jharkhand in the south, UP in the west, Nepal in the north, and West Bengal in the east. Patna is the capital of Bihar. Patna was built by Ajatashatru and in ancient times it was called Patliputra which is also mentioned in our history books. The name of Bihar comes from Vihara and it means abode.

There are 38 districts in Bihar and it is in the 11th position when it comes to the Indian area. In Bihar, natives speak Hindi and Urdu is the 2nd language of the state. Bodhi tree is the emblem of the state, a bear is the state animal and an owl is the state bird.  

In the ancient period, many kingdoms ruled the Indian land, and Videhas was also one of the rulers. In Bihar, we find the Ganga River which is the largest and longest river and there are 38 districts in Bihar. Bihar is a popular state of India because it is the most populated state of India but it is also known for its huge history and cultural beauty. 

essay on bihar in english
essay on bihar in english

Essay On Bihar in English

Bihar Essay in English

In the ancient period, Bihar was a very beautiful city. There was once a beautiful fortress once but then an entire kingdom was established which was known as Magadha which was spread to Afghanistan. In India, we can see the diversity of India because it is a place of Indian tongues.

Bihar is also the place where we will find the Buddhism birthplace and here we also get the district of Gaya where Gautama Buddha was meditating. In Bihar, tourists will find many attractions that are related to our rich history such as Sher Shah Suri tomb, Babar caves of Sultanpur, Bodhi trees, etc. there are many festivals celebrated in the Bihar state which is celebrated on a large level.

Chat puja is one of the festivals which are celebrated in Bihar. Chatt puja is celebrated along the river Ganga where people gather and perform all the rituals. It is also land of the political leaders and parties. Apart from all this, it is also the strongest agricultural state of India.

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In Bihar, you are going to enjoy a sub-tropical atmosphere which means cold winters and in summer it is hot. In Bihar agriculture is very strong. There is a favorable climate and the soil quality is also very good. Here all types of vegetables and fruits are also grown.

There are cuisines like Sattu Paratha, Litti Chokha, Bihari boti, bihari kebabs, and Khaja. In desert, bihari prefer Khaja which is a traditional sweet dish of Bihar.

The total area of the state is 94,163 km and Ganga divides all the fertile plain in an uneven way. In the center of the state, there are the popular Rajgir hills. Tourists can visit Bihar in the summers. In Bihar we also find forests.

There is grass, mixed shrubs and Reeds also dominate the Bihar forests. In Bihar, there are trees like banyan, bamboo, and Palmyra palms. Many animals like elephants, different types of deer, leopards, tigers, etc.  In the Kosi River, one can also see crocodiles which rule the rivers. Even different types of fish reptiles and birds are also there.

Our State Bihar Essay in English

In Bihar, there are many places where tourists like to visit such as Gautama Buddha wildlife sanctuary, Bhimbandh wildlife Sanctuary and Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary. The economy of Bihar is totally dependent on agriculture.

It is the 4th largest state in India that produces vegetables and fruits. Bihar produces mango, litchi, cauliflower, pineapple, guava, rice, sunflower, rice, cabbage, and wheat. 80% of Bihar’s population is dependent on agriculture. 

Bihar is the land of fertile soil and favorable conditions which favor the best vegetables and fruits.  Bihar also has to face storms and floods which is bad for the agriculture of Bihar.

Hajipur and Barauni are the two major industrial centers in Bihar. The government is also taking the initiative to improve the industrial sector, especially in the capital of Bihar which is Patna.  There are also many projects being started in the state like the expressway project from Purvanchal border through Bihar to Jharkhand. 

Bihar is also the land of art where we can see the Mithila painting style. To get more idea about this art is Madhubani art. This art depicts the bond between humans and mother nature. We can see this art form, especially during marriages, festivals, and other events in Bihar.

Bihar gave us many artists as well like Mahasundari Devi, sita Devi and Ganga Devi. These artists used to practice traditional paintings by women and then passed from one generation to another.  Bihar is also a place of many religions like Muslims, Jains, Buddhists, and Hindus.

Everyone lives in peace in brotherhood in Bihar.  In ancient times many learning centers were established in the cities of Bihar such as Vkramashila and Nalanda universities. It is also a learning place of many mahatmas and holy saints.

In terms of art, Bihar is very popular where not only paintings are made but there is zari embroidery, brass work, woodcarvings, bamboo work, lacquer bangles. Bhagalpur sarees are also very popular and are the favorite of women all around the world.

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Essay on Bihar in 200 Words

Bihar is an Indian state with lots of diversity where you will get a glimpse of rich Indian history, universities from the ancient period. In terms of arts, Bihar is number one. Lots of native paintings and art are sold all over the place from Bihar. Different rulers have ruled the land of Bihar and Bihar holds glorious history that marks till now.

Bihar is established every day and now it is better connected to the other parts of India by road, railway, and air. The government is taking lots of initiative in terms of women’s empowerment as well. They are focusing on educating women and making them independent.  Tourists love to visit Bihar because of its diversity and rich history.

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