Essay on Bear in English

Essay on Bear in English, The bear is a very large animal with fur on it that loves honey and fish. The bears have a large body; they can live in both jungles and man-developed areas. They are carnivorous animals with long heavy fur and stubby tails, they also have a massive skeleton. They have strong limbs and they can walk on both two and four legs. Bear have powerful claws which bear used for digging and fighting. A bear walks like a plant grade which means on the sole of the foot and they leave behind a footprint that resembles a human.

Bear is a very slow animal and they also walk very slowly but when they are aggressive they can run up to 40km. There are different species of bear such as black bear and polar bear. Polar bear lives in Antarctica and where there is snow.

The black bear can run up to forty kilometers per hour and has a strange pacing gait. Then there is the brown bear which is another fastest running bear which can gallop for about two kilometers.

Essay on Bear in English
Essay on Bear in English

Essay on Bear in English

Bear Essay in English

Bears are found all over the world and are large animals having huge bodies, short legs a stub of tail, round and small ears, and forward-facing eyes. There are different species of bears and all of them are carnivorous, but every species is having an uneven degree of being herbivorous. For example, the panda is herbivorous and the polar bear is totally carnivore.

The black bear is the most prolific bear in all species. There are 18 known subspecies are found in the Canada and United States. In North America, there are 750,000 black bears dwelling. In Pennsylvania, there are more than seven thousand bears dwelling in the different areas of the states.

In India, we have species of black bears as well as brown bears.  There are different bears, but mostly they are called black bears. There are black bears, a brown bear, a white bear, and even a blue glacier bear. They are available in a variety of colors.

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The weight of the bears also varies widely and the average weight of one healthy male can be up to three hundred pounds. The largest black bear was reported in Wisconsin in the year 1885 which was 802 pounds and the far heaviest black bear that existed on earth till now.

5 Sentences About Bear

Bears have varied diets and they can eat almost anything. Typically bears are fond of honey and they are known to damage apiaries every year to get honey. Black bears have huge claws which are short and curved as compared to the grizzly bear. 

This helps them achieve agility when climbing on trees to get honey.  Even mothers encourage their cubs to climb trees even though it is dangerous for the little ones, but honey is sweeter than risks. Black bears have characteristic traits when it comes to climbing and they can even climb descending trees. They use their sharp claws for climbing and also to keep a stronghold.

The brown bear has gained humans huge attention like no other animal. It presents a cute image, but we forget it is a wild animal that can take lives within seconds. The brown bear is seen as a cuddly toy and used in animation.

There are cartoons and many animated movies made on bears. Children love teddy bears and collectors have different types of bears in a toy and other forms. People are familiar with the grizzly bear and it is known for its most aggressive nature. The name grizzly comes from the grizzling of its color fur which is light in color at the tips of the hair.

Among the different species, brown bears are the long ones but there are exceptional females longer with cubs. Bears do not like to share their territories but they do not attack other males. The home ranges often overlap with other bears and male bears often intersect with other females.

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Bears do not attack other bears who wander in their territories, although mother bears are fierce when it comes to protecting their young cubs. They also live in peace with other bears where there is plentiful food like fish.

Bears are mostly nocturnal and they hunt anything they can lay their paws on as they have to bulk with fat before going to hibernation. A common misconception is bears eat mostly flesh but their major diet depends upon roots and plants.

5 Lines About Bear

Bears are an important part of the ecosystem their presence can protect the health of both flora and fauna. They clear out the dying and decaying carcasses and are nature’s own garbage disposal. Bears are an integral part of the ecosystem and bears and humans have co-existed for thousands of years and have confronted each other at different stages of evolution. 

Still, both have survived the harsh conditions and changing climate and the natural habitats.  However, the last century has been devastating for both the species with much more impact on the bears.

For instance, deforestation, melting of polar ice, forest fires, and human invading their natural environments has left the species on the verge of extinction. Global temperature rising has led to less bear hibernation forcing them to encounter more humans. All this can be spared if we take care of the bears personally. We must take care of their natural habitat and protect them.

We must protect bear and their natural habitat because they have started entering our dwellings.  Because their natural habitat is being destroyed by humans. Bears have started entering villages and they destroy fields, houses and even harm humans.

We should protect them so that they do not enter our boundaries and disturb us.  Bears are having exceptional intelligence, extreme navigating skills, and remarkable memory. These animals are the gift of nature. These animals should be left alone in the jungles so that they can flourish. Bears are not very social so we should protect their homes and let them live their lives.

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