Essay on Agriculture in India Essay

Essay on Agriculture in India Essay, India is a country of crops, farmers, and agriculture. In India, everything is cultivated and grown in the field. The majority of the population of India depends upon agriculture in the country and that is 70%. The national income is also highly dependent upon our agriculture. The economy is also dependent upon agriculture which means it is very important for our country as well as its citizens.

If agriculture is developed in the country it does not have to depend upon anything else. It is for the economic welfare of the nation. Our agriculture was under development for a pretty long time now.

Essay on Agriculture
Essay on Agriculture

Essay on Agriculture in India Essay

Agriculture Essay in English

India is also one country that has a high poverty rate. There are many people in India who die from hunger. There are many children in the country who are not getting proper nutrition. There are many things that we have to import from the other country such as food and grains. We not only buy but also sell crops to another country.

Now the situation in India has changed and it has made progress. Now agriculture in India is being developed. The government has also initiated many programs and schemes that help the agriculture of India.

One popular program is a green revolution which is brought to the field of agriculture. Now we are sufficient in producing enough grains and crops for our country. There are many good supplies of the crops produced in our country. We are now not only producing crops for our country but we also export them to many other countries.

In the situation of calamities in other countries, India helps that countries by sending them crops. The rank of India is first when it comes to producing groundnuts and tea. When it comes to oilseeds, jute seeds, sugarcane, and rice India is in position second. Agriculture is totally dependent upon the monsoon. Fields need enough water to produce life-giving food for us.

When the monsoon is good in India we enjoy an abundance of crops but if the monsoon is bad then India has to face a scarcity of food. The government is doing a lot to enhance the agriculture of India.  We are building more and more dams over canals and rivers. All these help in irrigation of the fields and we get better and more quantity of crops. 

The government is providing free seeds to the farmers. These seeds are of good quality. There are also better and safe fertilizers being manufactured. All this helps in better irrigation and agriculture of the country.  There is also modern technology and techniques being developed that brought a revolution in agriculture. 

One danger to our agriculture and population is the increasing population of India. The population of India is growing at a very rapid speed. This means more mouths to feed.  To feed everyone in India we must check our population. The population needs to be controlled so that no one dies of hunger in our country.

Short Essay on Agriculture

In the past times, there was no technology and there was also a lack of ideas. Farmer used to depend upon monsoon. There were just small tube wells which used to irrigate a very small land. 5-year agriculture plan introduced more dams so that agriculture can be enhanced.

Now we have plenty of dams some of them are the Damodar valley project, Krishna Sagar dam, Bhakra Nangal dam, Hirakud dam, Mettur dam, Nagarjuna dam, and many more on the list. These are the storage places of water. Water is stored in reservoirs and big lakes. Here electricity is generated for agriculture and industries of India. 

With the help of dams now we can provide water to distant villages and lands. There are better pumping systems for the farmers and this helps them in irrigating more land and produce better crops. When there is no good irrigation the land starts getting infertile. This way countries can lose their agriculture. 

India also produces natural fertilizers and manures that help in restoring the fertility of the land. Manures are made from cow dung and other natural materials. There are many fertilizer plants also build in India like Sindri, Nangal, Kampur, Gorakhpur, Trombay, and Neyveli.  By having more and more fertilizer plants in India we will be able to fulfill the fertilizer demands of the farmers.

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Today there are chemical-based fertilizers also being sold in a huge number. These chemicals are not only dangerous for the land and crops are grown on them but also for the people who consume those crops. Now India is focusing on producing natural fertilizers so that safer crops can be grown.

Now the cultivation methods are also much improved. Earlier farmers were using primitive agriculture methods which were slow. The yield and quality of the crops were also low. Thanks to the technology now India has better agricultural types of equipment, tools, seeds, facilities, etc. all this has helped increase the farm produce in India.  

Still, there are many challenges ahead of us that are also caused by us. The population of India is increasing which means more houses and buildings are being made. More and more land is being developed and there is no land left for farming. Now the government is using wasteland for farming to overcome this issue.

Insects and diseases are another threat to our agriculture. Every country has policies to protect its culture. We have to protect our crops from great harm. There are subsidized rates on fertilizers so that farmers can afford them and produce a good yield of crops.  Fortunately, the agriculture of India is improving with the advancements.

Agriculture is an important pillar of our country and also for the welfare of citizens. If agriculture will be improved people will be able to afford food for their families. India is an underdeveloped country and has many people to feed. If agriculture will get advanced these problems will be resolved and many lives will be saved. We all must help the development of our agriculture on our part.

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