Essay on A Visit to a Fair for Students

Essay on A Visit to a Fair for Students, India is a colorful country and small little things make the country more attractive and pleasant.  There are many festivals that we celebrate in India and some are even months long.  India is a huge country and people here love to celebrate. Fairs are part of our festivals and can be enjoyed both in cities and villages.  In India, all different types of fairs are conducted.

Some are to enjoy life, seasons, harvesting, worshipping god and for trade as well. I have attended many fairs because I love them.  My favorite fair is the Navratri fair which is held for 9 days continuously.  In Navratri, everything is full of colors especially fair. The big grounds have stalls, magicians, dancers, a circus, Navraatri dance everywhere, food stalls, and games.  At fair we can enjoy everything from simple games to big contests. 

Thankfully one thing that technology hasn’t changed is the Indian fairs. People dress up in their traditional clothing and enjoy the fair. I love the hustle and bustle in fair. There are happy faces everywhere.

Some are enjoying food, some walking, some shouting while playing games, and kids shouting at the top of their lungs to buy toys. The environment in the fair is totally different. Everyone is happy and full of life.  Fair makes us lively and it is a great way to escape the everyday stress we go through.

essay on a visit to a fair
essay on a visit to a fair

Essay on A Visit to a Fair for Students

A Visit to a Fair Essay in English

In the Navratri fair me and my family first pay a visit to the goddesses in the temples. In Navratri season it is a long wait but it is a must to take Maa Durga’s blessings and her 9 avatars. His is the beauty of India. People are totally devoted to their goddesses and they can stand in queues from morning till evening. In Navratri season there is a long queue but there is no anxiety on the faces of people. 

Everyone is full of enthusiasm and excited to meet their goddess Maa Durga.  I first worship Maa Durga with my family and then it is time to enjoy the fair. We offered Maa Durga flowers and sweets. We got Prasad from the temple pandit which is the blessing from Maa Durga. There are beggars sitting in front of the temple. 

We gave them food to eat, clothes and even some money. Navratri is the time when everyone must be blessed with things they lack. Helping the deprived is in our culture. It gives a great feeling when we help someone. Beggars also give us blessings that are very powerful. It is a great way to start the adventure of the Navratri fair.

A Visit to a Fair Essay

In fairs, temporary bazaars are set up where we can buy anything. There are clothing items at the cheapest price, there are household items, toys, sweets, and much more.  Every shop is decorated to make it attractive. There are stalls of food and games. This is the time when we can enjoy games like shooting balloons, ring games, and others. I visited this fair with my friends and it doubles the excitement and enjoyment. 

Me and friends played every game in the fair and also won some of them. I also won a teddy bear in the balloon shooting game.  After every game, we had sweets, ice creams, and other delicious food items.  This was to fill up our energy level because in the fair there was so much to enjoy and explore.  The crowd is heavy but it is fair and it should not be empty. The sight of the fair is always exciting and amazing.

There are jugglers, snake charmers, magicians,  rope dancers, fortune tellers, and many other attractions in the fair.  Me and my friends took all the time to enjoy every attraction. Another thing I was desperate to try was the joy rides in the fair. There were many scary rides in the fair and I was afraid to try but my friends were there to support me. We enjoyed almost all the rides and after a few rides, excitement took over the fair.

A Visit to a Fair Paragraph

Navratri time is the only time when we can enjoy so many rides. Three are other small fairs held in my town but they are on a smaller scale. They don’t have that much rides. So this was the time when  I enjoyed it like it was the last time.  Navratri fair is held for nine days and I visited the fair for 2 days in line.

There was also wrestling in the fair and this was my first time to witness this sport in person. It was amazing and people were shouting to support their favorite wrestlers. It was an interesting scene and I enjoyed it a lot. It takes too much strength to wrestle. I saw wrestlers first time in my life. He was so huge and bulky. It was an amazing experience because I had seen wrestling in the movies only.

Then there were card magic tricks and magicians. Our Indian magicians are great. This was the first time I attended a magic show of this level. The room was completely filled with people. This shows how excited we are for magic tricks though we know some of them. People were clapping for the magic tricks and enjoying the show.

Me and my friends also had a great time in the magic show. Some tricks were very hard to digest and we got completely hypnotized by the magician. There was also a pet show where cute dogs were performing sweet little tricks. My favorite contestant won the show and I also congratulated the dog and his owner.

I also took pictures with them. This was my first time to attend a Navraatri fair and I enjoyed it very much. I wished to have fun for all the nine days but it was not possible for me as I had a project to prepare. But this was my best experience to visit to a fair after a very long time.  It was an enthralling experience and I enjoyed a lot. It was a tiring experience but a memory I will have always in my heart and mind.

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