Essay About Tamil Language in English

Tamil Language: – The Classical language

Essay About Tamil Language in English Tamil is a native language of south India and a Dravidian language spoken in North-East Sri Lanka as well. The Tamil language has official status in the states like Puducherry, Tamil Nadu, and Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Tamil is spoken in many countries like Sri Lanka and it is the official language of Singapore.  In Malaysia, Tamil is a legal language and is a part of the education in Malaysia along with Malay, English, and Mandarin. In many states of India like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala is a secondary language.

Tamil is a classical language like Sanskrit and is also as modern as another Indian language like other Indian languages. Tamil literature has had a presence since the 20th century.

There are many interesting things about this language that makes the Tamil language so special and proud of India. There are twenty-two scheduled languages in India and Tamil is one of them.

essay about tamil language in english
essay about tamil language in english

Essay About Tamil Language in English

Tamil Language History

It is also the first language in India that was declared as a classical language in 2004 by the Indian government. Tamil is not just spoken in India, but in foreign countries as well. Minorities in Mauritius, Malaysia, South Africa, Philippines, Germany, United States, Indonesia, and the Netherlands also speak the Tamil language.

Emigrant communities all around the world speak Tamil. This language is one of the greatest existing classical languages in the world.

Tamil literature is over two thousand years old and it is a language having both the classical past and the contemporary present. Sangam literature is Tamil literature and its earliest period is dated from 300 BC-AD 300.

There are inscriptions in the Tamil language which were written in the first century BC and second century AD and these inscriptions were discovered in Sri Lanka, Egypt, and Thailand. There are even epigraphic records that were found on hero stones and rock edicts that are dated around the fifth century BC.

Two manuscripts are accredited and registered by UNESCO in 1997 and 2005 which were in the Tamil language. Archaeological survey has also found epigraphically inscriptions which are about 55,000 and all of them are in the Tamil language.

The survey conducted in 2001 says that there were 1,863 newspapers which were published in Tamil language and among them 353 were dailies.

Tamil is one the oldest language not only in India but the entire world and is also known as the mother of all the Indo-European languages including the most well-known Sanskrit language as well.

Tamil is the language of south India and it was the state’s native language even more than 5000 years ago.

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Importance of Tamil Language Essay

Interesting facts about the Tamil language

Tamil is one of the oldest classical languages spoken on the planet. Tamazight is one ancient form of Tamil and according to the studies it is deformed and is spoken in one of the African tribes Cameroon.

Another interesting fact of this language that will surprise you is that Tamil was one of the major languages that were used for trading during the pre-colonial era.

In one of the Sri Lankan parts, Anuradhapura historians have encountered Tamil-Brahmi inscriptions.  They failed to provide the exact origin date of the inscriptions, but it is believed to be spoken since 500 BC.

  • Tamil is not just the oldest, but also among the difficult language in India.
  • The actual pronunciation of Tamil is tamizh Ta-mirdh and not Tamil ta-mil
  • It is a major language of south India and is spoken by approximately sixty million people in Singapore.
  • The ancient principality of kamarinadu existed between Ethiopia and India. Then ancient Tamils subjugated kamarinadu, which connected both the countries and then Tamil language, was spread to Africa.
  • Everyone knows about the Mayan civilization, it is believed that the South American Maya civilization was actually Tamils and they used to speak Tamil dialect.
  • According to the studies the language of Hebrew, Jews is derived from Tamil because of the Tamil emigration to Africa through the Middle East.

Tamil language is not just a language, but the oldest and is in existence for a pretty long era. It is the mother of many languages and has also obtained classical status. It is so special because it is the first language to attain this status.

One percent of the world’s inhabitants speak the Tamil language. Tamil is also the fifteenth most spoken tongue in the world.  In a few countries, Tamil has official language status and is the most widely spoken around the world.

Tamils belong to Dravidian origin and the 4 south Indian languages are Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, and Tamil.  Among these four Dravidian languages family Tamil is the foremost dialect. The Dravidians form the south Indian population majority and thereare220 million native speakers of this language around the world.

There are two languages used by Tamil and when a community of languages uses two dialects it is known as diglossia. These two are L or low type and h or high type in linguistic idiom. The H or high type is available in the literature and is also used in education and religious ceremony because it is more traditional, formal, and esteemed.

The L or low type is used in everyday phrasing. In the ancient Tamil texts, you will find the high types which are knowledge storehouses. Tamil texts are also translated into many languages and people appreciate them all over the globe.

The Tamil language is great and proud of Indians and apart from being a language, there are many meanings of Tamil like sweet, beautiful, and natural. The language is special not only to Indians but to other countries where it is officially spoken.

There is a world of facets of this language explained above and all of them are interesting. Tamil literature is very ancient and still, it is taught to children. Tamil is one of the oldest and unbroken cultures till now. The Tamil language is great and everything about it is unique and classical. The Tamil language is not just proud of South India, but all the Indians.

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