Erin Biba Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth

Erin Biba Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth, Erin Biba was born in the early 1980s in New York, United States. She is a well known opinion leader, activist, and journalist. Erin Biba is having American nationality and she regularly participates in social media debates and discussions in areas like society, politics, and gender.  She also came into the limelight when she engaged in a debate with the world’s richest man Elon Musk. 

She has also participated in discussions with well known figures. Erin Biba is very secretive and not many details are available about her.  She has contributed to many publications as well such as The Myth busters, Reviewed, national geographic channel, popular science, Newsweek, Scientific American, Genentech, BBC, and many others. 

She also works as a fact checker and freelance journalist who also write on the topic of science for publications like Scientific American, BBC, and Popular science.

erin biba biography
erin biba biography

Erin Biba Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth

NameErin Biba
Birth Date1980
Birth PlaceNew York, United States
Home TownNew York, United States
Sun SignNot Known
HeightNot  Known
WeightNot Known
HobbiesNot Know
EducationNot graduate
QualificationNot graduate
Marital StatusUnmarried
Boy Friend/ Girl FriendNone
FamilyNot Known
ProfessionActivist, journalist, and opinion Leader
Net Worth$500,000
Social Media ProfilesInstagram: available Youtube: Available, Erin Biba Twitter: @ErinBiba

Erin Biba Wikipedia

Erin Biba hails from New York United States. There are no birthday details available but it is estimated that she is born between 1981 to 1984.  She went to high school in her hometown.  She is a freelance journalist which means she might be having a journalism degree as well. 

She works on her own and is not associated with any TV networks, publications, or radio stations.  It is confirmed that Erin Biba is not a graduate but her skills are amazing.  We don’t know where she took her journalism training.  She can be frequently seen discussing challenging subjects in her articles. 

She is having robust analytical abilities which can be seen in her work. She wrote a review about the contraceptive Nuvaring which was a medical topic. Her review was excellent and was appreciated all over.  When Erin Biba was 28 years old she became very active online, she has already established herself as a well know the author by the year 2014.

She was earning very little with her freelancing journalism. She was just earning 2.5 cents per click. Many liked to read her articles and they used to visit frequently.  Journalism is not her primary occupation. 

As she was not earning well she moved to San Francisco and there she started working for a newspaper as a freelance journalist. Big names like WIRED and BBC both were appreciating Erin Biba’s skills because it was clear that without any graduate degree in journalism she was having a high level of expertise.

Erin Biba is a very young talented woman who is having expertise in journalism. Her reviews and articles can impress any big publisher.

Erin Biba’s personal life

Erin Biba seems to be a very busy personality. Currently might be between 35-40 years of age. Erin Biba is not married or has any kids. There are no details available about her parents or siblings as well. Erin Biba is even traveling all the time. Currently, she resides in San Francisco and works on various platforms.

Erin Biba’s relationship is not clear as the well-known journalist is very secretive about her personal life. Erin Biba does not like to speak about her personal life. She is professional and is seen on social media for her work and skills.

Erin Biba’s discussion with Elon Musk

Erin Biba used the Twitter platform to fulfill her discussions. She used to argue with many globally known names like Elon Musk. Erin Biba was unhappy that Elon Musk is having huge potential to corrupt people’s faith in science and journalism. When she twitted about this it did not get unnoticed by the billionaire himself.

Elon musk is the founder of Tesla and the world’s richest man. There was a very brief discussion between them and these articles were around journalistic exaggeration. Things got complicated when Twitter users started sending tweets to Erin Biba private messages with obscenities. 

Likely, Elon Musk did not like the Erin Biba arguments and this is why Erin Biba is not having a Twitter account now.  Elon Musk purchased twitter which also was respected by Erin Biba. She then kept things to herself which could have led to really blocking her account on Twitter.

Erin Biba Net Worth

Erin Biba is not having any steady work but she earns being a freelance journalist. She is not good in terms of wealth. Her estimated worth is $500,000.  She is paid at the American specialist level for the publications she works on.

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