Easy Essay on Earth Day in English

Easy Essay on Earth Day in English, Space missions are being sent for many decades now. The scientist is patiently waiting to find a planet that resembles our earth. They have found billions of planets but not anything like our home planet. This means that our home planet is very special and for millions, billions, and zillions light years away there is no such planet that is as special as our earth.  On our earth, we have beautiful rivers, mountains, caves, forests, and oceans and it has life. There are natural resources on our planet that we use on daily basis but they are limited.

One day humanity will get out of the natural resources for example water and that day will not be a good day for humanity. Science will find solutions but we all know what nature means and how important it is for life on earth.

essay on earth day
essay on earth day

Easy Essay on Earth Day in English

Paragraph on Earth Day

The problem with humanity is that we are looking for resources outside the earth and doing nothing to save our planet. every day humans are hurting the earth in many ways. Some do this intentionally and others unintentionally but they are hurting this significant planet which is their home. We are polluting our waters, and environment knowing that we are not hurting this planet but ourselves.

Industries that pollute rivers know that they will be drinking the same water. They are polluting the atmosphere knowing that they are breathing from the same air. The problem is they are blind with eyes. Global warming is one serious problem that is causing North Pole ice to melt. We are cutting more trees and planting nothing.  All this will cause deforestation resulting in floods that can wash away many villages and cities in the prone areas.

It is important to make everyone aware of saving the earth. We are left with no time and this is why the first action was taken by the USA in the year 1970 when earth day was declared. Taking inspiration from the USA it became a global act and from 2009 earth day got its global status. 

United nation organization formalized earth day and celebrated the event on 22nd April. Earth day is for everyone and not just confined to one or two countries. Everyone living on earth must come forward when it comes to conserving our beloved and only planet with life on earth now. 

Everyone participates in activities, politicians, actors, schools, colleges, and all those who love nature celebrate this day and make others aware of the importance of saving the earth. Many big events are held on this day. 

Essay on World Earth Day

Public figures give impressive speeches to create awareness. There are many issues that we are facing and every one of them is addressed and solutions are found. Conferences are held, exhibitions and festivals are conducted to speak about what is happening globally, in which areas we must concentrate and what we should be doing to save the earth.

Life is only possible on our planet and if the earth will die we will die along with it. No advanced technology will be able to save us from extinction until we find another planet and find a way to journey there and settling there will also not be easy.  Pollution is increasing and we are recklessly destroying the earth. There is still time and if we will take calculative measures it will be possible to save the earth in time.

First of all, we must understand that resources are limited on earth. We are rapidly using our resources and we are losing them at a rapid speed. If we wish to live on earth then we must protect the earth instead of exhausting its precious resources we must also think of other creatures that we share this planet with.  People are cutting down jungles and animals losing their homes. 

Humans are selfish creatures and animals are paying for their selfishness. Pollution caused by humans is affecting the earth very badly. The environment is getting affected and our ozone layer is depleting. If the ozone layer will completely deplete they will be no protection. Humans will suffer from UV rays and other threats that come from space.

Importance of Earth Day Essay

Saving the earth is not that easy. It will take years to restore the damage and this is why it is important that we start taking the necessary steps.  We are damaging the earth to such an extent that the damage is becoming irreparable.  We are also polluting our natural resources. One of the biggest examples of hurting earth is the climate change. 

The plantation is getting hurt and animals are getting extinct. It is a scary thing but still, we are not taking any action.  Everyone must take conscious decisions. Protecting the earth is not just the job of activists, government or actors. Everyone is responsible for taking care of the earth on which they live.  We must not become selfish and we must take care of the earth.

Earth has given us everything we need to have a happy and healthy life, but we are running after things that are useless. We create concrete jungles and cut down trees. For every need, we look forward to earth but the earth is also having its limitations. We know the rage of mother earth and when it comes it takes away many lives. Our earth supports life and we must understand it.

Earth Day Essay in English

There are plenty of solutions that can help us save the earth but we are ignoring them. We must reduce. Reuse and recycle. Many people don’t even know how much damage we have already caused to mother earth. Some people don’t even care because they will not live up to seeing the earth getting destroyed. But what are we going to leave behind for our next generation? They will be paying for our selfish deeds and hurting nature.

They will not have pure air to breathe or water that supports life. We will lose many animals and bird species and they will only exist in books and pictures. Earth day should not only be the day to repair the earth. Every day must be earth day so that we can protect and preserve the most important planet we live on.

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