Drug Addiction Essay in English

Drug Addiction Essay in English, Drug addiction is a very serious issue not only in India but everywhere in the world. Not only do youth gets stuck in these heartbreaking and life-threatening situations but adults are too. In the 21st century, people are more stressed out because of money and relationships which drag them to this dreadful habit. People initially find relief and pleasure but slowly it can get worse.

With time drugs stop giving them pleasure and take everything from them. They lose their peace, mental and physical health and even start struggling with finances in their life. Overall the meaning of drug addiction is destruction.

Adults mostly take drugs to relieve the pain or get out of a stressful situation. On the other hand, young people take them for fun or to try something new in their life. Young people get easily attracted to drugs and this is why youth is making it more complicated for the nations.

Drug Addiction Essay in English
Drug Addiction Essay in English

Drug Addiction Essay in English

Essay on Drug Addiction in 200 Words

No matter what is the reason behind taking drugs the end of everyone is the same. Starting with drugs is very easy and simple but getting rid of it is extremely painful and hurting. Once a person gets addicted he or she will end up in a very bad situation. Even taking medications with some sort of high elements in them can cause addiction and this is why it is said that taking sleeping pills for long causes its addiction.

People with drug addiction need help and should be treated with patience. It is a habit that can be cured if detected on time. There are people who get rid of their drug addiction even after experiencing worse. On the other hand side, many have lost their lives because of serious drug addiction. It is important to save the youth from these horrible habits of taking addictions.

There is a very long list of drugs that are being sold in the Indian market and everywhere. Today it is not difficult to get hands-on drugs which are other serious issues for the nations. There are laws regarding the selling and consumption of drugs but it is proved that they are not enough or being taken seriously.

How is it possible that a 15-year-old knows where to find drugs but the police and government is unaware? This is the loophole in the system and it should be mended. Corruption is one serious issue that is putting the future of India at stake.

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Drug Addiction Essay in English for 10th Class

Drug addiction is not as colorful as it is experienced when taken first in fact it is the darkest thing in human life.  Addiction to drugs can cause mental health because they are made of chemicals. When drugs are regularly consumed regularly it can badly affect the mental health of that person.

There are many issues that addicted people can face such as lack of clarity, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, insomnia, and many others. People also lose their decision-making capabilities.  Addiction can also lead to suicide in many cases.

You will never see an addicted person healthy. They always have poor health and it is easy to tell that the person is on some sort of drug. Physical health gets highly affected such as throat, brain, stomach. liver, lungs, heart, and entire nervous system get affected.

People can get cancer, weight loss, damaged liver, nausea, and many other serious health problems that come along with drug addiction. Drug addictions also lead to AIDS because people usually share needles under the influence of drugs.

People also indulge in serious road accidents because of drugs. Pregnant women taking drugs can seriously injure their infants in the belly.  In such cases, babies are born with abnormalities that they have to live with their entire lives. Mothers should drop the addiction the moment they know they are pregnant.

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Essay on Drug Addiction Among Students

The person who is addicted is always vulnerable to everything to accidents, they fail to maintain their professional and personal lives, and they cannot eat properly or maintain their health. The life of a drug addict is no less than hell. There are many ways by which we can save people from drug addiction.  People develop drug addiction due to

  • Family history of drug abuse
  • Heartbreaking or any other emotional situation in life
  • People suffering from physical or mental abuse or neglect
  • People who have anxiety or depression
  • Children who are in bad company

These are the reasons why people get attracted to drugs so if we know we can help them get out of it. First of all, it all depends upon the willpower of that person. If he/she is willing to quit drug addiction it gets easy to help that person. There are many rehabilitation centers all around the world where drug addicts can get help. Here qualified doctors with huge experience and knowledge treat drug addicts. 

They know exactly how to deal with drug addicts and can help them get out of it.  Drug addicts are never easy to handle so if the case is serious parents and families must consult professionals for this job. Also, it is important to make sure that they get treatment on time. Sometimes getting late with treatment can cost a life.

Drug addicts have a very hard time dealing with even simple problems in life so families and friends play a huge role in comforting them. Drug addicts should be never left alone in any circumstances. 

Bestowing them with help, support and love is the ideal way to comfort them and keep them away from the drugs. Drug addicts also need medical treatment. Drug addiction causes severe withdrawal symptoms and medications are required. There are medications that calm down withdrawal symptoms and the urge of taking drugs. These are the solutions for drug addicts.

Drug addiction is getting serious in India and this issue needs to be addressed with great seriousness because it can totally destroy the future of our nation. No nation can develop if the youth is going in the wrong direction such as drug addiction.

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