Derek Wachob Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife, Family

Derek Wachob Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife, Family, Derek Wachob is a billionaire and he is the owner of seven companies. There are many who are curious to know the net worth of Derek Wachob and how he makes so much money. There are many secrets to his success which you can learn here. Derek Wachob is an owner of a huge empire and every successful man has a secret. He not only creates more but also manages well all that he has.

There are many things that you can learn from Derek Wachob and maybe one day you get there. Derek Wachob’s business is worth billions. He is a co-founder of 7 companies out of which his three companies are inactive. In 2023 Derek Wachob’s net worth is in the millions.

derek wachob net worth
derek wachob net worth

Derek Wachob Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife, Family

The company is all about the gas and oil industry Derek Wachob is the owner of the company and its net worth is $1.24 billion.

Annual salary$500K
Monthly income$30K
Net worth (2023)$10 Million

Derek Wachob Empire

Derek Wachob is the co-founder of seven companies and Paragon Industries which is a worldwide popular company. The industries manufacture tube and steel which is used in the engineering industry.

This company was founded by Derek Wachob’s father in the year 1970. The company is established and has created many milestones on its journey to success. The company is all about the gas and oil industry Derek Wachob is the owner of the company and its net worth is $1.24 billion.

  • Derek Wachob’s active companies are
  • Paragon Industries Sales Co, LLC
  • The Olympia of Destin LLC
  • Paragon South, LLC
  • Peerless Tube, LLC

Derek Wachob is a talented businessman and he got his skills from his family. He belongs to a family of businessmen. Derek Wachob’s skills have led him to be the owner of seven companies and Paragon Industries is at the top doing business of billions every year. 

Derek Wachob is a family man. He owns a lavish house in the United States. He has expensive cars and investments. Derek Wachob is a billionaire and doing great in his business.

Paragon industry

Derek Wachob is the founder of the Paragon Industries Sales Co, LLC since 1982.  It is a gas and oil industry working as a licensed manufacturer of OCTG and pipeline products. There are 200-500 employees right now working in the company.

The company is known to manufacture the finest quality steel pipes and various other products. There is a complete range of services that people can receive from the company. Derek Wachob is running this company successfully since 1982. 

Derek Wachob is also the co-founder of Industries and the foundation was laid by his father. Derek Wachob is a successful businessman and he is still progressing in his business.

Derek Wachob Biography, Wikipedia

NameDerek Wachob
Derek Wachob Birthday4 October 1972
Derek Wachob BirthplaceSapulpa, Oklahoma
Derek Wachob NationalityAmerican
Derek Wachob HometownSapulpa, Oklahoma
Derek Wachob Zodiac SignLibra
Derek Wachob Height5 feet 6 inches
Weight77 Kilograms  
HobbiesNot Known 
Derek Wachob EducationUniversity Graduate
Marital StatusMarried
Boy Friend/ Girl FriendNone
Derek Wachob FamilyFather:- Jack Wachob Mother: –  Linda Wachob Sibling(s):- NA
Derek Wachob Wife/SpouseNot Available
Derek Wachob Net Worth $10 Million
Social MediaDerek Wachob Instagram:@
Derek Wachob Age51 years old as of 2023.

Derek Wachob’s lawsuit against United States Army

The company Paragon Industries of which Derek Wachob is the owner filed a lawsuit against the army of the United States and an army black hawk helicopter. The defendant mentioned in the lawsuit was Wachob Leasing Co.

The CEO of the company Paragon also owns a Cessna aircraft. Derek Wachob was the user of the aircraft and used to fly the aircraft from Tulsa to Gulfport-Biloxi airport. He claimed in his lawsuit that his aircraft was struck by a million air pilot who moved his plane near the pole.

He also mentioned the compensation of $13,229,775 for the damage to his aircraft excluding salvage value. In the lawsuit, it was also mentioned that the aircraft was beyond repair and was in poor condition.

Derek Wachob Family

Derek Wachob is right now fifty years old. There is nothing to share about his personal life as he has never shared anything about his family life. He is definitely married and also has kids.  Even his kids might have been married till now.

There are no details of his wife’s name or kids on his social media. By the personality of Derek Wachob who is a billionaire, it is speculated that he is a caring and loving man who loves his family. He might share some of his secrets with those who find him their inspiration.

Derek Wachob Interesting Facts

  • Derek Wachob is the owner of Paragon Industries and is a popular American businessman
  • Derek Wachob’s net worth is $10 Million
  • Derek Wachob hails from Salupa, Oklahoma, United States
  • Derek Wachob is having 4 active companies and three inactive companies which are still in the development process. Derek Wachob is a successful 50-year-old businessman
  • Derek Wachob is a married man and lives with his family in Oklahoma.

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