Dengue Essay in English

Dengue Essay in English, Humans have blessings of nature on earth but we as humans have to face various threats such as sickness and illness. There are various causes behind this disease. One life-threatening disease is dengue. A female mosquito when bites a human transmit the virus into the blood and the person gets sick. The female mosquito is called Aedes. The origin of dengue disease in Africa.

There are many countries that live in the fear of dengue because they have many unhygienic conditions near them.  Even tropical counties have to fear this disease like Singapore, Burma, Philippines, Malaysia, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. This disease is caused by a mosquito laying eggs in an environment with plenty of moisture.

It flourishes inside polythene bags, water wells, empty pots, unused coolers, and tree holes where there is rainwater standing and on the heap of waste materials and rotten things. This is why it is advised to keep the surroundings clean. There should be no still water, especially in the rainy season. In India, many people lose their lives to this disease. There are two types of dengue fever which are

dengue essay in english
dengue essay in english

Dengue Essay in English

Dengue Fever Essay in English

Hemorrhagic dengue fever is threatening and very dangerous. The patient can even lose his life. Viruses cause double infection. Its symptoms include red spots in the whole body, loss of appetite, pain in the body, vomiting, and severe headache.

Classical dengue fever is when the fever of a person goes up to 104-105 Celsius and the patient feels a loss of appetite, headaches, rashes, and backache. In dengue fever bleeding is absent.

Dengue patients must be given as many fluids as they can. They are also given intravenous saline till the patient reaches normal condition. In case the water level of the patient goes down in dengue fever he can go into a coma or shock. The volume of blood gets low and their isles a supply of oxygen in the tissues which causes shock.

The blood pressure of the patient falls, his body gets cold and even the pulse rate drops. There are preventive measures that humans must take to shield themselves from this dangerous disease. If there are containers near the house then they should be covered or removed. This is the place where mosquitoes lay an egg in stored water.

If there are coolers and AC in the home and office then they should be cleaned and maintained properly. Mosquitoes can also be kept away by burning mosquito coils, using sprays, and using mosquito repellents. People must keep their homes safe both Moringa and evening. There are many places inside and outside our homes that can become the breeding ground of Aedes.

The municipal corporation must also take care of the clogged drains, trash bundles, and manholes. All these should be in working conditions and properly maintained. If a mosquito breeds in the street a huge number of people can get affected by dengue fever. It will cause mass quos.

Another thing we can do is to educate people about this disease. Awareness is the key to beating dengue fever. There are many uneducated people in India who live in slums. In slums, people live in unhygienic conditions. They don’t have toilets and they also dump their trash in open near their house.

All this is the best breeding ground for mosquitoes and this is why people who live in slumps mostly get affected with dengue fever. This class needs to be educated so that they can keep their home and surroundings clean. Not only dengue but many other threats can be eliminated if conditions are maintained in hygiene.

Short Note on Dengue

There are many places where dengue has created quos and devastation. Its marks are present in past history and recent times as well. People individually and in mass get affected by this disease. Fortunately, with the advancement of technology and science, we have better treatments available.

To get proper and fast treatment patients must be taken to the hospitals and clinics instantly.  In the case of dengue, a patient needs immediate treatment. If treatment is not available the patient can also be given first aid. In the initial diagnosis, few tests are run on patients such as urine tests and blood tests. These tests tell us about the type and seriousness of dengue fever. 

In case the patient gets serious he must be instantly hospitalized.  With proper treatment and care, patients can get well and go back there home.  Dengue is very dangerous and people can prevent it by taking safety measures. Today there is a wide array of products available in the market which people should use to keep mosquitoes away.

Rainy seasons are the most threatening time of the year. When it rains all the containers and everything that has space gets stored with water. Moisture encourages female mosquitoes to lay eggs and more and more mosquitoes gather in that place. In India during the rainy season advisory is telecasted on TVs so that people can be made aware of this threat.

Dengue fever is life threatening and people must take this disease very seriously. People can get seriously sick if dengue gets worst. There are treatments available but there is no guarantee that the patient will get his life back.  Many people and children in the idea have lost their lives due to dengue fever.  India faces this problem every year.

We must take protective measures and listen to the government awareness program to keep dengue at bay. Mosquitoes are present everywhere and even we are not safe inside our homes. We must do everything to keep our home mosquito-free. There are mosquito repellents that can be used when we get out of the house. 

Spaces must be kept clean and repairs must be made from time to time to avoid the breeding of Aedes. By taking all these measures we can protect ourselves and our loved ones from this serious sickness. With awareness and maintaining hygiene, it will get easy to defeat dengue and save many lives.

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