Chandrayaan 1 Essay in English

Chandrayaan 1 Essay in English, Every mission that we humans send out in space brings lots of curiosity. The universe is so vast and mesmerizing that scientist is desperate to reveal its secrets. It takes years of research, preparations, and lots of hard work to create one mission. We are proud to be Indians because our missions never fail and one mission is Chandrayaan 1. It was India’s first mission to the moon which was launched by our national space agency which is called ISRO Indian space research organization.

This moon exploration mission was unmanned but included an impact on a lunar orbiter.  Chandrayaan 1 was launched by a modified version of the PSLV C11 which was launched on22 October 2008. This mission was launched from Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Andhra Pradesh. Chandrayaan 1 successfully entered the moon orbit on 8th November 2008.

essay on chandrayaan 1 in english
essay on chandrayaan 1 in english

Chandrayaan 1 Essay in English

Chandrayaan Journey to The Moon Essay

The impact probe was separated from the chandrayaan on November 14th, 2008, and started its journey towards the south pole of the moon. The mission was totally controlled by the earth. The moon impact probe landed at the Shackle ton Crater which is at the South Pole. When it impacted it released subsurface debris which gave us the idea about the presence of water ice.

India is the first country to make the discovery that there is water on the surface of the moon. There are many interesting things about Chandrayaan 1. The cost of the Chandrayaan 1 project was INR 386 crore.

The weight of the probe was 1,380 kilograms at its launch time it and 675 kilograms when it entered the lunar orbit. There was high resolution remote sensing equipment in the moon probe along with other features like x-ray frequencies, near infrared that helped with visibility.

Chandrayaan 1 was on a two year mission to study the surface of the moon. This will also include creating a complete map of its 3-D dimensional topography and the moon’s chemical characteristics. Scientists have their interest in the polar regions of the moon because it is believed that it might have ice. Chandrayaan 1 carries 5 ISRO payloads and 6 payloads which are from other space agencies like ESA, NASA, and Bulgarian Aerospace Agency, and these were carried by our lunar probe totally free of cost.

There were many objectives along with Chandrayaan 1/. The very first was to design a lunar orbit and then launch a spacecraft around the moon. The objective was to have an Indian made launch vehicle.  This space probe was to conduct scientific experiments using all the technical instruments onboard which will yield some amazing outcomes. It was launched to create a 3 dimensional map of both the near and far sides of the moon.

It also has to get information about the mineralogical and chemical mapping of the entire surface of the moon. It was also to particularly map the chemicals on the moon such as iron, magnesium, silicon, aluminum, radon, thorium, uranium, calcium, and titanium. It also was to impact the sub satellite on the lunar surface as a fore-runner to future soft landing missions.

Essay on Chandrayaan 1 in English

Moon is our natural satellite and since the beginning, it fascinated humans with curiosity. Mankind is always desperate to know more and more about the beautiful moon. We admire its presence and marvels. Scientists have always been attracted to the moon and wish to discover all its secrets. Till now we have understood that moon has also helped in the paving pathway for the early evolution of our solar system and also of the earth.

Moon is always there since mankind’s existence. It is the closest to the earth and also has an impact on our planet. When humans first came to know about the moon they also thought that there are other celestial bodies up in the sky. All this curiosity led to scientific study and the hunt began with missions.  Now we can also say that humans have stepped on the moon which is one of the greatest achievements for humans.

Today we are capable of technology, but the time men stepped on the moon was a great surprise. There were many successful unmanned missions sent to the moon in the 60s and 70s. From time to time humans are refining their knowledge and also advancing technologically. This has helped us know more about our solar system. With whatever we had we started hunting about the origin and evolution of the moon as it is the key to the history of our earth and the early solar system.

Human nature is to question everything and this leads to evolution. With lunar evolution questions generated new possibilities for using the moon as a platform in the future from where further explorations can be made. Moon was always the prime target for new renaissance and explorations.  All the capable nations started planning moon missions so that more discoveries and explorations can be made.

It is also the target where in the future potential base will be created for space exploration. The idea of moon exploration was mooted in the Indian academy of sciences in 1999 and further discussed in the astronautical society of India in 2000. It took a long from plan to launch Chandrayaan 1 but it was successfully done in the year 2008.

Chandrayaan 1 was successful because there were advanced technologies and leading Indian scientists behind it. There were hundreds of eminent scientists which belong to the field of cosmology, physics, geology, planetary, and space physics. There were detailed discussions made after which it was decided that India should lead the mission. For the first time proposal of launching a lunar probe was approved by the government.

This mission was to expand human knowledge about the closest celestial object we have. Chandrayaan 1  mission was a successful mission launched by Indian scientists. we also gained appreciation from other international space agencies. Chandrayaan 1  was successful after which ISRO launched another moon mission which was called Chandrayaan 2.  India will keep launching more missions as the quest for knowledge ever ends.

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