Carrom Board Essay in English

Carrom Board Essay in English, Both children and adults like to play games because they are fun and keep us active. Adults don’t get much time to get indulge in sports but it is extremely important for kids to indulge themselves in some sort of sports and games. Playing games keeps us fresh and healthy. There are so many things that children can learn and experience while indulging in games.

There are both outdoor and indoor games in which children can indulge and gain benefits.  Games are not just for fun but they help in both the physical and mental development of the kids.  A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body and playing games make us active and fit. There are so many games and I love playing board games. Carom board is one of my favorite games because since my childhood days I play this game with my family and friends.

Every weekend I play this game with my cousins, my grandparents, and even my parents. We have matches every weekend on the carom board and also announce a price for the winner. I love playing board games and carom and chess are my favorite. I love it because it keeps us together. We spend a happy and beautiful time together playing carom board. 

carrom board essay in english
carrom board essay in english

Carrom Board Essay in English

Essay on Carrom

We can never get bored playing carom board and it is in our routine. Especially in winters, we love playing carom board because we all gather in one room and play carom in partnership. This is the best time and we enjoy playing carom and family time together. We have a big carom board in our house and we have never dumped it like others do after they get older. My parents still play carom with their parents and this inspires us to play this game.

Indoor games are amazing as we can play them inside our home. carom might look easy but it is also a professional game and tournaments of carom are also held at national levels which means one-day playing carom with your family can take you to national games and win medals for your team. Carom needs strategy and skills and those who are playing these games nice their childhood have developed a huge part of carom’s playing skills. 

When I was a kid is used to play this game for fun.  My brother taught me a lot about this game. It builds memory, it keeps us active, it is good exercise for hands and brain, it produces happy hormones while playing, creates discipline among children, teaches them to be a part of a team, and many more things.

The origin of the carom board I believed to be an Indian subcontinent. It is a very popular game in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and the Middle East countries as well.  The game is played on a wooden board. There are 19 pieces in three colors. The white and black are for players and the queen is for those who are made to win the game.

Queen is for winners and the entire game depends upon it. Players have to pocket their pieces. Black color coins give us 10 points and the white color coin is 20 points and if you pocket queen you get 50 marks. To win the queen we have to pocket one more coin to mark the victory. It is a very interesting game and I can play this game for hours.

My Favourite Game Carrom

Carom board is a game for all age groups. This is a game that builds a lovely bond among the people. 4 people can play this game together and others can watch them play. This is a game of skills and determination.  Everyone enjoys playing this game as no one gets hurt playing it. It is a board game and families and friends team can play it together.

This game is very popular in India. We also have carom matches in our societies and clubhouses. This game is full of entertainment, and fun and we can play it with three players, four players, and even two players. If you have a carom board in your home you are never going to get bored.

In Indian homes, we all have carom boards and have played this game in our childhood. I still love playing this game because it brings my family together. We play this game and share our memories together. 

There are lots of things which children can learn with this game. They build a bond with their family members, they get sharp and active mind when they get older, there is a feeling of competition, skills are developed, it is a great pastime and can bring lots of happiness. Children learn to work as a team, learn how to deal with competition and much more can be done. 

Carrom Board Game Essay in English

It is a simple board indoor game that brings lots of things to the life of a player. It has both mental and physical benefits for all those who play carom board. It is not just a game for kids but anyone can play this game. Playing carom gives lots of entertainment and is a great exercise for the mind.

You have to build strategies to strike and lots of reflexes are used in this game which gives pretty exercise to the brain. The happiness we get after every strike is unmatchable. It is like we have won a gold medal for India. With one game we can enjoy so many things and this is the power of games and sports.

This is why it is essential for children to indulge in games and boost their mental and physical development. There is no other better game than carom board to increase concentration, have fun and help their development. It is easily affordable and with just one board you can bring the entire family together. Board games naturally improve concentration, allow you to build sportsmanship, play along with the team, and a lot more. Playing games also makes children more disciplined and cheerful.

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