Jean Cardinal Verdier Biographie, Wikipedia

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cardinal verdier biographie
cardinal verdier biographie

Jean Cardinal Verdier Biographie, Wikipedia

NameJean Verdier (Cardinal)
Birth DateFebruary 19, 1864
Birth PlaceLacroix-Barrez (Aveyron)
Home TownLacroix-Barrez (Aveyron)
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EducationTheology and philosophy at the Seminaire de Rodez
QualificationTheology and philosophy at the Seminaire de Rodez
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His church life

Cardinal Jean Verdier is the first and primary living proof that the Catholic Church served as a social elevator when he was serving. He was the son of a blacksmith and farmer of Lacroix Barrez, a diocese of Rodez. He used his abilities to serve the Christian community, as well as the kingdom of God.

And at the same time, Jean Verdier also served the French Society. He played a considerable role in matters of social peace and justice in the 1930s. Many events happened between 1936 and 1939, he had a great role to play.

He was the one, who had prepared himself for playing this role through studies, as well as teaching on the social doctrine of the ‘Church.’ He prepared himself in the spirit of Pius XI and Leo XIII. After that, he got a different role to play that made him different from his previous position.

He became the superior general of the priests of the Company of Saint-Sulpice and it happened in 1929. In 1929, Cardinal Louis-Ernest Du-bois died and at that time, Father Jean Verdier was appointed archbishop of Paris. After that, the cardinal as created and enthroned, which took place within the space of 40 days.

He worked well, due to which he got appreciation. His work as a man of the Church reached another level in all dimensions such as the concern for the life of priests and their continuing formation, organization of Catholic Action, etc. He also worked on the creation of organizations of Catholic Action for welcoming and youth foreigners and caring for vocations.

Check out the table below, which gives a complete idea about the life of Jean Verdier, who was a cardinal of the church.

Jean Verdier is also considered a gigantic enterprise. The sphere of the apostolate was placed in the suburbs, which cover Paris along with 3 future dioceses of Saint-Denis, Creteil, and Nanterre. This work was made to fulfill the need for the development of new churches. At that time, this step was considered to be a large-scale action to deal with the problem of unemployment and let the workers feed their families with self-respect.

Education and other achievements

Jean Verdier’s cardinal studied theology and philosophy at the Seminaire de Rodez. He entered the Sulpicians in 1886. Jean Verdier was ordained a priest in 1887 and then educated at the seminary of Perigueux that he directed from 1898 to 1912.

He belonged to the Faculty of Theology in Paris from 1912 to 1920. He was also a superior of the seminary of the Carmelites. He was named honorary canon of Notre-dame de Paris in 1923. And from 1926 to 1929, he led his congregation as a superior general.

He also achieved another achievement in his life when he was appointed vicar general of the diocese of Paris in 1929. He was also a prothonotary apostolic in the same year. Again in the same year but in the month of November, he got the designation of the archbishop of Paris. On December 16, 1929, he was appointed cardinal priest by Pope Pius XI and given the title of Sainte-Balbine.

Jean Verdier also discussed episcopal consecration on him himself, which was supported by Mgr. Baudrillart and Mgr. Chaptal, who were auxiliary bishops of Paris. He did this thing to bear witness to the significance of this personal choice.

Jean Verdier also represented himself as the pope on many different events or occasions, which were either held in France or other abroad nations. He represented as legate. In 1931, Jean Verdier launched the Chantiers du Cardinal work, which was mentioned above in detail. This is how he was supposed to create many parishes in the Paris region.

Catholic Action

He is above all a bishop of Catholic Action based on the directives of Pius XI. In January 1931, he went on an ad limina visit to Rome, the pope needs him in this direction. He wishes the French episcopate to develop different organizations like the Christian Workers’ Youth, the National Catholic Federation, and the National Federation of Patronages. This is how it escapes the direction of the hierarchy.

On March 1931, the assembly of archbishops and cardinals of France all came together to work on restructuring the movements of Catholic Action. He was one of the 6 French cardinals to participate in the 1939 conclave after which Pius XII was appointed.

Jean Verdier and the Popular Front

After the formation of the government of Leon Blum in June 1936, Jean Verdier publishes a PR that causes a calling and stir for social peace.

His death

Jean Verdier died on April 9, 1940, in Paris and he was buried in Notre Dame.

Who was Jean Verdier?

Jean Verdier was a French Roman Catholic Bishop, Archbishop of Paris. He was also a cardinal. He served the church from 1929 until his death. He was born on February 19, 1864, in Lacroix-Barrez (Aveyron). Talking about the death of Jean Verdier, he died on April 9, 1940, in Paris.

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