Cardinal Godfried Danneels Biographie, Wikipedia

Cardinal Godfried Danneels Biographie, Wikipedia, Godfried Danneels full was Godfried Maria Jules Danneels and he was born on 4th June 1933 in Kanegem, West Flanders. He was a Belgian cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. He was also chairman of the Episcopal Conference and Metropolitan Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels in West Flanders from the year 1979 to 2010. 

In the year 1983, he was promoted to the cardinalate. When he reached the age of seventy-five he gave his resignation which was accepted by Pope Benedict XVI.

godfried danneels biographie
godfried danneels biographie

Cardinal Godfried Danneels Biographie, Wikipedia

Early life and Education

Godfried Danneels was born for the priesthood. He grew up in Kanegem with his parents and six brothers and sisters.  He had a teacher in the high school Daniel Billiet to whom Godfried Danneels owed vocation. His teacher was also a priest. There were many candidates from west Flanders for the priesthood, but Godfried Danneels did not put his name. 

After finishing his schooling he was sent to the Higher Institute of Philosophy of the catholic university of Leuven directly. Here he studies a Neo-Scholastic Philosophy course which was for three years. Leuven opened the door to the wide world in the form of an intellectual learner and it also remained in his life as his love. 

From there he went to Rome where he studied catholic theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University. He was living in the Belgian Papal College at that time. In the year 1956, he got his bachelor’s degree and then in the year 1958, he obtained his license, and then a doctorate degree in the year 1961.

Professor & Pastor

After getting his doctorate degree he was ordained to the priesthood by the Bishop of Bruges Emiel Jozef De Smedt in a ceremony held in his native country in august 1957. In the year 1959, he was appointed as a spiritual director and even as a professor of spirituality and liturgy.  

Godfried Danneels was a well-learned man which evolved in many things from Rome-educated to a modern man who knows enough. Godfried Danneels was also actively involved in writing.

It is claimed that he participated in the writings of Sacrosanctum Concilium but he missed his participation in the Second Vatican Council.  He actively participated in the liturgical reforms of it in Belgium and many other countries.

In the year 1969, he became an assistant professor at the catholic university as the Theology faculty in Leuven.  When he was in  Leuven he generated huge interest in the hobby horse which is a blend of humanism and theology. This skill of his is clearly seen in his pastoral writings and academic writings as well. 


In 1977 Godfried Danneels became Bishop of Antwerp by Pop Paul VI. After receiving his Episcopal consecration on 18th December 1977 he sent an invitation to the Catholics to give him suggestions for the new bishops in writing. He also took help from the media and was also successful in expounding his perspective of Christian humanism. 

He was definitely modern in this and many ways traditional.  He wanted to fully take care of what Rome needed. He then became a member of the Curial Congregation for the Doctrine of the faith member when Edward was being investigated for the first time by the Congregation. 

There was huge pressure on Godfried Danneels from the Leuven Theology faculty and this was the reason why he did not interfere on Edwards’s part. Godfried Danneels was always encouraged by his predecessors and also had huge help and back from them. He built a huge empire of the network that also had politicians from Belgium.  This was a stepping stone that would help him in the future.

Archbishop & Cardinal

In the year 1979, Godfried Danneels became Archbishopric of Mechelen Brussels and then  Belgium Primate, Belgium Conference of catholic bishop president then Katholieke Universiteit Leuven chancellor and head of the catholic military ordinate head. Pope John Paul II made him the cardinal priest of Santa Anastasia.

Godfried Danneels had an excellent relationship with the time in his first 10 years.  He was a member of various councils and pontifical congregations. Daniels in his entire life participated in the welfare of humanism and also talked against social issues.

He used to attend great ceremonies like royal baptisms, royal funerals, and royal marriages as well. he also participated in several bishop synods and was a prominent person  notably in

  • Special assembly  for the Netherlands
  • Fifth Ordinary General Assembly (26 September – 25 October 1980)
  • Second Extraordinary General Assembly (25 November – 8 December 1985)
  • Special Assembly for Europe (1–23 October 1999)
  • Third Extraordinary General Assembly (5–19 October 2014)
  • Third Extraordinary General Assembly (5–19 October 2014)

Godfried Danneels gained many honors in his life. He died on 14th March 2019 in Mechelen. Royal families, the queen, and political leaders attended his funeral services. Godfried Danneels was buried in the cathedral crypt.

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