Butterfly Essay in English

Butterfly Essay in English, We can find many living creatures on the earth planet. One of them is butterflies. A butterfly is generally a day-flying insect. It belongs to the category of Lepidoptera and is categorized in the suborder Rhopalocera. There are different types of insects being found in different regions of the world, but butterflies are the most beautiful ones.

They are small living creatures on the earth planet but look elegant and colorful. These insects have a close relationship with moths, from which they develop. The innovation of moth date back to two hundred million years ago.

Butterflies are delightful and colorful flying insects having huge flaky wings. A butterfly has a 4-stage insect life cycle. The first stage is the larva. After that, a caterpillar is the second stage, following the metamorphosis cycle. Once the metamorphosis cycle takes place, a butterfly gets its complete shape and elegant wings.

butterfly essay in english
butterfly essay in english

Butterfly Essay in English

Butterfly Paragraph

Butterflies are the creatures we have that make the world attractive with their wings that are full of colors. The life of a butterfly is closely associated with flowering plants, on which their larvae feed and their adults feed, as well as lay eggs. Talking about the history of butterflies, they have a long history of co-evolution together with flowering plants. Most details of plant anatomy are linked to their pollination.

Understand the structure of a butterfly

Butterflies have notable features, on which their structure is defined. They have an extraordinary array of patterns, wings, and colors. Let’s know some of them, which are mentioned below:

Angiosperms evolved in the Lower Cretaceous, but they did not turn out to be common until the upper Cretaceous. Such insects were the last prime group to come on the planet. These insects were reinforced from moths in the earliest Cainozoic. They look similar to moths. A butterfly has 4 wings that are covered with small scales. When butterflies are not flying, their wings are folded over the back portion. A butterfly has wings that are patterned and bright.

We can look for many types of butterflies in the world. Talking about the males and females of different types of butterflies, they do slightly differ from one another. We can see them on lawns, gardens, or anywhere in our surroundings. This is why butterfly watching is a common hobby among people.

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Several people also keep collections of dead butterflies, which they catch in their past. As compared to other types of insects with complete metamorphosis, the life of a butterfly goes through 4 distinct stages. It starts as an egg, which hatches into a larva that is otherwise called a caterpillar. Hence, the caterpillar gets converted into a chrysalis. When they are in this stage, it becomes adult butterfly. To finish the complete cycle, an adult male and female butterfly lay eggs.

5 Sentences About Butterfly in English

They are elegant flying insects with big scaly wings. A butterfly has 6 jointed legs, 3 body parts, and a pair of the exoskeleton, antennae, and compound eyes. There are three parts of a butterfly body, which are the thorax, head, and abdomen. The body of a butterfly is covered by small hairs, which are full of sensation. The 6 legs and 4 wings of the butterfly are linked to the thorax, which includes muscles, which make the wings and legs live.

  • Body: A butterfly has 3 main body divisions such as the head, abdomen, and thorax. Its body is safeguarded by the exoskeleton and comprises different sections known as segments. There are flexible areas within segments, which let the butterfly move. All these parts of a butterfly are covered on a tiny scale and develop the color of a butterfly.
  • Flying: They are good fliers. With its 2 pairs of wings, they can fly. Their wings are covered with iridescent and colorful scales in overlapping rows. Its wings are associated with the thorax section and its veins nourish them with blood. This is how delicate wings are being supported.
  • Head: It is the foremost part of the body, which has a mouth, eyes, and antennae.

Understand the life cycle of a butterfly

A butterfly goes through complete metamorphosis, in which butterflies experience different life phases, which are listed below:

  • Egg: The first phase of a butterfly is an egg, which is essentially laid on a leaf.
  • Larva: The second phase is the larva. The caterpillar or larva latches from an egg. It eats leaves or flowers. It molts a number of times as it develops and increases many times in size before pupating.
  • Pupa: The next step is pupa. After the caterpillar, it changes into a pupa. This is a resting stage.
  • Adult: In this cycle, there is a beautiful and flying adult to be developed. The adult emerges in this cycle that continues the cycle.

What does a butterfly eat?

When a butterfly is in the caterpillar stage, it spends most of its time eating leaves with the help of jaws. The first meal of a caterpillar is its eggshell. There are few caterpillars, who are wooly aphids or meat-eaters. When it comes to the adult stage, a butterfly drinks liquid food with the use of a proboscis that looks like a tube, which is its flexible and long tongue. The proboscis unwinds to intake food and winds up again into a spiral form when not in use.

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What is the habitat of a butterfly?

Speaking of the habitat of a butterfly, they are discovered all over the world in different kinds of environments such as hot, cold, moist, or dry at sea level. They are also being found at higher levels in mountains. We can also see them in rainforests. A number of butterflies migrate to ignore adverse different environmental conditions, but their migration is not completely understood.

A butterfly can only fly when the temperature of its body is above 80 degrees Celsius. During the winter season, they cover their bodies with the help of sunlight to stay warm. When they turn out to be old, the color of their wings becomes faded and ragged. On overall, butterflies look good when we see them in our surroundings.

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