Blood Donation Essay in English

Blood Donation Essay In English, Blood donation plays an important role in our country. In this post, we are going to talk about blood donation. Blood is the fluid, which circulates through the body that conducts different types of functions. A person may have to deal with the situation when he loses excessive blood, which may be due to an accident or any kind of emergency. When he or she does not get the correctly matched blood within the required amount of time, then he/she may lose his/her life. This is why he needs blood from any external source. Here comes the role of blood donation.

blood donation essay in english
blood donation essay in english

Blood Donation Essay in English

Donating blood is a noble cause that gives you a chance to help injured or needy people. Donating blood is the process, where blood is drained from one individual and transferred to another individual. In India, there have been regular blood donation camps, where people go and donate their blood and contribute to this noble cause.

Blood banks generally engage in this blood collection procedure. There is World Blood Donor Day, which is celebrated on 14th June every year. A person who donates blood is known to be a blood donor, who is known as a lifesaver.

Blood donation is the noble deed of voluntarily, in which a person gives blood that can be used for moral purposes. Blood gets stored in blood banks after donating blood. This is how blood is made available to people who need it. In this way, the lives of people are saved on time. The WHO or World Health Organization has documented June 14th as World Blood Donor Day.

This day was initially begun in 2004, which focuses on increasing awareness about the necessity for blood donation. On this day, people concentrate on thanking all the selfless souls, who donate their blood to protect the lives of other people.

There are a number of blood drives and donation camps that are being organized on World Blood Donor Day in colleges, offices, community centers, schools, etc. We need to understand the necessity of blood for a person, whose life is at the stake. Donating blood does not cost anything to us, but it is a blessing for an injured or ill person who needs blood the most.

Importance of Blood Donation Essay

Why blood donation is important?

Every day, a number of studies and surveys are conducted. Based on the study, every 1 in 7 patients who get admitted to hospitals due to accidents, injuries, or any other issue, need blood, as they suffer from excessive blood loss.

The requirement occurs in a number of cases, which involve surgeries, post-accident traumas, pregnancy, anemia, and cancer. Blood banks and hospitals always need ready units of blood of all types of blood groups. If doctors at hospitals can give the right type of blood to a patient, then only they can be successful in giving treatment to a patient and save his or her precious life.

Of course, blood is a liquid, which we cannot store for a long time. It can be stored only for a short amount of time. But the shortage of blood units happens up to 30-35 percent. This is why blood donation, a noble cause is encouraged by people, who are eligible and healthy to donate. Before donating blood, a donor needs to meet the eligibility criteria. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • A donor should be between 18 to 60 years of age
  • A donor should not be experiencing any kind of health issue, especially cancer or any blood-clotting disease
  • A donor should not be HIV positive
  • A donor’s weight should be more than 45 Kg

Essay on Blood Donation Camp

What is the procedure of blood donation?

There is a proper procedure to be followed for blood donation. Most blood donation camps follow a standard procedure. When a person is ready to donate blood, he/she will be seated in a reclining chair. It depends on a donor whether you want to give blood while being seated or lying down.

Once a donor gets comfortable, a small part of his/her hand is cleaned to insert a sterile needle so that the blood can be extracted. One pint of blood is drawn, which needs around 8 to 10 minutes. Once the time is over, the staff member eliminates the needle from the hand of a donor and bandages the arm.

After completing the entire procedure of blood donation, goodies and certificates are provided. This is how the spirit of donating blood is being promoted among the youngsters in the whole world.

Blood Donation Camp Paragraph

Advantages of blood donation

Blood donation has many benefits to offer. The primary benefit of donating blood is that you are saving a person’s life. The blood you have donated can be used 3 times. The reason is that it is sectioned into different components, which are very helpful.

When you donate blood, it revitalizes the poor health condition of another person. We, humans, can regenerate the blood within a few hours after donating. It is recommended by doctors to donate blood every 3 months as it can help us to excrete waste blood in our body and this is how fresh blood keeps us healthier. There may be other benefits of blood donation, which are:

  • Preserving cardiovascular health
  • Decreasing the risk of cancer
  • Supports in burning calories

Along with health benefits, you will also receive other benefits. Like, every donor gets free blood analysis because it is important to find out whether or not a person is eligible to donate blood. The preliminary health checkup can benefit you by diagnosing your body such as hemoglobin, blood pressure level, sugar, and the iron level, as well as HIV, hepatitis, and other health problems.


People who donate blood feel proud. It provides you with a sense of great pride when you know that you are saving someone’s life by donating blood. This is why every young person should get motivated for blood donation. This noble cause can offer you physical and psychological benefits. So, we all should contribute to blood donation camps and drives.

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