Biography of Jeffrey Dahmer, Wiki, Death, Crimes, Facts

Biography of Jeffrey Dahmer, Wiki, Death, Crimes, Facts, Jeffrey Dahmer’s full name was Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer and he is America’s most notorious sex offender and serial killer. He is no celebrity but a man who took innocent lives and was given the name Milwaukee Monster and Milwaukee Cannibal.  He was born on 21 May 1960 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Between the years 1978-1991, he killed 17 males.

Later he turned to cannibalism, and necrophilia and even used them to preserve human parts.  His crimes were hideous and he got life imprisonment for that.  Fortunately, Jeffrey Dahmer is dead.  He was imprisoned for fifteen life imprisonment for various murder and homicide charges.

biography of jeffrey dahmer
biography of jeffrey dahmer

Biography of Jeffrey Dahmer, Wiki, Death, Crimes, Facts

NameJeffrey Lionel Dahmer
Jeffrey Dahmer Birthday21 May 1960
Jeffrey Dahmer BirthplaceMilwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Jeffrey Dahmer NationalityAmerican
Jeffrey Dahmer HometownMilwaukee, Wisconsin
Sun SignGemini
Jeffrey Dahmer Height6 Feet 1 Inch  
WeightNot known
HobbiesNot Known
Jeffrey Dahmer EducationDropped out from OSU
Jeffrey Dahmer QualificationDrop out 
Marital StatusUnmarried
Boy Friend/ Girl Friend None
Jeffrey Dahmer FamilyFather:- Lionel Herbert Dahmer Mother: – Joyce Dahmer Sibling:-  David Dahmer
Jeffrey Dahmer SpouseNone
ProfessionThe most notorious American serial killer   
Net WorthNot Known 
Jeffrey Dahmer Death 28 November 1994

Early life and education of Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer’s parents had two sons and he was the eldest. His parents were Lionel Herbert who was a chemist and his mother Joyce Annette Dahmer a teletype machine instructor. 

It is said that when Jeffrey was an infant he was not getting proper attention. His mother was bad and used to have regular arguments with his father and neighbors. His mother even attempted suicide.

Jeffrey was a happy child but got sick before his 4th birthday.  From an early age, Jeffrey had an interest in dead animals which used to fascinate him. Jeffrey Dahmer learned from his father how to preserve bodies. His father thought he is curious about science and taught him. There were early signs of Jeff’s unnatural behavior toward the dead.

He first attended Revere High School where he was an outcast. He started drinking and smoking when he was 14.  He was brilliant but had average grades in school. In 1978 he graduated from high school. After the divorce, Jeffrey Dahmer was left with his father.

First Murder by Jeffrey Dahmer

After just three weeks after his graduation he committed his first murder in 1978. His first victim was a young boy Steven Mark Hicks who was just 19 and lured into the house by Jeff for drinking.

Jeffrey Dahmer was gay and he used to get attracted by men. Jeff hit Steven with a dumbbell, strangled him to death, abused his dead body and dissected him, and buried the rest of the parts in his backyard.

Army services

In 1979 on the urging of his father, he enrolled in the US Army and received basic training. He used to be in the limelight for drinking and fighting with others. He served as a combat medic and he was average in his first year.  In 1981 he was deemed unsuitable for army service and discharged of his services.

Subsequent murders by Jeffrey Dahmer

In 1987 when he was living with his grandmother in West Ellis he spotted another victim who was a 25-year-old young man Steven Tuomi from Michigan. Jeffrey Dahmer said that he had no intention of killing him and has no memory of killing the man. He did the same thing to the body.  He detached arms, legs, and head so that he can handle the pieces.

Now he was actively seeking his victims and used to mostly look for them around gay bars.  He found a 14-year-old boy James Doxtator who was a sex worker. Jeffrey Dahmer, then lured a 22-year-old bisexual man, drugged him, strangled him, and pulverized his skull.

In 1988 after his mother asked to move out he rented an apartment at 808 North 24th Street.  He was arrested two days later for luring a 13-year-old for nude pictures. Jeff’s attorney requested psychological evaluations before court proceedings.


Jeffrey Dahmer was arrested from his apartment when one of his victims ran from his grasp and finally found a police officer.  His apartment was deeply searched and several skulls, knives, skeletons, human organs, flesh were found.

Jeffrey Dahmer confessed everything from how he used to lure his victims for money, drugging them, strangling them, and sexually abusing them after killing all his victims.


Jeffrey Dahmer was charged with 4 first-degree murders and 11 murders in Wisconsin. His trial began on 30 January 1992. Various trials were held against him and he was found guilty with no psychological issues found.

How Did Jeffrey Dahmer Die

On 28 November 1994, he was found hurt on the bathroom floor from blood coming out of his head. He was left alone with inmates and rushed to the hospital he was found dead upon arriving. Jeffrey Dahmer killed 17 young men.


Q1. How Old Was Jeffrey Dahmer When He Died?

34 years old.

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